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What Are the Most Common Drain Clog Issues in Saint Paul?

You always try to be cautious about what you put down your drains, and you’re always warning your family about the same thing. Regular maintenance is high on your list of chores to keep your Saint Paul home in tip-top shape.

However, there might come a time when there’s a clog that you can’t dislodge with a plunger or dissolve with a drain cleaning chemical. Our team helps out homeowners when other methods fail. 

Most of the Saint Paul homeowners want to know what’s in their drains before we even arrive. We can’t tell them until we access the clog. The most common clog issues that we see in the area include:

Hard Water Deposits

Hard water is defined by the number of minerals in the water. The two minerals that make water hard are magnesium and calcium. The water that comes into your Saint Paul home is pulled from the Mississippi River. 

The local water company, Saint Paul Regional Water Services, treats the water with a lime softener before sending it out to residents, but the water has a high enough water content to be considered hard water. 

As the water makes its way through your home, little deposits of elements settle onto the inside of your pipes. Over time, this build leads to lower water pressure and possibly clogs. 

The calcium in hard water can crystallize when it’s heated and form even larger deposits. There isn’t an easy way to avoid a clog from hard water, although you might consider adding a water softener to the water coming into your home. 

Foreign Objects

We often unclog pipes and find that a foreign object, such as a small metal toy or an escaped butter knife, is the culprit. The only things that you want going down your drains are water, soap, toilet paper, and human waste. Everything else needs to go out in a trash can or through your garbage disposal. 

Unfortunately, many times, you, a family member, or a guest might put something down the drain. The foreign objects that we most commonly find in Saint Paul drains are:

  • Silverware
  • Children’s toys
  • Grease
  • Sanitary products
  • Wet wipes
  • Diapers
  • Rocks
  • Food items

If you aren’t sure if you should put something down the drain, the answer is almost always no.


You might not give it much thought, but you and all your family members are constantly shedding hair wherever you go, and it’s tough stuff. Did you know that human hair has a strength-to-weight ratio comparable to steel? 

Also, hair can extend to one and a half times its regular length when you pull on it without breaking. Hair is also one of the most common clogs that we see in Saint Paul homes. Hair bunches up together and can create a nasty ball inside your pipes. When it gets large enough, you’ll notice that the water no longer drains as quickly as it once did.

How Much Does Drain Cleaning Usually Cost in Saint Paul?

One of the first questions that we almost always hear from Saint Paul homeowners is about the cost. Unfortunately, our team can’t provide you with an exact cost before we visit your home and determine the location and makeup of the clog or the extent of cleaning that we need to do. 

In Saint Paul, the cost of drain cleaning and unclogging pipes ranges between $115 and $530, with an average cost of about $320. The exact cost of drain cleaning and unclogging a drain depends on several cost factors that affect the time it takes us to complete the job and the equipment we might need to use on it. 

Pipe Material

Our team might need to take extra care when removing a clog from your drains based on the type of pipe material. If you live in one of those gorgeous older homes from the early to the mid-20th century in Saint Paul, the pipes might be made of copper or cast iron. 

This was a popular pipe material because it can last for decades. However, it’s been decades since the pipes in your older home were installed. This means that there’s a chance that they’re rusting or beginning to disintegrate in areas. 

Our team needs to take extra time and precautions to ensure that these pipes aren’t damaged during the clog removal process.

Clog Location

A clog can occur almost anywhere in the pipes in your home and outside it. When our team needs to remove a wall or flooring to get to the pipe where the clog sits, it takes extra time and equipment. There are some great options for flushing clogs out of a pipe, but when it fails, we might need to open up the pipe. 

After the clog is cleared, we might need to bring contractors into your Saint Paul home to repair the wall or floor and maintain the city’s strict building and plumbing codes. There’s also the possibility that we might need to dig up part of your yard to reach an unmovable clog. This takes extra time for our team and equipment to get it done safely, raising your final costs. 

Clog Consistency

Sometimes, a clog can’t be dissolved with chemicals, caught with a drain snake, or blasted with hydro pressure. The consistency of the clog determines the method that our team uses to get rid of the clog. 

It takes a lot less work and equipment to remove a clog with a drain snake than it does to use hydro pressure to remove one. If one of your children flushes a Hot Wheels car down the toilet, we’re probably going to need to take the drain apart to remove it. 

Unfortunately, we don’t typically know the consistency of a clog until we visit your home and attempt to remove it. In some cases, we might need to use a camera or some other method to determine the consistency of a clog.

Does the City of Saint Paul Provide Any Assistance for Clogged Drains?

The city of Saint Paul will take care of any water leaks or burst pipes that are in the main water line or feeder pipes because these pipes are on public property. Sometimes, there might be a clog in a feeder line before the water moves into the pipes that lead to your home.

If this is the case, you can expect the city, through the water department, to take care of it. Otherwise, a clog in your home or the pipes in your yard are on private property, and the city won’t provide any assistance in their removal. All of these things add to your total costs.

Do Certain Water Contaminants in Saint Paul Cause Drain Clogs?

Since the water that comes into your home’s pipes originates from the Mississippi River, there are minerals in it, and it’s considered hard water. These minerals are calcium and magnesium. 

As this water flows through your home, small amounts of these elements are deposited in your pipes. These deposits build up until you notice decreased water flow or a clog. Although the city treats the water with a lime softener before sending it to your home, it’s still considered hard and can clog your drains. 

It’s important to note that your home might have lead-based pipes inside or in the feeder pipe. Homes built during the 1920s and World War II are the most likely to have lead piping.

While this won’t cause a clog, you must determine if you have lead pipes and replace any of them that exist. A water supply with traces of lead from the pipes can affect your health and that of your family. 

Who Is the Water Utility Company in Saint Paul?

In Saint Paul and the surrounding area, most homeowners get their water service from the Saint Paul Regional Water Services run by the city government. You can contact them by phone at (651) 266-6350 or online

Before it’s processed at a water treatment plant, the water comes from the Mississippi River. On the website, you can link to a video about the source of your water or track its progress through the system on an interactive map. 

The website also offers some great tips for water conservation and some interesting facts. Low-income families can request assistance for paying their monthly water bills from the website as well. 

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