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What Are the Most Common Drain Clog Issues in Independence?

There are some obvious signs that you have drain clog issues, like when your sink doesn’t drain or your toilet overflows. There are also some lesser-known signs, like a bad smell or a pinkish residue near your drains. Sometimes, there are no signs of trouble at all. In this section, we want to cover some of the more common problems we see that result in drain cleaning in Independence.

Clogged Sinks, Showers, Tubs, and Floor Drains

Clogs are the number one reason for drain cleaning in Independence. Many things can cause a clog, and they can occur in any pipe throughout your plumbing system. Some signs that you have a blockage include water in sinks, tubs, and showers that won’t drain or take too long to drain. For example, you had to take your morning shower while standing in six inches of water. Here are the leading causes of clogs we see most often.

Biofilm Buildup 

Every time you wash your hands, take a shower, or rinse off your meat before cooking, you add to your drain’s biofilm layer. This is a thick residue of bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and many others. Sometimes, the bacteria will be slimy. If you have a white tub or sink, you may notice a pinkish residue. Biofilm is a great reason for drain cleaning. However, if left unchecked, it can build up enough to cause clogs and smells. 

Corroded Pipes 

Over time, the dissolved solids in your water, also called hard water, can cause corrosion in your plumbing lines. As water passes through the pipe, excess minerals catch on to the sides, leaving a residue. This residue builds up and eventually starts narrowing the pipe. As chunks of this residue break off, it takes pieces of the pipe with it, weakening the lines. This can lead to water pressure issues, clogs, and cracked pipes. Regular drain cleaning keeps corrosion from getting out of hand.

Foreign Objects 

You name it, we have pulled it out of a clogged drain. Foreign objects can be anything from a child’s toy to cotton swabs and even money and jewelry. Whenever anything goes down the drain or toilet that does not belong, it can cause a clog. Here is a list of items that should never go down the drain or be flushed.

  • Wipes 
  • Dental floss 
  • Feminine hygiene products 
  • Condoms 
  • Diapers 
  • Cotton swabs 
  • Cigarette butts 
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Cat litter 
  • Paper towels
  • Corrosive drain cleaners

All of these items should go in the trash. Using drain catchers can help keep foreign objects from falling into sinks and drains. Even if you have a garbage disposal installed, you should still watch what goes down the drain. 

Fats and Oil 

Fats, oil, and grease can be very bad for your pipes. The problem is that many people pour their grease and oil down the drain. After all, it looks liquid when it’s hot. The problems occur deep in the plumbing when the oils are cooled by cold water. As a result, the oil and fat will start to harden, becoming fat clogs. This is a big problem for your plumbing and the city. If you have hardened fat clogging your lines, you will need drain cleaning.

Hair and Soap 

On average, we can lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair every day, and a lot of it goes down the drain in the shower. These hairs attach to anything they can, eventually causing matted balls of hair. Making matters worse, soap residue coats the hair, making it thicker and tougher. Over time, these clogs can slow water that is draining in your shower, and you will need drain cleaning to restore water flow.

Overflowing Toilets

The EPA recommends that you only flush toilet paper, and we couldn’t agree more. Bathroom tissue is made to break down in your plumbing. Everything else is not. Even if the product says that it is flushable, it shouldn’t be flushed. The best thing you can do to avoid overflowing nightmares is to put a wastebasket next to the toilet. 

Bad Drain Smells

If you notice a foul smell from any of your drains, it may be time for drain cleaning. In some cases, the bad smell can be from a lack of use. Maybe you were on vacation or something. Try pouring a few liters of water down the pipes. If the smell goes away, then it was due to evaporated water in the P-trap. This is the u-shaped pipe under your sinks. There needs to be water in there at all times to keep methane sewer gas from getting in. 

If the smell does not go away by flushing the drain with the water, you will need drain cleaning. This could be a thick layer of biofilm that is starting to smell or it may be a damaged sewer mainline that needs repair. In any case, the issue needs to be addressed because the smell can be dangerous for your health.

Mainline Damage

If all the drains in your home suddenly stop or slow their draining, the blockage may be due to damage to the main sewer line. This pipe is deep underground. It can be damaged by tree roots that break in to get water. We see this more in older homes because these pipes are made of clay, lead, or steel, and have degraded over time.

If the wastewater is not able to pass through to the sewer, it will get stopped up in your sinks and tubs. This can be bad for your health and will need to be addressed as soon as possible. Another sign that this is your issue is a line or patch of taller, greener grass in the yard, above the pipes. 

How Much Does Drain Cleaning Usually Cost in Independence?

The cost for drain cleaning in Independence depends on many factors. Each drain problem is a little different, so we can only give you a rough estimate based on past work. On average, drain cleaning will cost between $99 and $825. However, this does not include pricing for main drain repairs, which can cost between $950 to $4,500 or much higher.

Type of Cleaning

If your drain is completely clogged and needs a lot of work, it will cost more than if we just needed to remove a large hair and soap ball. Minor problems may only need a quick snake to restore flow, which usually costs about $99 to $460. 

If the drain blockage or problem is bad enough to need hydro jetting, it will cost around $105 to $710. Hydro jetting is fairly new, but it can dislodge and cut through just about anything using water and up to 4,000 PSI. It can even blast through some tree roots in some sewer lines.

Size of Clog or Problem

If the blockage is deep in the plumbing or the mainline, the cost will be higher. Usually, this means a lot more work to find and fix the drain problem. If you need sewer drain cleaning in Independence, you can expect to pay about $205 to $825. However, this cost will depend on the length of the pipe. In some cases, the pipe is too damaged to clean and needs to be replaced. 

Labor and Material 

Labor is a big cost factor. For example, if you need a plumber on the weekend, you will pay more because the plumber will likely be working overtime. The same goes for emergency plumbing services, which often cost more when crews need to stop what they’re doing to fix your flooded bathroom. 

The materials and equipment required to get the job done is another pricing factor for drain cleaning in Independence. If a trench needs to be dug, a backhoe will be necessary. On the other hand, if the only tool used is a snake, your bill will not be very high. 

Does the City of Independence Provide Any Assistance for Clogged Drains?

If you notice signs of a mainline failure, you will need to have a plumber investigate the problem. If it is determined to be on private property, the city will not provide assistance. If the drain or clog problem results from a city line, you will need to report it to Independence Municipal Services

If they come out to investigate the problem and decide that they are responsible, they will schedule the maintenance as soon as they can. If they decide that the issue is not on city property, you may end up with a service charge on your next billing cycle. 

Do Certain Water Contaminants in Independence Cause Drain Clogs?

The hardness of the water is 125 parts per million or ppm in Independence. This is moderately hard water that can affect the health and longevity of your plumbing. The hardness of the water refers to the number of dissolved mineral solids floating in the water. Over time, hard water begins corroding the interior of your pipes, eventually leading to water pressure problems, leaking, and slow drains. 

Who Is the Water Utility Company in Independence?

The City of Independence Utilities is the city’s water provider. They are the ones you will need to contact if you notice plumbing problems in the public right-of-way. They will only take care of clogs and problems that are on their side. Any issue from the street to your yard is your responsibility. If this ends up being the case, we can help. We have experience dealing with drain problems and the City of Independence Utilities. 

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