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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Montgomery?

A plumbing fixture in your Montgomery home can fail anytime, mostly when you least expect it. For instance, your dishwasher can malfunction just when you’ve finished loading the dishes.

Whether you’re living in the old and charming Montgomery neighborhoods such as Alabama State University, North Lawrence-Monroe Street Historic Districts, or in modern neighborhoods like Pine Level, there’s no telling when you’ll be a victim of plumbing issues, including:

  • Old and rugged plumbing fixtures– This is a common plumbing issue in Montgomery, since ths town is filled with old historic districts featuring older plumbing, which an also result in hidden plumbing issues like leakages inside walls. 
  • Tree root damage
  • Misaligned and expanded plumbing– Montgomery has some really hot summers, making the plumbing in this area especially prone to expansion due to heat, causing pipes and fixtures to burst and crack. 
  • Emergency plumbing breakdowns
  • Clogs and blocks
  • Lower water pressure
  • Sewer backup and odors due to sewer lines blockages or leaks– Sewer line blockages are common during spring flooding in Montgomery.

Some of these plumbing issues are easy to diagnose and correct with tools like your plunger. Common problems such as sewer line backups and new fixture installations require more skills and sophistication. If you postpone even the minor plumbing issues, they may blow out of proportion and become health hazards, eventually costing you more. 

How Does the Water in Montgomery Affect Your Plumbing?

It’s satisfying to drink a fresh glass of water on a hot, summer afternoon in Montgomery, right?. 75% of the water you drink comes from the Tallapoosa River, and 25% comes from various groundwater and surface sources. Water is an invaluable resource to the folks of Montgomery, and that’s why it’s treated at eight water treatment plants.

Reports suggest that the water in Montgomery is fresh, soft, and free from minerals, while complying with the EPA’s healthy drinking water standards.

However, according to a recent EGW report, as much as 21 contaminants were reported in Montgomery’s drinking water, 7 of which exceeded EGW health standards. The water contained contaminants such as radium 226 and 228, haloacetic acids (HAA5), chloromethane, nitrate, and nitrites, to mention a few. Most of these contaminants aren’t natural, meaning they get into the water via various water processes from the source to your plumbing.

The haloacetic acids are responsible for corroding metal plumbing systems such as copper and galvanized steel, leading to a reduction of your fixtures’ lifespan. The corrosion also leads to clogging due to the buildup of corroded material inside the plumbing fixtures.

Additionally, trace sediments and deposits such as vanadium in the water and nitrates can build up over time in drain pipes and water heater tanks, resulting in reduced water pressure, water flow, clogs, and a reduced lifespan.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Montgomery?

As you sip some wine and enjoy the sunset, you hear some gurgling sound in your kitchen sink at your Montgomery home. After an extensive recon, it’s clear there’s a block in the drain pipes that could lead to further complications like leaky sewer pipes, if not handled by a plumber. Our plumber will inspect the issue and give you an estimate, which in Montgomery typically ranges between $98.00 and $680.00. Some factors which determine the final cost of your plumbing job are listed below:

Extent of Damage

Some plumbing issues in Montgomery are signs of more significant plumbing issues that you need to address. For instance, a clogged drain pipe on the outside might appear like a simple clog that you can fix with a plunger. However, a professional inspection might detect further damage extending to the sewer line. While the simple drain clog could’ve cost you $120, the more complex damaged sewer line might need a repipe or repair, costing you as much as $2,500.


Labor is the primary determinant of plumbing costs in Montgomery. While you can get 24/7 plumbing services here, emergency plumbing issues that need immediate resolve will cost you more, due to the processes of planning and dispatching plumbers on short notice.

If a plumber from Mr. Blue Plumbing spends more time and resources on the job, the costs will go up. For instance, a plumber will spend less time repairing a leaky faucet, but will spend hours, if not days, repiping your entire plumbing system. Whether they are flat rate or per hour charges, labor takes the most significant piece of the cake.

Material costs

Certain fixtures in Montgomery, especially the frequently used ones, break down regularly and need regular fixing. Over time, the breakdowns might be beyond repair or they consume excess resources, creating the need to replace them. Replacement or repiping plumbing fixtures means you have to incur an extra cost to purchase the needed fixture, resulting in even higher plumbing costs.

State of the Current Plumbing

In the older houses like those located in Montgomery’s historic districts, the plumbing might be misaligned, unsettled, rugged, and incompatible with modern plumbing fixtures, creating an extra challenge, especially when a repipe is necessary. For instance, older houses might still be using outdated and, in some cases, illegal S-straps in kitchens and toilets. Repairing or repiping such fixtures will cost you more, since the plumber has to use more resources to get the job done correctly without the missing fixtures.

Montgomery Code of Ordinances

Various chapters in Montgomery’s Code of Ordinances explain circumstances revolving around plumbing permits and inspections. While not all plumbing jobs in Montgomery require permits and inspections, such as minor repairs, the law is clear on the more complex plumbing jobs. In such circumstances, the plumber will factor in the permit application and inspection fees, resulting in higher charges.

Whether you have a tight budget or dread calling the plumbers, it’s necessary to fix any issue in your Montgomery home for peace of mind and heart.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Montgomery?

Chances are, your inflated water and energy bills in your Montgomery home are due to your inefficient water heater or leaky fixtures. Maybe the plumbing is old, worn out, poorly maintained, or has reached the end of its lifetime, requiring a repipe. Repiping might be expensive, but it’s a fantastic chance to install better plumbing. If you aren’t repiping, no worries, you can take the following steps to save money:

Early Detection and Repair

Some plumbing issues in Montgomery become worse and costly due to procrastination, delayed detection, and poor maintenance. When you spot a plumbing challenge in your house, get a plumber at once to repair the issue.

Additionally, contracting us for routine inspection and maintenance will ensure some plumbing challenges are detected early and fixed before they cause more damage and higher costs. Also, regular maintenance to your plumbing system clears any developing plumbing issues such as sediment buildup.

Consider Ultra-Modern And Smart Plumbing

Gone are the days when your toilet, faucets, bathtubs, and tubs in your Montgomery home consumed considerable amounts of water and power. Additionally, the use of metal pipes and drains prone to wear-and-tear and corroding are a thing of the past. Install low flow and WaterSense eco-friendly fixtures that consume less water and power such as tankless water heaters and low flow faucets and taps.

Additionally, you might want to consider smart plumbing such as smart irrigation that lets you access and control your plumbing via the internet.

With these money-saving tips, now you can unshelve the home-beautifying project that you’ve put away for so long due to a lack of moolah.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Montgomery Vs Hire a Plumber?

Sometimes it can be confusing when deciding who to call due to a plumbing issue in Montgomery. Here are a few possible situations you should call the water utility company rather than a plumber:

  • You haven’t received your water bill in the mail.
  • You need to request a water rebate.
  • You need to request a new water connection or reconnection.
  • You need to report or inquire about issues such as water quality.
  • You aren’t sure who’s responsible for fixing the water leakage in the street.
  • Your house is out of water.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Montgomery?

Montgomery follows and enforces the 2018 Edition of The International Plumbing Code, in addition to the Montgomery Code of Ordinances. The codes explain plumbing permit requirements, the application process, and minimum rules for plumbing systems and modules, to protect all residents’ lives, well-being, and safety.

The codes state that you require a plumbing permit for any plumbing job involving new installations, complex repairs, and changing and repiping any plumbing fixture. However, you won’t need a plumbing permit for minor repairs such as faucets or tap leaks.

The Montgomery ordinances don’t restrict you from carrying out plumbing jobs, but it’s best to leave them to trained, certified, licensed, and permitted experts. Our technicians are licensed as journeymen and master plumbers by the State of Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board. So, if you have any plumbing issues in your Montgomery home, you can rest assured that our plumbers can handle them in the best way.

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