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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Jonesboro?

Folks in Jonesboro has a lot of the same plumbing problems as people everywhere else, but there are definitely some issues that we’ve noticed being more prevalent here in Jonesboro over the years:

  • Clogged or slow drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Water heater replacement
  • Leaking pipes

How Does the Water in Jonesboro Affect Your Plumbing?

Our water in Jonesboro comes from 36 different wells pumping water from vast underground aquifers. Most of our water comes from the Alluvial Aquifer, while several of our wells tap into the Memphis Aquifer. These underground water sources are an invaluable treasure to us and have always provided clean and plentiful drinking water.

Our water doesn’t have many negative effects on plumbing. At a hardness rating of only around 20 PPM, our water is incredibly easy on pipes compared to areas with much higher mineral content in their water. Still, 20 PPM is not zero, and you may notice some gritty scale develop on fixtures over time as tiny pieces of sediment accumulate.

Our water is so good around here that the biggest effect it should have on your plumbing is an attempt to conserve it. The alluvial aquifer has always provided for the needs of folks around here, but the USDA is advising that residents of Arkansas make a concerted effort to use less groundwater from the aquifer, as agricultural and residential growth has reduced its levels in recent years. For many people, the biggest way you can conserve water is with more efficient fixtures. New technology has allowed sinks, showers, and water heaters to be designed in recent years that not only function better than their predecessors but also use a fraction of the water. Updating to more efficient fixtures in your home could help keep our water supply sustainable and also save you money every month on your water bill.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Jonesboro?

Plumbing work is fairly affordable here in Jonesboro and is usually right in line with the national average for similar services. Plumbing work can cover a wide range of prices though and while work on a simple issue like a small leak or a clogged drain may be as affordably priced as $80-$120, there are several factors that could have a large impact on the price you pay for plumbing services.

Size of the Job

There’s no real way around the fact that a larger job often carries larger costs. Of course, more work and more materials will translate to a higher price on your final invoice, but for larger plumbing jobs like remodels or major overhauls, the logistical challenges associated with these large plumbing projects may even further compound the price of services.

Your plumbing system is designed to work so that each piece of it works perfectly with each other plumbing components throughout your house. Making major changes to this system may require some degree of re-engineering your entire plumbing system to ensure it continues to operate with perfect synergy in the future. This often means that more of your plumbing system will be optimized than otherwise would be, but all this planning and diligent testing could add to the scope of our work and therefore, potentially increase your costs.

Materials Required

Like most contractors and technicians, we pass along the price of any materials or components we use to fix your plumbing onto your invoice. Typically, plumbing components are very affordable and your materials will make up a relatively small portion of your overall cost. For rarer components or customized solutions that may need to be specially ordered, you may end up paying a little more. Even if only common components are needed, small costs still add up. It’s important to remember that you will bear the cost of any of those materials used when it comes time for the invoice.

The Age of Your Home

Our community has a long history, so it’s natural that some folks around here live in older homes. Older homes have a lot of perks to them. You know that an old house has proven to be a solid investment over the long term already, and often older houses lend a certain charm and uniqueness to the ambiance of your home. Unfortunately, a lot of these classic houses are hiding plumbing problems within the walls.

Plumbing isn’t designed to last forever. Even the most durable and long-lasting materials have, at best, a lifespan of just over two decades. After this point, the protective coating on your plumbing can start to break down. Without this protective layer, pipes can begin to corrode. This can make them weaker and more prone to leaks and bursts, but the much more serious issue is what your pipes can potentially leak into your water supply as they corrode.

As your pipes decay, toxic chemicals like rust and lead can seep into your water supply as the materials in your pipes break down. Any amount of lead can be incredibly harmful to the health of any human who consumes it, which is why Jonesboro City Water & Light works so hard to diligently test our water for any traces of lead. Our water from the city lines has always been free from any lead contamination, but most outbreaks of lead poisoning from drinking water don’t originate in a municipal water supply but rather the plumbing that takes water throughout your home.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Jonesboro?

Better plumbing can always save you money anywhere, including here in Jonesboro. Investing in better plumbing solutions makes the infrastructure of your home more long-term sustainable, to both protect the value of your property over time while also preventing potentially costly repairs down the line.

Problems in your plumbing can escalate quickly. While you may notice changes in your water flow, you’ll hardly notice the early warning signs hidden with your pipes in your walls and beneath your floors that are often a precursor to more serious symptoms. Diligent, routine maintenance and care is often your only window into the inner workings of your plumbing system and the only way you notice issues before they get out of control and become very costly to repair.

When issues go unnoticed in plumbing, the constant pressure of water can put a strain on your pipes and fixtures and eventually could lead to flooding. There are few ordeals that a homeowner could go through that are as costly and as stressful as flooding within your home. Regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance of your plumbing system can potentially prevent these disasters. Preventative maintenance in plumbing issues is usually far more affordable than reactionary service to problems that have already arisen. Keeping your plumbing in top shape could save you a ton of money over the life of your house.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Jonesboro Vs Hire a Plumber?

Jonesboro City Water & Light does a great job around here ensuring that water from our aquifer gets pumped up through over 30 wells, treated, and safely delivered through the city water grid to our taps. Once the city’s water supply connects to your home, however, the responsibility of the city water department has ended. For any problems that originate with the plumbing inside your home, you’ll need to call plumbers like us.

Our water utility does have a few ways they can help you if you’re having problems with your water. If you suddenly find yourself without any water, calling the water department may at least narrow down whether the problem is exclusively at your house or if it affects your neighbors as well. If the interruption in your service is caused by a known issue on the city water lines, the Jonesboro Water Department should be able to give you an estimate on when your water will be restored. Likewise, if you notice a dip in pressure on the water coming out of the faucets of your whole home, a utility technician can come to test the city’s connection to your home and ensure that you’re getting the pressure you’re supposed to. If they find the city is fulfilling their end of the bargain and supplying you with the appropriate amount of water, however, there’s little they can do beyond that to help rectify the situation.

While calling the water utility may be able to help you narrow down the problem with your water supply sometimes, you shouldn’t procrastinate calling a plumber for too long. Even simple problems in your plumbing can escalate quickly into very serious issues. A small problem like a slight drop in pressure may potentially indicate constriction within your pipes that could cause pressure to build up. With accumulating pressure within your plumbing system, too often issues like this can lead to leaks and eventually flooding. Calling us right away when issues arise is the safest way to ensure that more serious problems don’t follow.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Jonesboro?

In Jonesboro, the city requires a building permit to be obtained for any work that isn’t maintenance or cosmetic. This means we may be able to accomplish small repairs without involving the Department of Planning & Zoning, but for any more extensive work that involves any manner of an upgrade, remodel, or redesign, we’ll need to apply for a permit.

The permit application process can be a little confusing at first, but we can help make it simple. The city will want to see detailed plans for work from us before they approve an application, so we’ll be thorough and make sure everything is included with your application since the sooner they approve the permit, the sooner we can get to work on improving your plumbing.

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