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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Alameda?

We have been relied upon to install new equipment as well as update and repair old equipment since its inception. We are aware of a few common plumbing issues, and they do not differ significantly. Clogs, water heaters, leaks, and constantly running toilets are among the most prevalent issues. Here are a few examples of common occurrences:

Running Toilets

If the toilet is constantly running, check the flap by lifting the lid and flushing it. When the water fills up, if the flap does not go all the way down to shut the opening, it will continue to leak. The flap moves and, at times, shuts the gap when the handle is wiggled, but this is not a resolution. The flap may be simply replaced. Some toilet leaks are so little that they do not cause a continuous flow of water.

Here is a quick 10-minute test to discover whether your toilet is leaking. Remove the cover from the tank and set it aside. Apply a sufficient amount of food-grade dye to the tank so that even a bit is visible. Allow the dye to sit for 10 minutes before flushing it. If color appears in the bowl later, there is a leak, and the flapper should be inspected.

Hot Water Problems

Hot water that does not stay hot between the heater and the bath can be an issue. Water heaters are one of the most often broken water appliances in the home, and when they fail, it is costly. A good maintenance schedule is essential for extending the life of the water heater. Annual inspections, flushing the tank, testing the valves and temperature control, and visually evaluating the tank can detect possible problems before they become a hazard. If possible, have a plumber insulate the heated pipes in the home. It will assist with keeping the water hot to the destination.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

There are preventative measures you may take to protect a drain or toilet from clogging. Maintain vigilance over what goes into the drains. Fats, hair, and granular waste can solidify or lump together to create a blockage, and anything that comes after it will add to it until it backs up. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to dissolve clogs.


Unseen leaks are most commonly detected in toilets, but they can also be found underneath sinks and in seldom-used restrooms. Leaks may be so well concealed that you are unaware of their presence until your water bill increases. Monitoring exposed pipes will help assist in spotting a leak before it becomes a problem. Plumbers have equipment that can visualize the inside of pipes and determine where weakened spots are before they begin to leak.

The location of the islands is also an issue. Earthquakes and tropical storms can be dangerous for pipes. Flexible PEX piping can help reduce the need for replacing piping if an earthquake should break a pipe. Tropical storms can be strong enough to move foundations, and the piping must be examined afterward to determine if there are leaks or breaks.

How Does the Water in Alameda Affect Your Plumbing?

Alameda’s water is considered hard, which poses a great problem to pipes and appliances. Anywhere the water is allowed to settle for short times may be prone to buildup. The inside of water kettles, dishwashers, showerheads, and faucets can show signs of hard water deposits. The water here is safe to drink and maintained by the water filtration of the water company. Minerals that cause hard water are harmless and can benefit the human body, skin and hair excluded, as it tends to leave a residue.

Installing a whole house water softener reduces the number of minerals injected into the home’s pipes while also extending the life of the appliances. While it does not entirely remove all minerals from water, it can significantly reduce the quantity. Mineral reduction improves the flavor of the water as well as the effect on your skin after showering. With softer water, you will notice benefits in your hair and skin within weeks.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Alameda?

The cost of a plumber’s visit can be as high as $400 or more. This figure does not include the lower fixed cost for repairing minor issues, such as leaks and blockages. The most expensive component of our employment is emergency services. Earthquakes and weather can be major factors in causing damages. They tend to be unpredictable and introduce a need for emergency services. Other factors that can affect the cost of the work are per hour labor costs, parts, supplies, fixtures, and excavation of pipes.

Labor Costs

Our hourly rate might range from $40 to $80. Master plumbers, who are required for larger jobs, might charge twice as much per hour. Some minor operations, such as flushing a sink pipe to clear a blockage, may not need an hour.

Parts and Supplies

Parts, materials, and fixtures expenses will come in second to labor costs. While we may not be able to acquire the precise fittings you want for the job, we will almost always receive a discount on our purchases. This approach has the potential to save money. However, if there is a certain appearance or design in mind, ask us before purchasing to ensure you get the proper size and type and avoid difficulties during the installation. Small components and adhesives that, perhaps, we may have purchased in large quantities at a bargain are usually readily available for use. The savings we got may be used to save you money as well.

Additional Services

After-hours work can cost as much as double the going rate for a fast fix. Sometimes, mitigating the damages is all that can be done after-hours, and we will have to return to complete repairs at another time. Permit fees and emergency services are among the top extra fees that we can charge. Excavation of pipes will certainly cost more than exposed pipes, and the repairs to walls and landscaping will add to the final bill.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Alameda?

The EPA has suggestions to conserve water and save money. Here are a few modifications you can do to help minimize water consumption, which will save you money over time:

  • Install a tank-less water heater to increase immediate hot water and decrease standing tank water.
  • Install a temperature and water control center in your shower to provide a consistent low flow and perfectly warm shower.
  • Install a dual flush toilet to save water while not flushing solids.
  • A whole house water softener and flow meter will help you save water and reduce hard water deposits in your pipes. It can also help to minimize the number of pollutants in the water. Softer water is beneficial not only to pipes but also to skin and hair.
  • Install a digital watering monitor for the garden. Digital monitors can be set to water at the correct day and duration required by the cities codes.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Alameda Vs Hire a Plumber?

Water meters are a great asset when determining the location of a leak near the property line. Inside leaks are the responsibility of the homeowner and we should be contacted as soon as possible. Accidents involving fire hydrants or backed-up sewage on the streets are a city water and waste issue. Obtain as much information as possible and contact Alameda County Water District. If it is unclear what side of the property line the leak is on, the meter can help determine the responsible party. Be sure before calling the water company as they may charge a fee if the leak is found to be your responsibility. Here is a quick technique to figure out which side of the meter the problem is on:

  • To begin, turn off the main water supply. This will aim to limit any further damage.
  • Inspect and analyze the meter. If it stopped spinning, the leak is on the city’s side. You must collect information and call the water company.
  • If the meter is still spinning, you have a problem and will need to contact us.

Regardless of the responsible party, keeping the water turned off can mitigate the damages on the property. It can also save money on the water bill. Some water companies can offer rebates for a leak.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Alameda?

In Alameda, permits are required for most construction work, including major plumbing. Stopping the water to prevent continued leaking and repair the pipes will not require a permit. However, if any section will need to be replaced, including valves and fixtures, a permit will be necessary. Any excavation work will need a permit and a call to the city to determine the location of underground pipes and lines. Simple work, like line clearing and replacing a water heater, that does not involve moving or rearranging existing pipes and valves does not require a permit. Placing your trust in a plumber that can provide documentation of licenses, certifications, insurance, and state compliance will benefit you in the long run. Working with companies that cannot provide this documentation may be cheaper, but will leave you open to code violations and liability issues.

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