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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Castro Valley?

According to the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), half of the pipelines in the city were installed more than 50 years ago. Some of these pipes are made from asbestos cement or galvanized iron. They have been proactively replacing these pipes to reduce pipeline breaks and water loss and to improve water service in the area. EBMUD is only replacing the city’s pipes, however. If you’re concerned about the age and state of your pipes, call us at Mr Blue Plumbing so we can inspect and make a recommendation on steps you can take.

Castro Valley is prone to liquefaction, landslides, and ground shaking due to the presence of several fault lines in the area. Not only do the earthquakes create much damage and destruction to personal property in Castro Valley, but it also can damage your home’s plumbing system. An earthquake can loosen your pipe’s joints and cause them to crack. After an earthquake, it’s best to check for any foul odors or damp areas along the sewer line route which can indicate damage on your sewer or septic line.

If you notice any sudden growth of plants or grass in your home’s exterior, this may mean that your pipes have sprung a leak. Fluctuating water pressure, damp sports on walls, dripping noises, and puddles can also mean there is a leak in your pipes. Leaks not only waste water and cause your water bill to increase but they also cause mildew and mold to grow.

Call us and schedule an inspection after an earthquake hits. We can check and fix any plumbing system damage caused by earthquakes.

The other issues in Castro Valley’s plumbing systems are as follows:

  • Clogged drains
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Leaking toilets
  • Leaking faucets
  • Water heater
  • Water pressure issues
  • Leaking water heaters
  • Constantly running toilets
  • Issues with hard water

We may have the best wastewater treatment facility in California, but our aging plumbing infrastructure had nothing to do with it. Another plumbing-related issue that we see a lot of include when we get a lot of rainfall in the area, and sewers tend to back up into yards and even homes. This creates hazardous conditions and plumbing issues, not to mention that it doesn’t smell good either.

Many wineries in our area depend on the plumbing being in tip-top shape to process their products. Everything from irrigation to final bottling of the Castro Valley Wines depends a great deal on the plumbing being solid and reliable. Let’s shift gears and look at the water quality in Castro Valley and how that quality affects the plumbing in your Castro Valley home.

How Does the Water in Castro Valley Affect Your Plumbing?

In the water analysis of any town across America, we pay close attention to the lead content. We need to be very aware that lead is present in all drinking water, to a certain degree that our federal government has deemed safe for us to consume without being harmed in any way. The same goes for all the other carcinogens that tend to spark conspiracy and distrust among citizens. 

Then, the additives are placed in our drinking water purposely to accomplish tasks such as disinfection, algae prevention, and fluoride, which treatment plants add intentionally to aid our dental health. It is these additives that can cause the most damage to the plumbing in your home. Many of the additives the treatment facilities place in the water supply are abrasive components to your water. These additives are fine particles that do not entirely dissolve. Then these particles blast their way through water pipes and eventually find a weak spot to begin attacking away at your next water line leak. That’s a lot of blasting for your pipes to endure. So, yes, the water can affect the plumbing here in Castro Valley.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Castro Valley?

Let’s look at just how much plumbing repair costs on average in the greater Castro Valley area:

  • The low average cost: $117
  • The high average cost: $842
  • The average price paid: $479

Those are good figures to use as a starting point for your plumbing repair cost. No two plumbing systems are alike, and no two plumbing repairs will cost the same. Those figures above also include things like:

  • Average labor cost for a plumbing repair in Castro Valley
  • Cost of material and supplies
  • Project fees for site-prep and clean-up

Those figures DO NOT include:

  • Fees for permits or needed inspections
  • Material and supplies California state taxes
  • Material and supplies Castro Valley and Alameda County sales Taxes
  • Fees added to total for hiring a General Contractor

Now let’s take a look at some contributing factors that will make the final cost of your plumbing repair in Castro Valley increase.

Size and Scope of Your Plumbing Repair Project in Castro Valley

Depending on precisely what your plumbing repair consists of will significantly affect the final price. A leaking faucet will be less expensive to repair than a severed water line in your basement’s ceiling.

Will There Be Any Additional Charges for Equipment Rental?

We have the equipment needed to do simple plumbing repairs. If we need to rent a piece of equipment, expect the additional charges in your final bill.

Demolition and Reconstruction

Is your plumbing repair a leaking water line inside a sheetrock wall in your guest bedroom? If so, expect some hefty charges for the demolition, the plumbing repair itself, and the reconstruction of the guest bedroom wall.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Castro Valley?

Yes, better plumbing can save you quite a bit of money if you get right down to it. If you have had us at your home six or seven times in the past year or so to repair a leaking water line in your front yard and at various locations inside your home, get the total of all of those repair bills. Now get an estimate on having that entire waterline replaced, and at some point, it will be cheaper to go ahead with the replacement rather than the repair. We like those jobs.

Then consider giving your plumbing fixtures an upgrade to help save on your monthly water utility bill. The EPA has endorsed the newer and more efficient Water Sense fixtures to help you save up to 20% on your monthly water expense. These fixtures have the latest cutting-edge technology and essentially do the same job as your old fixtures but use 20% less water. These fixtures, faucets for kitchen and bath, toilets, and showerheads, can be found at your local plumbing supply house or home improvement center. They have a Water Sense logo on the packaging. Also, you don’t necessarily need to call us to replace your fixtures, but we do highly recommend it.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Castro Valley vs Hire a Plumber?

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) provides water to Castro Valley residents.

When you experience plumbing issues, there are instances where you need to call us, but there are also times when you need to call the utility company.

EDMUD is responsible for any leaks on the street side of the water meter. If the water meter itself is malfunctioning, you will need to call EDMUD to repair it as well. Call us for any leaks on your side of the meter which includes indoor plumbing, the pipe between your house and the meter, and the irrigation system.

In instances where your neighbor has a leak on their property and it runs the risk of property damage, call EBMUD if you’re unable to speak with your neighbor. If the leak is severe or may cause property damage, EBMUD will turn off your neighbor’s water and leave them a note informing them of this.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Castro Valley?

Not all plumbing work needs a permit from the City. You do need a permit for breaking ground, installing new hot water or water lines, and burying water lines. And it’s good to know that one permit will cover all these. You do not need a permit for simple repairs and installations such as a new kitchen faucet. 

If you are wondering if your plumbing repair project will need a permit or not, just double-check with the Alameda County Permit portal for all of your Castro Valley professional plumbing repair permits.

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