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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Davis?

Just 20-minutes outside of Sacramento and to the west, you will find the city of Davis. Founded in 1868, it has always had strong roots in agriculture. Even the University of California, which opened in 1908, was originally known as the “University Farm School”.

Now, it is a college town where a lot of people call home. It offers an escape from the city, but this does not mean there aren’t still many reasons to love it.

It is one of the best cities for all who love bicycles. You can even explore the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame where antique bikes and more can be found. Perhaps this is why it has more cyclists than anywhere else in the U.S.

We can assume that the soil quality in Davis is impressive, especially after so many years of agricultural use. However, this does make us wonder what the water quality may be.

The city of Davis works hard to improve the water quality. The city water is known for being a little on the harder side of the spectrum. As a result, the most common plumbing issues are:

  • Drain Clogs: Clogs can stem from other issues like hair, soap residue, and more. When combined with hard water, things can get even more pronounced. Hard water is basically minerals that are in the water. Calcium and magnesium are the two most associated with hard water. It means that if you run a glass of water, you may see flakes in it. Those flakes can settle in pipes, which may eventually mean that a rock-like material forms in the pipe, contributing to clogs and slow drains.
  • Reduced Flow for Showers: When you first buy a showerhead, you have water flowing out of every jet, and it is awesome. In hard water areas like Davis, the showerheads can become clogged with minerals in the water, which will eventually lessen your ability to enjoy your shower.
  • Damaged Appliances: Water heaters and dishwashers are affected by hard water most easily. It can cause a build-up of minerals in your hot water tank that over time can lessen the amount of water that it may hold. This lowers its efficiency as well. For dishwashers, the problem could range from discoloration on your dishes or white specks that don’t come off easily, to total breakage because water doesn’t flow in or out effectively.
  • Leaks: When you have hard water, it can corrode your pipes and fixtures over time and contribute to leaks.

How Does the Water in Davis Affect Your Plumbing?

Davis water comes from wells and the Sacramento River. According to the quality reports, year after year, the city of Davis finds very few issues with the water. However, some residents do feel that the flavor of the water is unacceptable. It can tend to have a metallic flavor and smell. This is a strong indicator of water hardness, which can cause some problems for your plumbing.

Although hard water is safe to drink, it can cause issues for your home. Therefore, as a resident of Davis, you have to keep it in mind. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Davis?

Before you contact our local plumbers, it is important that you understand your likely cost for our services. We will likely quote you a price that falls somewhere between $110.00 and $800.00. This is the average cost of plumbing repairs in Davis. However, most homeowners end up paying closer to $450.00. Why the difference?

There are many different factors that go into how much our plumbers will charge. This means, just because your neighbor paid the $450 doesn’t mean your cost won’t be significantly higher or lower. Here are some determining factors. 

Cost Factor: Your Situation

Are you building a new home or addition that requires plumbing? The cost for this job will be more costly than hiring our plumber to come and repair a leak or a clog. Do you have a tree growing over or under your water lines? This complication could mean that our plumber must bring in special equipment and more manpower to assist them in completing the job. Your end total will reflect these changes.

Another factor that may fall into this section is whether you have an emergency or not. Emergencies often require our plumber to show up on weekends, evenings, or holidays. This can also influence the amount you pay for the job. 

Cost Factor: The Part Requirements

Again, every job is different and all will require parts unless it is a simple drain clog removal. These can often be done with a pipe snake. If you are adding new water lines, drains, appliances, etc. your parts prices will reflect the cost of those things being used in your home. If you are upgrading your water heater to a more efficient one or going tankless, your cost will reflect that. If you do not need anything added to the job, then you can expect to pay less overall because the work is less time-consuming and part-free. 

Cost Factor: Unexpected Circumstances

We do not set out to get the most money from your pocket as possible. Instead, we always look for ways to save you money when possible. Perhaps you hire us expecting to have to replace your septic tank, but we find a much more reasonable solution. You will pay less. However, if we get started on a job to remove a clog, and end up having to replace 10-feet of pipe, your cost will increase. These unexpected circumstances are impossible to predict but will have to be handled as they are found. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Davis?

With the hard water and other contaminants that may be found in Davis’ water, you have the option to upgrade your home’s plumbing. It may save you money and provide a few other benefits as well. For instance:

  • Water Softeners/Filters: A water softening system is designed to filter all the water that comes into your home. This can protect your showers, your washing machine, hot water heater, and more from hard water. The downside for some people is the price. Water filters are also an option and maybe more cost-effective. This depends on your needs, though.
  • Low Flow: If you want to save money on the amount of water you use in your home, you can always upgrade to low-flow faucets, showers, toilets, etc. They are ideal for conserving water, which ultimately saves you money, especially if you are using city water.
  • Energy Efficient: If you have an older appliance, you could save money by upgrading it to something more energy efficient. This applies to hot water heaters and dishwashers, but it can also apply to other appliances in your home that may or may not depend on your plumbing system.  

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Davis vs Hire a Plumber?

No matter where you are in the world, water emergencies can happen. Maybe it is due to a flood in your home or on your land, but it could also be a flood in the street. Knowing who to call when you are faced with a water emergency can help you get things under control quickly. The problem is, not everyone knows who to call. There are times when you should call us for help, but there are also times when the Water Division is best suited to handle it. Here are a few things you want to consider before calling someone.

  • Location: Where Is the Water Emergency? A water emergency that is on your property will most likely require the services of our plumbers. This means that it is flooding your home, your land. If the property that is being flooded is not yours, you will want to call the water company. This may be that it is flooding a vacant lot, flooding your street, or any other location.
  • Situation: If you suddenly lose water pressure in your shower, you will want to call our professional plumbers. They will be able to explore where the situation begins and how to fix it. In the event that you lose water pressure to your entire home, it could be something that the city is responsible for fixing.
  • Meter Issues: Most people hear “water meter” and instantly assume that they should call the water company. In many cases, this is true. However, not always. Let’s say your meter is climbing, and you know that water isn’t running in your home. We say, “Test it.” To do this, turn off the water supply to your home using the water main. This will stop all water flow to your home and should stop the meter from going up. If the meter continues to climb, there is a problem that requires the Water Division to repair. If your meter stops going up, you need to find where the water was being used in your home. Call us if you cannot find an obvious reason for it, because there could be a leak in the ground or under your home. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Davis?

In Davis, you will typically not need a building permit for residential plumbing upgrades or repairs. Permits are always required for commercial buildings. New installations may require you to obtain a building permit for the project. You may also need to get a permit for repairs that could include the removal or replacement of walls, such as in the kitchen after a leak.

This makes the permitting process a little confusing for some homeowners, who simply want to get beyond the plumbing repairs they have to deal with. The best option is to know what you are getting into. Consider asking us for help or advice before you tackle any plumbing issue on your own. It can make the difference between a code violation or just being done with the project.

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