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  • When Do You Need Permits For Service?
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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Escondido?

The plumbing issues in the greater Escondido area are seemingly right inline with any other city in the nation. To say that one single plumbing problem is the most common is not possible, it should be the ones that are the most reoccurring. The plumbing system in a typical Escondido home is constantly being moved from seismic activity below ground. This is where the tremors and earthquakes come in and disturb the placement of your underground pipes. Most of the home construction in the greater Escondido area took place in the early 1930s, and there are many homes in this area where the original plumbing system is beginning to show its age. There was a great amount of terracotta piping installed in this area at that time, and over the years these pipes have worked their way loose, or they have been damaged by corrosive erosion. Corrosive erosion happens when you have a small leak and the pipe can draw in oxygen, and the oxygen starts eating away on those pipes. So, old piping infrastructure and old corroded piping make the majority of our service calls in Escondido.

Then there are also the common plumbing issues that you can find in most if not all 50 states. Let’s look at few of them now:

  • Leaking faucets
  • Leaking toilets
  • Slow-running drains
  • Clogged drains
  • Strange or foul odor coming from drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Banging or knocking pipes
  • Hard water problems (white scale on a showerhead)

If you are concerned that your Escondido plumbing is faulty, call us day or night to keep your plumbing system healthy. Remember that having our professional team of plumbers at your disposal is like having good health insurance.

How Does The Water In Escondido Affect Your Plumbing?

Earlier, we mentioned hard water that can cause white buildup on faucets and showerheads, and even totally clogs them up if left alone. This buildup can create a problem in your plumbing system. Also, according to the latest water analysis report for the City of Escondido, there are many contaminants in the water supply that can cause damage to your plumbing system. That being said, these contaminants, according to the report, are well within the limits set for each one. So, the water in the greater Escondido area can cause plumbing problems such as corrosion of plumbing pipes and parts. The City of Escondido’s water analysis explains that with all the harmful contaminants that were found in the city’s water supply, none of them were at elevated levels that would cause concern for humans or pets.

The City of Escondido has its own water analysis lab, where they take numerous random samples on a daily basis. According to the latest report, every contaminant present in the Escondido water supply was well within tolerance levels, and citizens should not be concerned when they read this report and actually find the things that are in the water supply. In 2019 alone, the City of Escondido performed over 5,000 independent water analysis reports on samples that were taken at 139 different places. All findings are made transparent in that water analysis report we mentioned above.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Escondido?

If you are reading this guide to plumbing issues, chances are you already have a good idea about what your specific plumbing repair in Escondido will cost you. Perhaps this is your first time dealing with plumbing issues, and you have been wondering why plumbing problems are so expensive to repair. Plumbing repairs are rather pricey due to the amount of training that our plumbers have to go through before they can be classified as a professional and then do plumbing repairs on their own. The expense for training a plumber does not stop there. There are ongoing expenses for annual training and/or certifications, so they can stay on top of ever-changing codes and code requirements. That is why our professional plumbers’ hourly rates are a bit pricey. Their rate per hour is not the only contributing factor to what your final cost for an Escondido plumbing repair will be. Let’s take a look at the average low, high, and overall cost paid for plumbing repairs in Escondido, California.

  • The average minimum cost of a plumbing repair in Escondido is $119
  • The average highest cost of a plumbing repair in Escondido is $867
  • The average amount paid by a customer for a plumbing repair in Escondido is $493

Now we are going to look at a few contributing factors that may make your Escondido plumbing repair cost a bit more.

Where is Your Plumbing Problem Located?

If there were two identical homes sitting side-by-side, and both homes had a ruptured water line leading to the home, why would Home A be more expensive than Home B? The simple answer here is that Home A’s waterline was under a concrete slab, and the cost for excavation and restoration caused the customer’s final cost to be quite a bit more than the Home B customer who had relatively easy access to the ruptured water line. Equipment rental can cause your final cost to be far greater than you realized. Our professional plumbers actually have their own excavating equipment and a restoration team that would not require any sub-contracting, so we can save you money in that regard.

How Much Manpower Will Your Plumbing Repair Require?

Is your plumbing problem going to require the force of a small army to conquer? If you have a plumbing repair that is going to require extra manpower for two or three days, you may be facing a rather large bill, just for the labor end of the repair. That being said, if you have a problem that could be repaired in a few hours by one of our experts, the labor charge is likely to be at a minimum. For instance, if you need our plumbers to come to your Escondido home for a leaking faucet, he or she will either charge you one flat rate for labor or charge you their per-hour rate, with a minimum charge of two hours.

Permits, Inspections, and Taxes

If you are having a new home built or even remodeling an older home, at some point there will be a permit purchased for the plumbing to be installed. If your project is not quite that elaborate, you may still need a permit, and in either case mentioned, there will be a follow-up inspection. When you receive your estimate for your plumbing project, our plumber may or may not include these added costs in their estimate. If you are not sure, ask us! We’ll be happy to explain.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Escondido?

The short answer here is YES. As we mentioned earlier, most of the residential plumbing in and around the greater Escondido area is beginning to show its age. The fact that Escondido is located in the most earthquake-prone area on the planet, aging and plumbing infrastructure are enough reasons to facilitate better plumbing. The seismic activity in California will actually cause underground plumbing to essentially move about. While some movement is expected due to soil conditions and soil issues, installing new plumbing lines underground might just save you enough money to actually pay for itself in the long run. You may also want to look into upgrading your plumbing fixtures to more efficient ones. By upgrading to the fixtures that promote the WaterSense logo on their packaging, you can expect a 20% decrease in the amount of water you consume in a month’s time. These efficient fixtures are designed to save you money on your water bill.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Escondido Vs Hire a Plumber?

The City of Escondido Water Service is available either by phone or online, to answer any questions regarding your water bill and to stop/start service at your Escondido address. These are plumbing issues that need to be handled by the water company at the city government level. Any other type of plumbing service that requires the actual physical act of installation or repair is the responsibility of the customer, who then turns to us for help. Our plumbers and the water companies work very well together, and your project should go rather smoothly if all the parties involved are aware of what each other is doing. Keep those lines of communication open, and your Escondido plumbing problem will soon be a distant memory.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Escondido?

If your plumbing project is going to require you to purchase a permit, the City of Escondido website is an excellent place to start. There, you will find answers to questions and the proper links to the permit application. If our plumber is coming out to repair a leaking toilet or fix a slow-running drain, then obviously you would not need any permits for this. If you have any questions about whether you need a permit for your plumbing project, just check with us or go to the above link on the City of Escondido website and see just how stress-free and easy a plumbing repair in Escondido, California can be.

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