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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Lodi?

Lodi is nothing if it isn’t family-friendly and inviting. Some of our homes have been around since the late 1800s, and problems come with the territory. We take all of our problems in stride, even messy ones like plumbing troubles. We have a few very common issues and some less common issues related to the environmental and water quality conditions specific to our area. Here are a few of the plumbing issues we see in the Lodi area.


Leaks of anything in the plumbing system will lead to bigger problems later. If there is one rule to follow in plumbing maintenance, it is to fix everything immediately, especially leaks. Pipes can develop leaks for several reasons, but they never get any better. Once a leak has sprung, you have to repair it, or it just gets worse. Most people associate leaks with pipes, but other things can leak, too. Water heaters, sump pumps, faucets, toilets, and appliances can all form a leak that slowly costs you more and more over the years. Another possible cause is Lodi’s soft water, which we will discuss more in a later section. Due to its lack of minerals, soft water tends to pick up minerals from surfaces such as our pipes. This can cause pinhole leaks.

KITEC Plumbing

In the late 1990s, KITEC plumbing pipes and fixtures were developed as an alternative to copper plumbing. All the older homes in the Lodi area were constructed with copper or lead pipes, so KITEC seemed to be the answer. Most homes in the area replaced their older pipes with KITEC material. Years later, we find that a chemical reaction occurs with these types of plumbing materials that causes failure in the system. It also isn’t designed for high temperatures. If your water heater is set higher than 82ºF, KITEC materials begin to deteriorate. The same thing happens with high water pressure. KITEC materials deteriorate after just a few years of high-pressure water flow.

Sewer System Backup

A sewer backup results in the flow of waste and harmful debris into your home. Not only does it have detrimental health effects, but it also requires extensive cleanup. A sewer backup is most often caused by a clogged drain. If you notice the water is not draining properly in the toilet and sinks, call us to have it fixed ASAP or it will cause bigger problems later.

Burst pipelines

Pipes burst during cold weather when the water freezes. Although it doesn’t get below freezing here often, special attention is given to plumbing architecture during winter. If you observe a sudden decrease in the water pressure, it could mean burst pipes caused by anomalous water expansion. Another reason pipes burst is from debris or small pinholes caused by Lodi’s soft water.

Clogged Toilets

If you see the toilet is not draining, or the water drains very slowly, it’s a good sign that the line is clogged. This is a recurring issue in a lot of houses’ plumbing in Lodi mostly due to aging systems and how much the gunk your pipes may have accumulated over the years. You can fix the issue by using a plunger in most cases. If not, call for our professional plumbing services to see what’s causing the issue.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are often overlooked by homeowners even though they can seriously jolt your water bill. A lot of water gets wasted from leaky faucets. The longer you wait to repair it, the more it’s going to cost you. In Lodi, the soft water may strip minerals from the gaskets or other parts of your faucets, causing the leaks.

No Hot Water

Not having hot water is one of the most frustrating issues that homeowners face. It means you can’t take a shower, wash your hands, wash dishes or clothes, or even wipe down the kitchen. This problem is caused by a fault in the water heating system. This issue requires the attention of our expert plumbers and should not be dealt with by a layperson. Water heaters can explode and cause great harm to anyone nearby.

Low Water Pressure

When it’s hot outside, and we see a lot of that here in Lodi, the lawn sprinklers work overtime. This is usually the year’s first cause of low water pressure. It first becomes noticeable in the sinks. Check to see if both hot and cold faucets are affected, if so, it’s usually an aerator problem. Mineral deposits from hard water build up and obstruct pressure. Fortunately, we don’t have very hard water in Lodi, so it’s an easy fix. Remove the aerator, clean out any debris, and replace it.

How Does the Water in Lodi Affect Your Plumbing?

The public water supply in Lodi comes from surface water and groundwater. The groundwater wells in Lodi provide a range of hard water degrees, depending on several factors. Lodi surface water is said to be soft, and because city water is a mixture of these two, the hardness at any given point in town can change. The hardness in grains per gallon (gpg) of Lodi water ranges from 1 to 20, with an average hardness of 8 gpg. 

Lodi’s water hardness level is very low. Good for us, because hard water causes many problems in plumbing. It has a lot of dissolved minerals within it which leave deposits throughout the plumbing system, on dishes, and appliances. 

Our water is on the soft side, but that has its own set of problems. Soft water has few minerals, so it picks them up from other surfaces, like inside pipes. The absorption of these minerals leads to tiny pinholes in the pipes and plumbing framework. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Lodi?

The first place the mind goes when plumbers are discussed is the cost. In fact, people dread the cost so much, they often put off calling a plumber until the problem gets out of control. There’s no real way to make an estimate that would be accurate for every plumbing problem in Lodi, but you’ll be pleased to know the cost of local plumbing services generally ranges from about $113 to $1,000 with an average of $821. There are some factors, however, that can affect whether your plumbing costs fall in this range or extend beyond it.

Cost of Material and Supplies

The cost of material and supplies changes with seasons, weather, and the supply chain. A job today may cost more or less next year. Natural disasters and corporate accidents also raise the prices on some supplies. The cost of materials and supplies at any given time is taken into consideration on the overall cost.

Additional Expenses and Labor

Labor costs are standard. However, the number of laborers required for a job can be variable, which has a direct effect on how much your project will cost. Lodi also requires permits for most plumbing work beyond the basic quick fixes, adding to the overall cost.

Scope and Nature of the Job

The more complex and extensive a home improvement project is, the more likely it is to be expensive. Unclogging a toilet or replacing the faucet on the bathtub will fall in the lower end of the cost range while determining the cause of a sewer line backup, or a difficult-to-find water leak, and making repairs will push costs beyond the median range.

Emergency plumbing service is also more expensive than service during regular business hours. One of the issues with plumbing repairs is that so much is unknown. Most of the plumbing system is hidden inside walls and underground. Without a professional inspection performed by one of our plumbers, it’s almost impossible to know what to expect.

Permits and Inspections

States have specific laws in place for plumbing work. Work on exterior pipe locations, drain excavation, placement and care of personal wells, and all the pertinent safety codes are all specifics our professional plumbers are familiar with, as well as myriad legal factors. Lodi’s plumbers must be licensed after receiving formal training and an apprenticeship.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Lodi?

Plumbing is an area of home maintenance that requires attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Purchasing cheaply produced products for your plumbing or using an unlicensed plumber is a recipe for disaster. 

Replacing outdated hardware, like a faucet, is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to save a substantial amount of money at the end of the year. Upgrade your toilet and water heater for even more savings. To top it off, maximize your savings by having our professionals do the job right the first time.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Lodi vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing systems are susceptible to all sorts of issues, especially some older systems around Lodi, like around Tamarack and Eden Streets. While plumbing issues can be surprising, and sometimes messy, it doesn’t always take a plumber to solve the issue. A good rule of thumb is to call us and avail of our services if the problem appears to be between your water meter and your house. If it’s on the opposite side of the meter, the city may be responsible. Check with your neighbors to see if the problem is widespread. If so, it is most likely a problem on the city’s end, which they will take care of. If nobody else has issues, it’s likely you will have to have us take care of the problem.

There are some instances where you may need a bit of good judgment on your side. A blockage in the sewer line, for instance, isn’t always your problem. If the blockage is between your approved city cleanout and the mainline, the city will unplug the line. If the blockage is between the cleanout and your home, it is your responsibility to unplug it. If you suspect the problem is on the city’s end, please contact (209) 333-6740 to report the problem. Otherwise, give us a call and we will help you take care of the issue.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Lodi?

You need a permit for just about everything plumbing-related in Lodi. San Joaquin County does not require a permit to stop leaks or fix clogs unless it requires the replacement of fixtures or pipes. Anything that requires a replacement part is considered a remodel and requires a permit.

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