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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Roseville?

We all benefit from over a century of investment that our Roseville government has made since the Roseville Water Company was founded in 1906, launching construction of our city’s original water mains and pipes to supply the growing population. Expansions and improvements since then have added many of the water system amenities and services we take for granted now, including our water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, and our expanded supply from Lake Folsom through the Central Valley project. Household plumbing has, of course, seen many improvements over the same decades, too, but even the newest Roseville plumbing can have issues. 

Leaky or Broken Pipes and Fixtures

One of the common reasons for a plumbing service call is to fix leaky or broken pipes. Most of these repairs fix things like small leaks around pipe connections or dripping faucets. Because most homes in Roseville have slab basements, broken pipes underneath the cement, so-called slab leaks, can be much more involved, though they are thankfully less common. Broken pipes can also occur when pipes freeze. While we are lucky in Roseville to see mild winters, we are close enough to the snowier parts of Placer County to occasionally get weather cold enough to freeze unprotected pipes.

Water Heater Problems

Turning on the tap to find no hot water can make for a singularly disappointing attempt to take a shower, soak in a relaxing bath, or even do a quick load of laundry or dishes. Roseville’s surface and reservoir water is right in the mid-range between hard and soft which is great news for prolonging the life of your water heater, but they will all fail eventually. Most commonly, the sacrificial anode, a metal rod which prevents rust buildup in your tank, is eroded too much and allows the tank itself to rust until it breaks. Harder water, such as that from our groundwater aquifers, can cause sediment buildup in water heaters, leading to failure as well.

Clogs and Slow Drains

Probably our number one plumbing call in Roseville, slow or clogged drains can impact your daily life and damage your home if fixtures overflow or cause further damage if there are leaks or damage. If using plungers or a household-grade drain snake hasn’t remedied your slow or clogged drains, it’s a good time to call us for professional help. We have the specialized equipment to clear any clogs and to examine the interior of your pipes for breaks and tree root invasion which may clog your drain line.

How Does the Water in Roseville Affect Your Plumbing?

Since its earliest days as a railroad town, Roseville has worked hard to provide high-quality public utilities and services to a rapidly expanding population. Currently, most of our water supply comes from the American River via Folsom Lake, treated surface water, and a six-aquifer groundwater supply that is used as a backup supply if we have a long-lasting drought. 

About Water “Hardness”

What we hear about as water “hardness” is actually a reflection of the volume of dissolved minerals it holds, usually calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, measured in grams per gallon (gpg). The higher the dissolved mineral content water has, the “harder” it is rated. Water rated 3.5 gpg or lower is soft, while 7 gpg and higher is considered hard. Most of the water in Roseville’s municipal supply has a natural “hardness” of about 5 gpg (neither hard nor soft), though our groundwater aquifers supply water that is a little harder than our main supply, closer to 7 gpg. Harder water can cause buildup in pipes that can clog or weaken them over time, and can clog aerators and showerheads. Softer water is more acidic and can cause pipe corrosion over time, potentially drawing chemicals from your piping into your water supply. Older houses like the many Craftsman homes that line parts of Main Street and other Roseville neighborhoods may have issues with older plumbing, including lead solder being used at pipe joints (it wasn’t banned until 1986) since softer water may draw it in. Testing is available if you suspect your home may have lead in your household pipes. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Roseville?

One reason many homeowners dread calling us for plumbing service is fearing that the work will be too expensive. You may be surprised to learn that the range of prices for plumbing service around Roseville runs from a low of $150 to a high of $800 with a mid-range price of about $475. Naturally, prices can vary widely, because every situation is so unique and because so much plumbing is hidden behind walls and underground. Some common aspects of plumbing work do tend to have the most effect on overall pricing. 

Cost Factor: Size and Scope of the Work

The size of your plumbing job will naturally have a major effect on how much the work will cost. Fixing a leaky faucet, a clogged toilet, or replacing your kitchen faucet will almost always cost quite a bit less than repairing a slab leak, substantial replumbing, or installing new fixtures. In addition, despite our expertise and best efforts, some plumbing issues which appear to be fairly small can turn out to be merely symptoms of larger, more complex issues. 

Cost Factor: Materials and Supplies Needed

We understand that plumbing repairs are generally not part of your regular household budget and we make every effort to keep our costs to a minimum. Supply and logistics concerns can raise prices for many of the parts and materials we need, placing some cost fluctuations beyond our control. In other cases, the specific nature of your pipes and fixtures may dictate that some of the materials and supplies we must use in their repair. 

Cost Factor: Permits and Additional Costs

Both the City of Roseville and Placer County require permits for some plumbing work. Such work tends to involve more extensive repairs or replacements, remodeling work, and projects and repairs where pipes must be moved. Repairing more involved issues, such as slab leaks, will generally also require a permit. In addition to added permit costs, some plumbing work may also require inspections, adding to necessary fees. Other costs may be required if we need any unusual equipment or additional labor to complete your plumbing work.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Roseville?

Improved and more efficient plumbing can help the environment, reduce your water bill, and potentially save you money in other ways, too.

Reduce Water Usage

As every California resident knows, water is a precious resource we should all do our best to conserve. This is especially important in recent years as we continue to experience extended dry or drought conditions here in Roseville and across the state. Beyond simply turning on the tap less, you can also install more water-efficient appliances and fixtures. Roseville’s own water company has compiled a list of tips for conserving water. In fact, the City of Roseville may offer rebates for water conservation upgrades on your property, as does the Placer County Water Authority. While water conservation is enough reason to reduce your usage, the less you use, the lower your water bill will be. 

Prevent Damage

Keeping your plumbing in good shape is important, including such tasks as repairing small leaks and dripping faucets, performing regular water heater maintenance, and watching for problems such as a toilet that keeps running after flushing, slow drains, or other problems. You can also arrange for our plumbers to take care of any of these maintenance tasks as well as having a sewer pipe inspection to check for small breaks and tree root problems. By attending to issues while they are small and manageable, you can help to limit any future repair costs. In addition, this regular attention may help to prevent more catastrophic (and expensive) plumbing failures which can cause flooding and other damage throughout your home. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Roseville vs Hire a Plumber?

In many locations, the recommendation is that you generally contact a plumber first, and then you or the plumber can follow up with the water utility if needed. In a proactive step that’s very helpful for homeowners, both the City of Roseville and Placer County recommend you call them first if you suspect a sewer issue. Roseville’s or Placer County’s Water Department will work with you to diagnose your problem, determine if the issues are your responsibility (your side of the meter), their responsibility (beyond your water meter), or one that affects both your water line and municipal lines. In general, though, if you and your close neighbors are experiencing the same water or sewer issues, it is more likely to be a problem on the water company’s side, while problems specific to your home are probably solely your responsibility.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Roseville?

Building and construction permits, including those for plumbing work, are there to help ensure that our homes and other structures are built and maintained in a safe, reliable, and consistent way. If you’ve tried to make improvements to an older home, especially one that’s had few major updates since building permits have become the norm, you may have found out firsthand how complicated, inadequate, and inconsistent plumbing can be. Requiring permits and, in some cases, inspections, to determine if plumbing work meets building code specifications, is an important way to alleviate many cases where plumbing work was inadequate or even dangerous. In Roseville, some plumbing work, particularly that which requires water or gas lines to be replaced or relocated, sewer line work, or work-related to new installations or substantial remodeling will generally require a permit. More basic work, such as standard repairs or replacing a fixture with one of a similar size in the same spot, will generally not require a permit. Contacting the Roseville Development Services department or our professional plumbers can help you determine whether you need a permit for your work or not.

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Location: Roseville, CA


Replace Water Heater and potential install of additional new tankless water heater for rear of the house. The Master bath in the rear or furthest from the storage water heater in the garage gets poor delivery of hot water.

Date of Request: September 21, 2023

Location: Roseville, CA


The contractor who always maintain our drinking water, already moved out of town. So we are looking for a replacement.

Date of Request: September 18, 2023

Location: Roseville, CA


Drain snaked at clean out

Date of Request: September 18, 2023

Location: Roseville, CA


RO system at kitchen sink

Date of Request: September 18, 2023

Location: Roseville, CA


I need all the parts of the toilet tank replaced.

Date of Request: September 18, 2023

Location: Roseville, CA


My leach field is leaking in my yard.. I think I need a new one.

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