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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In San Diego?

San Diego homeowners experience many of the same plumbing issues that homeowners face around the country. Some of the most common plumbing issues in San Diego include:

Leaky Fixtures

The US EPA reports that a leaking faucet dripping at one drip per second will waste more than 3,000 gallons of water a year. Well, now you have 3,000 reasons why you should call our plumbers in San Diego when you spot leaks in:

  • Pipes and drains
  • Indoor and outdoor faucets
  • Taps and showerheads

When unchecked, leaks can result in bloated water bills. Moreover, leaking tap water can get under the sinks and tubs, creating the perfect environment for the growth of mold and algae. Not only are these two gross, but they pose health hazards to you and your family. Additionally, if you don’t call our plumbers to fix the leak, you risk structural damage to your beautiful house whenever water seeps through the walls and floor.

Clogs and Blocks

If you’ve noticed your sinks, drains, and tubs draining slower than usual, chances are you have clogs inside the fixtures. You can unclog some blocks using a plunger; however, other clogs require a sophisticated and experienced approach from our plumbers. Call us immediately when you notice or suspect clogs in:

  • Drains and pipes
  • Septic tank systems
  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems

Busted Appliances

Imagine one of those San Diego summer days, and your dishwasher or garbage disposal isn’t working. Inconveniencing, right? Some appliances work overtime, especially in the hotter months in San Diego, resulting in frequent breakdowns and high power bills. If you suspect or notice any plumbing appliance is becoming inefficient, it’s time to call in our plumbers.

Insufficient Hot Water

Even though San Diego experiences hot weather year-round, it might be a bit cold in the winter months. Maybe you are tired from a long day at work and you need a hot, long relaxing shower. If your water heater isn’t heating water at the correct temperature, it could be a sign of dirt and sediment buildup in the tank. In such cases, our plumbers will open the tank and drain the water to get rid of the buildup.

How Does The Water In San Diego Affect Your Plumbing?

All 1.6 million San Diego residents get their water from three sources:

Unfortunately, due to the geological composition of San Diego, the rock composition enriches the water with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and lime, resulting in hard water. Water treatment removes impurities and bacteria to make the water safe for your consumption, but it does little to solve the hard water that finds its way into your plumbing system.

Effects of Hard Water on Plumbing in San Diego

  • Clogs and corrosion- Minerals accumulate and build up inside pipes, drains, and lines , causing them to clog and block. Some chemical processes between these minerals and the plumbing system’s metal composition also leave corroding effects on the fixtures.
  • Reduced efficiency and lifespan– Corrosion eats away at a fixture, leading to its ultimate end. The accumulation of minerals within fixtures such as water heaters also causes operational inefficiencies, reduced lifespan, and higher maintenance and power costs.
  • Reduces water flow and pressure- Over time, these accumulated minerals clog and cause blockage. In some severe cases, the jam can be extreme to the point of curtailing water flow, resulting in reduced pressure.
  • Unattractive cosmetic looks- Accumulation of calcium in bathtubs, sinks, pipe surfaces, and faucets create a dirty and unappealing look.
  • Leakages- Clogs, blocks, and corrosion lead to pipes cracking and bursting, resulting in leakages.

To soften hard water that gets to your San Diego home, it’s advisable you have our plumbers install a reverse osmosis system for the best results.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in San Diego?

Whether it be a new installation, repairing, or replacing, each plumbing issue has its unique challenges and costs. However, the more you dally in having a problem fixed, the more charges you’ll incur. While plumbing charges in San Diego are pocket-friendly and affordable, there are factors that determine the final costs:

Cost Factor: Labor and Nature of the Job

Labor takes the lion’s share of the plumbing costs. The more time and effort our plumber spends on a job, the higher the price. Similarly, a complex project like your whole house rough-in plumbing, will cost you upwards of $10,000, compared to a simple $150 leaky-pipe repair.

Additionally, you might have a plumbing emergency, such as a sewer line break that needs immediate attention. While we have 24/7 services, you’ll be charged a little extra for the emergency due to the logistics involved in dispatching our experts.

Cost Factor: Repair or Repipe?

Should a Mr Blue Plumbing plumber replace or repair a fixture? Plumbing appliances and fixtures that have reached their end of life are outdated and inefficient, and those call for replacement. If a fixture is regularly breaking, our expert plumbers will advise you on quality and pocket-friendly replacements. However, you’ll have to incur an extra cost for the replacement fixture.

Cost Factor: Nature of the Existing Plumbing System

A common challenge our plumbers face in San Diego is integrating a new, modern fixture into an old and outdated plumbing system. In the worst-case scenario, the existing system isn’t compatible with the new fixtures, prompting our plumber to buy additional fixtures that’ll help with the integration.

Cost Factor: Accessibility

If the fixture that needs fixing isn’t accessible, our plumber will become more involved, hence a higher cost—for instance, penetrating tree roots damage a sewer line resulting in leaking sewage. When you call us, we’ll have to dig underground, maybe through layers of concrete, to access and repair the sewer line.

Understandably, you have a tight budget, and plumbing costs might not make the list of priorities. Nevertheless, for peace of mind and heart, factor in plumbing in your budget. Our expert plumbers from San Diego will accommodate your tight budget and offer pocket-friendly plumbing services as much as possible.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In San Diego?

Affirmative. Better plumbing will save you some Benjamin Franklins. Here is how:

DIY Minor Leaks and Clogs

Yes, you read that right. There are some minor plumbing issues in your San Diego home that don’t require the attention of our plumbers. If you spot a minor drip or leak from a faucet, shut off the water, head on to the hardware store, and get some tools and lubricants to repair the leak. Such minor repairs don’t have to cost you.

Better Plumbing Practices

Some common plumbing issues you face in your home in San Diego are of your making. For instance, most clogs and blocks in pipes and drains happen due to the flushing of foodstuffs and other materials such as papers and hair. So instead of flushing, stock a few garbage bags for proper waste disposal. Similarly, taking longer than needed showers and baths wastes bucket loads of water, resulting in high power and water bills. Audit all your plumbing practices, and if any contribute to higher plumbing and water bills, cut them off.

Routine Inspection and Maintenance

You’ve probably heard intellectuals solve problems, but geniuses prevent them. Don’t wait to replace a corroded pipe that might cause a health hazard; instead, avoid the clog’s source. The genius preventive measure to take is to have our expert plumbers conduct routine inspections and maintain your plumbing system.

Call in the Experts

Maybe your DIY skills are insufficient, or you don’t have any time to fix that plumbing issue in your San Diego home. Most plumbing issues require an expert plumber’s touch to rectify. Our expert will evaluate the problem and give you the best course of action to save you some money. Suffice to say, you can worsen a plumbing problem if you DIY, resulting in higher bills.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

It’s about time you replace that old and rugged water heater and garbage disposal that have been costing you big bucks in power and repair. Consider replacing a plumbing fixture that’s been incurring a considerable cost. Contact our plumbers. You’ll be advised on quality and affordable fixtures you can buy, and they’ll come to replace them. In the meantime, the fixtures you can upgrade should include:

  • Low flow efficient toilets that consume less water per flush
  • Tankless solar or gas-powered water heaters
  • Water conditioners and softeners
  • Energy-efficient faucets, taps, and showerheads that can reduce water wastage by up to 70%

While plumbing is a vital component in your San Diego home, it doesn’t mean you incur mountains of bills. Our experts will advise you accordingly on the best plumbing practices and hardware to adopt and install, to save you cash. Finally, you can start that home beautification project you’ve been putting off.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In San Diego Vs Hire a Plumber?

At Mr Blue Plumbing, we understand the powers and jurisdiction of institutions such as water utility companies. That’s why, if you contact us for a plumbing issue that’s out of our jurisdiction, we will advise you to call the water utility company. We recommend you to call them if you:

  • Need a new connection or disconnection from the water or sewer public main lines
  • Don’t have water in your San Diego home, yet you haven’t shut off your valves
  • Notice leaks beyond your property and in the street
  • Require an emergency shutoff, in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster
  • Notice a plumbing issue at your neighbors, and they are not in
  • Need a valve box
  • Experience a break in your main water line, and the shut-off valve isn’t working

If you have any issues other than the ones listed above, our plumbers can help!

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in San Diego?

According to the California Plumbing Code (CPC), you need a permit before undertaking any plumbing activity in your home in San Diego. Depending on the scope of the job, you can either get a Simple No-Plan Permit or Plan Permit.

Get a Simple No-Plan Permit for minor plumbing installations such as:

  • Traditional water heater installation (the one with a tank)
  • Water and sewer replacement
  • Water softener and conditioner installation
  • Installation of a domestic service pressure reducing valve

On the other hand, get a Plan Permit if you are altering, adding, or replacing part or whole plumbing systems in your residential San Diego home. For more information on plan permits and exemptions, check out San Diego Municipal Codes. Before you undertake any plumbing activity at home, make sure you apply for a simple no-plan license or a plan permit, all at affordable prices.

Per the state’s and San Diego codes, a San Diego plumbers like Mr. Blue Plumbing should acquire the required permits. Additionally, they should undergo training and be licensed as Master Plumbers by the Contractors’ State Licensing Board (CSTB), a member of the California Department Of Consumer Affairs (DCA). So, for all plumbing issues your San Diego home will face, contact us – our expert technicians have the know-how to tackle each one of them.

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