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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Santa Clara?

Running into a plumbing issue is a fairly common occurrence as a homeowner in Santa Clara. When it happens, it can be frightening, but it’s typically nothing too bad. Plumbing problems can present themselves in a variety of ways and aren’t always physically noticeable. The majority of water and sewage lines aren’t visible, which means that you may not always notice a leak when it first occurs. The important thing is that if you suspect any of the following plumbing issues, you get a professional opinion to ensure it doesn’t become a more severe problem.

Low Water Pressure

The water running through your plumbing pipes in Santa Clara can become victim to a surplus of culprits waiting to delay or reduce its power and speed. From corroded areas throughout internal piping to coated lines that limit the room available for water to travel rapidly, there’s no one answer to why you may have turned on your sink this morning only to find that it wasn’t running at full capacity. 

The hardness of groundwater in Santa Clara averages over 250 mg/L. It also causes the build-up of scale on pipes and fixtures that can lead to lower water pressure and reduced efficiency of water heaters.

Moved by your water heater, there are quite a few things that can impact your water pressure. Problems can come from old or poorly installed faucets or the shower heads you’re using, as well as the water heater itself. When you notice a drop in water pressure, you could be dealing with a leak, clogged pipes, or need to replace fixtures to correct the issue.

For low water pressure complaints, you can call the City of Santa Clara at 408-615-2000.

Clogged Pipes and Drains

Clogs are one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners in Santa Clara run into, thanks to mineral buildup from the county’s hard water. It’s not always as simple as avoiding flushing large quantities of toilet paper or not putting wipes and unnatural items into drains. What many don’t realize is that soap and shampoo often carry chemicals that are hazardous to plumbing. When these chemicals interact with your pipes, they can create buildup and slowly begin to chip away or corrode them. Additionally, hair is a huge reason pipes and drains become clogged. Rather than washing it down the drain, try wiping residual hair off of your shower walls. 

Leaking Plumbing

The average home in Santa Clara County wastes more than 14,000 gallons of water a year due to leaks, mostly from toilets. Leaks can be a serious concern when first noticed. In many cases, when a leak becomes noticeable it’s been going on for a little while. Often caused by corrosion, debris inside of pipes, and pressure from tree roots in the ground, pipes are prone to giving in when there’s too much pressure. Not all leaks become major problems, but they can easily lead to flooding. If water is sitting in your crawlspace or anywhere in your home for too long it can rot the support beams and cause bacteria or mold to grow. Fortunately, most leaks never reach damage that extensive unless they’re underground and go unnoticed. 

Old Appliances and Pipes

Santa Clara Couonty has many older neighborhoods, which means older plumbing is common in the area. Age is more than a number, especially when it comes to plumbing. Just like people, appliances and pipes wear down depending on what they’ve lived through. While humans can naturally heal from small injuries, pipes and appliances can’t. As time goes on, natural predators and pressure are often the key root cause behind plumbing problems. Pipes deal with internal and external culprits targeting them, leaving behind corrosion and fighting off pressure from tree roots and other things. Appliances become outdated, stop working as well, and have parts that wear thin. It’s truly a natural occurrence that leads to a need to replace bits of plumbing hardware. 

If the sanitary sewer line from your home does not seem to be working properly, you may call the City Water & Sewer Utilities at 408-615-2000.

How Does the Water in Santa Clara Affect Your Plumbing?

There are 335 miles of water pipelines throughout Santa Clara, which is quite a lot of ground for public water to travel through. Importing water from 26 wells, the city works hard to source water that’s tied directly into aquifer operations to help reduce high concentrations of natural minerals and nutrients. However, that doesn’t mean that the treated water is completely clear of calcium and magnesium salts in its water supply.

When these minerals are combined, they make the water in Santa Clara into what’s known as hard water. Hard water is safe to consume but can be damaging to pipes over extended periods. This is due to how the minerals interact with different types of piping and often corrode plumbing fixtures. The best way to help reduce corrosion caused by hard water is through routine flushing for your plumbing system. This can help reduce the buildup of minerals that may make pipes or faucets their home, and can further help prevent clogs or added pressure on pipelines. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Santa Clara?

Plumbing jobs are unique in the way that no single project is quite like the next. While plumbing systems are built from similar parts and can be preserved with the same basic maintenance, pipes and fixtures experience life spans unique to themselves based on natural pressure, frequency of use, and much more. This means that the repairs you need when dealing with an issue are likely not going to be the same that your mother, brother, best friend, or neighbor needed six months ago.

Average repairs for plumbing issues that include labor, materials, and basic fees cost around $472 for Santa Clara homeowners. This doesn’t include permits and inspections, or emergency/rushed jobs. The price you receive when we quote services depends on several factors for the job. 

Complexity of Job

When hiring us, we are going to base our quote on how big of a job it is as well as how time-consuming it may be. This will change based on differences such as replacing a faucet or installing appliances such as a dishwasher versus replacing old piping or extending pipelines to add more room for flow and prevent backups. 

Inspection and Permit Fees

Permits are fairly easy to obtain and usually don’t cost a fortune, but may be required for more complex plumbing work. They’re often the starting point when you need to have an inspection done. Many cities require inspections to be performed before any heavy-duty changes are made to plumbing systems. This ensures that local codes are enforced and helps prevent improper installation or repair work from being completed. It also helps ensure that equipment and items used are up to standard, which can prevent future plumbing issues. 

Materials Needed

Plumbing repairs require a variety of parts that look similar but have different functions. Some of us will keep a basic inventory of smaller parts, but items like pipes and fixtures will be dependent on your current system along with what you’re wanting to use. The cost of materials will be added to your original quote.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Santa Clara?

The truth about plumbing is that it becomes outdated the same way electronics do. With new energy-saving solutions, cleaning, and leak prevention methods every few years, the newer and better your plumbing is, the more you can save. Now, that’s not to say you need to update your water and sewage pipes every other year, but routine maintenance should be a priority. Not only does this ensure that there aren’t any faulty valves or unknown leaks occurring, but it helps clear up debris and potential clogs throughout your system.

If you’ve noticed your utility bill gradually rising, your water pressure losing its strength, or run into any number of plumbing issues – you could be saving money monthly. When plumbing repairs are made, you’re receiving the latest and best materials on the market. This means that if you replace old pipes, you’re going to get new pipes that allow water to move through them with ease rather than having to move around coats of corrosion from extended years of use. 

Better plumbing costs a little upfront too, but it quickly pays off and continues to pay off long term. For example, did you know that when water isn’t able to move through a pipe at the pace demanded it actually puts pressure on your water heater to work harder? This can increase energy usage and put pressure on your appliances and pipes, which may cause damage to your plumbing system. It’s similar to paying overtime for employees on a job. The more work put out, the more it costs. Fortunately, updating old appliances, making repairs when needed, and replacing items such as filters can reduce your utility bill.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Santa Clara vs Hire a Plumber?

Whether you’ve noticed your utility bill rising gradually or you’re dealing with a leak, knowing who to call for each problem can save you time as well as money. If you call your utility company to come out and it turns out the problem is on your end, you’re likely going to be charged a service fee for the crew coming out. The same goes for calling us out to look at a problem that’s the utility company’s responsibility. 

One great way to determine who you should call is by using your water meter to gauge the situation. You can cut the water off in your house and check your meter to see if it’s still turning. If it is, then you likely have a leak on your end of things somewhere. If the meter stops turning, then your water utility company deserves a phone call to let them know you believe you have a leak. The great thing is that if the issue is on their end, you can typically ask for a credit on your account to make up for being charged due to a problem on their side of the meter.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Santa Clara?

Depending on the type of plumbing services provided, you’ll need to apply for a different kind of permit. Permits are required for most major plumbing installations and underground alterations. The installation of new pipes or any alterations that aren’t considered necessary and critical services will require permit approval before work begins. If you’re replacing items like a washing machine or dishwasher and may need to run new lines to them, you don’t always need a permit to do so. 

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