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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Santa Maria?

Santa Maria is a city in California’s Central Coast region known for its wineries and barbecue-style food, a local specialty. However, it is the city’s strategic location and its proximity to the coast that make it a tourist favorite. There are numerous attractions to enjoy in and around Santa Maria, including local museums, seaside piers, and the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes that stretch down the Pacific Coast. 

However, even with all the excitement and beauty the city brings, it is not without its issues, especially when it comes to the area’s plumbing. Fortunately, there are things that Santa Maria homeowners can do to prevent these plumbing issues from escalating into significant home damage. Yet, before these preventative measures can be taken, the first thing that needs to be done is to learn more about the common plumbing problems in the area. 

Clogged Drains

When you start noticing a plumbing issue, you should first examine your drain, as this is where most of these plumbing issues begin. Although a clogged drain may sound like a simple fix, it can become a significant problem if it is not solved quickly. 

In general, most drains in the home will get clogged by grease, dirt, hair, food particles, and other insoluble items. That is why homeowners must check on their pipes regularly to make sure they remain clean. Otherwise, these issues can become an expensive fix for homeowners. 

Low Water Pressure

Typically, if a pipeline has air in it or a clog, it can result in low water pressure. In general, the low water pressure will be determined by the speed of the water coming out of the faucet. For instance, if water that was once flowing freely from your shower now only trickles, it can indicate that you are facing a severe low water pressure issue. However, even though this water pressure can result for numerous reasons, it tends to occur because of the following:

  • A leak in the pipes that provide the water within the home
  • A break in the main line
  • A deposit build-up within the faucet aerators

Leaky Pipes

Unfortunately, leaky pipes are a significant issue for Santa Maria residents, often causing severe damage to the home, including the destruction of ceilings, carpets, floors, and furniture. Plus, this extra moisture can encourage mold and mildew, which can not only increase the repair plumbing bills but can also impact the homeowner’s safety and health. 

While residents in Santa Maria rarely have to worry about freezing temperatures destroying their pipes over the winter, these pipes can still spring a leak. Like any other piece of metal plumbing, exposure and time can lead to corrosion and, eventually, the pipe to fail. For instance, some homes in Santa Maria may have galvanized iron pipes which were commonly installed in homes built before the 1970s. These pipes were covered with a protective layer of zinc to prevent rusting. However, over the years, this zinc began to erode, and the pipe walls began to corrode. That is why as a Santa Maria homeowner, it is vital to be on the lookout for common signs of corrosion which can include a brownish tint in sink water, damage to water-using appliances, or a drop in the water pressure. 

How Does the Water in Santa Maria Affect Your Plumbing?

Santa Maria has two sources of water supply – the local groundwater and imported State Water. Although the local groundwater is plentiful and meets all the drinking water standards, residents may notice a difference in the water due to the mineral content and the increased hardness. The city tries to blend the local supply with the imported water to lower the hardness, but the water typically remains hard. 

Yet, even though this type of water is safe to drink and may even provide users with various health benefits, it may be an issue to the plumbing. When hard water is prevalent in an area, the pipes that experience repeated exposure to it can face limescale build-up and eventually clogs, which can cause the overall quality of the water in the home to decrease.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Santa Maria?

The price of plumbing in Santa Maria can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, with most jobs costing around $400 to $500. Yet, these prices will depend on several factors, and homeowners must understand these factors and how they can impact the total costs of the job. These factors include the following:

Labor Costs

In general, labor costs will be the most significant factor that can impact your total plumbing expenses. For example, if you need emergency services, the price of these services will be significantly higher than a scheduled repair visit. However, this does not mean you should put off the work because the costs are higher. These services are often essential in preventing future harm due to water damage such as mold or rot. 

In comparison, if you do not require emergency services, the average plumbing costs will depend on the specific plumbing work you need. For instance, unclogging a drain will be much cheaper than a plumbing project that requires the installation of a new water heater. 

Job Complexity

Another factor you need to watch out for is the complexity of the plumbing job. Usually, plumbing jobs that include a leaky pipe, clogged drain, or a running toilet can be fixed quickly by our skilled plumbing professionals. However, if the job consists of an extensive plumbing overhaul, you can expect that the plumbing bill will be rather costly, as these jobs can take many hours to complete and also require expensive parts that can increase the overall cost of the project. 

Replacement Parts

Finally, you need to be aware of the cost of replacement parts. Most plumbing jobs are a quick fix when taken care of by our skilled plumbers and can often be completed with the parts and tools we have on hand. However, if the job is more complex and requires replacement parts our plumber does not have, you can expect to be on the hook for paying for these expensive materials. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Santa Maria?

All it takes is one Google search and you will have a list of plumbers in Santa Maria ready to take on your plumbing dilemma. Yet, just because finding a plumber is a relatively easy task, it does not mean these plumbers are skilled and qualified to take on the work. In truth, many times, if a homeowner hires a plumber who lacks the experience to take on a unique or extensive plumbing project, they can end up causing more issues than were initially present. This can ultimately leave these homeowners with extensive plumbing bills for work that was not finished or not done correctly and the headache of finding a new plumber to fix all of these plumbing problems. 

You can always rely on Mr. Blue PLumbing for high-quality, permanent fixes to your plumbing problem, plus our satisfaction guarantee!

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Santa Maria vs Hire a Plumber?

If you notice a water-related problem in your home, it may be challenging to decide if you need to call your local utility company or our specialists to take care of the issue. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about this dilemma any longer. In the below guidelines, we have prepared some basic tips to help you understand who you need to call in a plumbing emergency. 

When to Call the Local Utility Company

If the water in your home goes out, if you see a water leak on your street because of a water main break, or you see a water leak at a neighbor’s house, but nobody is there, then you need to contact the local utility department immediately and have them send contractors to verify what the problem is and take care of it fast. 

When to Call a Skilled Santa Maria Plumber

If your water bills suddenly start to spike, there is a water leak inside your home, your toilet or sinks are not draining properly, or your water sewage is backing up into your home, you need to reach out to our experienced plumbing professionala quickly. Our plumbers can verify what the problem is and take care of the issue for you fast. 

However, because many of the plumbing issues in Santa Maria develop because of age and wear and tear, it is also a good idea to have our plumbers check on your plumbing regularly. When you schedule our experts to perform a routine maintenance check, they can keep your pipes healthy and verify that there are no issues, which can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Santa Maria?

Permits in Santa Maria assure the community that structural, mechanical, electrical, fire, and plumbing codes have been checked and projects have been inspected. Without these permits, you may be endangering yourself and your family, as well as the subsequent user or owner of the structure. However, even though these permits are often required when extensive plumbing work needs to be done, they will not be needed in Santa Maria in the following situations: 

  • The stopping of leaks in soil, drains, waste, or venting piping. However, if any of this piping becomes defective and it becomes necessary to remove and replace these parts with new material, a permit will need to be obtained and inspected.
  • The clearing of stoppages, including the reinstallation and removal of water closets or the repair of leaks in pipes, fixtures, or valves, provided that repairs do not involve the replacement or rearrangement of pipes, valves, or fixtures, or the removal and reinstallation of water closets or the installation of new water closets. 

However, since these permits are project-specific, before starting any plumbing work, it may be best to contact the city’s permit department and confirm whether you need a permit, and if you do, what you need to do to get one.

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