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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Sonoma?

The City of Sonoma provides excellent tips for water conservation. But, that doesn’t spare the folks of Sonoma from experiencing plumbing issues. Sonoma city’s history is preserved in old neighborhoods, such as the Historic Overlay Zone. The old homes in the old neighborhoods have unique plumbing issues related to outdated plumbing such as:

  • Non-compliant plumbing fixtures
  • Old, rugged, and outdated fixtures
  • Pipe belly formation
  • Corrosion and erosion, primarily due to the use of copper or galvanized piping
  • Misaligned plumbing

Of course, it’s notable that the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Sonoma experience plumbing issues too. While these younger neighborhoods have ultra-modern and compliant plumbing fixtures, the problems they face include:

  • Leaky fixtures caused by corrosion from the city’s soft water
  • Sump pump and water heater malfunctions, especially during heavy rainfall common in the area and flooding
  • Burst and misaligned piping due to the rampant seismic activity

As a resident of the city of Sonoma, whether residing in the old historic or young neighborhoods, you might not be ready for an earthquake, but your plumbing should always be. Even the mildest of earthquakes can damage your plumbing, but you can mitigate the damage by doing the following:

  • Secure your water heater by using nylon or galvanized steel straps for extra support.
  • Install an automatic gas shut-off valve to prevent any gas leaks when the quake hits.
  • Consider an automatic water main shut-off valve that’ll detect any water leaks caused by a quake.
  • Immediately contact our plumbers to fix any plumbing damages after the earthquake.

How Does the Water in Sonoma Affect Your Plumbing?

Sonoma sources most of its water from the Russian River and is supplied by the Sonoma County water agency, also known as Sonoma Water. The remaining water portions are sourced from seven deep underground wells that filer and purify the water naturally through sand and gravel. The water is then treated via various chemical processes, after which it is piped to you for your healthy consumption.

According to a recent annual water quality report, Sonoma’s water is soft at 43.71 ppm. Soft water pulls minerals away from your piping, gradually causing erosion. This is a particular issue inside your water heater and appliances, as corrosion can limit the lifespan of your equipment.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Sonoma?

It can be stressful when a plumbing issue hits your Sonoma home. But you cannot afford to attend to the problem in fear of plumbing costs. Our plumbers in Sonoma will charge you pocket-friendly prices. While we will have to see the plumbing issue to give you a quote physically, most jobs in the area range between $150 and $900. The final charges will depend on:

Cost Factor: Extent of the Damage

There are some cases in Sonoma when a plumbing issue is more extensive. To you, the untrained eye, a leak is, well, just a leak, but it could be a symptom of a more invasive issue to our professionals. For instance, a slow-moving drain might be caused by a clog, according to you, but further investigations from our plumbers may indicate that the slow-moving drain was due to a much more severe sewer line back up.

Such extensive damage requires our plumber to use more resources, time, and labor. Similarly, a simple leaky fixture will cost you $120, but unclogging the sewer line might cost you several thousand dollars. The more complex and laborious a plumbing job is, the higher the charge.

Cost Factor: Accessibility

You come home from your morning job, Sonoma has excellent workout trails, and you spot a leakage on your driveway. You get to the basement, and you spot moisture on your foundation. Using your detective skills, you conclude it might be a water line break. Upon contacting our plumbers, they make the same assessment, but the issue is, the water line is a few feet underground past a foot of concrete.

Again, labor comes into play. Our plumber will have to dig their way past the concrete to access the water or sewer line to make the repairs. On top of the plumbing issue, you’ll have to incur an extra cost to fix your concrete. All these costs combined will result in a higher final price.

Cost Factor: Nature of the Current Plumbing

Your plumbing in your home in Sonoma might not be earthquake-ready. When the disaster strikes, you smell gas or spot a slab leak. You immediately contact our plumbers, only to discover the leaks aren’t the only issue. Your plumbing is old, rugged, and outdated, not to forget it’s worn out over time, making it a bit challenging to repair.

Difficulty in repairing plumbing mostly happens in the old neighborhoods where the plumbing hasn’t been updated in compliance with the California Plumbing Code. In addition, repairing your old plumbing will cost you more due to the challenges of looking for the right fixtures or integrating your old plumbing with new ultra-modern fixtures.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Sonoma?

The changing climatic conditions and ever-growing population makes saving water a priority for everyone in Sonoma. Fortunately, saving money goes hand in hand with saving water, and it all begins with better plumbing. Consider the following plumbing practices to save you money:

Compliant Existing Plumbing Fixtures

The California Civil Code Sec 1101 – 1108 and Senate Bill 407 – 2019 California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen) Sec 301 requires all properties in Sonoma to phase out any non-compliant plumbing.

Whether undergoing construction changes or not, the code requires all residential buildings to be fitted with water conservation plumbing accessories. Therefore, to help you save water and power, consider calling us to replace your old traditional plumbing fixtures with water conservation plumbing fixtures, as the law states.

Sanitation District Water Efficiency Rebate Program

The City of Sonoma offers rebates when you buy and install various plumbing fixtures in your home. They include:

  • Clothes water rebates can earn you up to $100 when you buy and install a new Consortium for Energy Efficiency(CEE) Complaint Front-Load High-Efficiency Clothes Washer (HEW). These washers consume 40 to 60 percent less water, less power, and less detergent per wash than the traditional clothes washer.
  • High-efficiency toilet rebate that’ll earn you up to $150 back after buy and install a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) that consumes 0.8 gallons of water per flush.

Alternate Water Sources

Chapter 15 of the 2019 California Plumbing Code explains alternate water sources as a perfect way to save water and save money. To help you save water in Sonoma, consider alternate water sources, such as:

However, all alternate water source systems should comply with Sec 1501.2 of chapter 15 of the California plumbing code.

These alternate water sources save tons of water and power and will help you save money.

Consider Self-Shopping for Fixtures 

When looking for a plumbing fixture, don’t settle for a single store; instead, try various stores and options for the best prices. Home centers offer regular deals and discounts for most plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers can help you find the best and highest-quality equipment. It may cost more upfront, but it will typically save you money in the long run.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Sonoma vs Hire a Plumber?

You can contact our plumbers, regardless of the plumbing challenge you face in your Sonoma city home. However, some situations are best left to Sonoma Water, such as:

  • Starting or stopping a water or sewer service
  • To report higher than usual water rates
  • To inquire about water or billing services
  • To lodge complaints about the water quality
  • To report a significant leakage or water outage throughout your Sonoma home
  • To inquire about water rebates

Deciding when to call Sonoma water comes down to the situation you are in.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Sonoma?

If you aren’t sure whether the law requires you to have a plumbing permit before you undertake the job, we are here to help and avoid any legal implications.

According to Sec 14.106 – Permits – of The Sonoma Municipal Code, you are required to have a plumbing permit for any plumbing job in your Sonoma home. However, the section goes ahead to explain the exemptions, including:

  • In case you are making the repairs or replacements on an emergency case. But, the law still requires you to apply for the plumbing permit the following building department’s working day.
  • You are repairing leaks, as long as the repair doesn’t involve any repiping
  • You are unblocking and unclogging drains and pipes, provided the job doesn’t include replacing the said drains and pipes

If you are still uncertain of plumbing permit requirements or wish to apply for one, you can contact the Sonoma City building department.

Plumbing jobs can be complicated and complex, and your DIY skills might not cut it or even cause more damage which will cost you more. Therefore, if you have a plumbing job in your Sonoma home, leave it to our expert plumbers. They are trained, permitted, and licensed as master plumbers by the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB), the state plumbers’ licensing board.

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