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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Walnut Creek?

Walnut Creek is a wonderful city located just outside of Oakland and the Bay Area. It’s home to about 70,000 residents, and it is a popular place for tourists to visit due to its proximity to other major California hubs, its sprawling walking and biking trails, artistic culture, and various museums. The city was first incorporated in 1914, but people have settled on the land for hundreds of years. Residents who have lived in Walnut Creek long enough are likely to have run into at least one of the three most common plumbing issues we see in the area: root problems, low water pressure, and running toilets.

Root Problems

Because Walnut Creek’s weather allows trees to grow and thrive all year long, many tree roots end up growing too close to underground piping. When tree roots begin to push on pipes, it can lead to cracks, and the roots can actually begin to grow in the pipes themselves. This can lead to major clogs and backups, negatively affecting the plumbing throughout your entire home. The good news is that we are usually able to preserve the life of the tree whose roots are causing plumbing issues, though the piping often requires partial or complete replacement. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often caused by the accumulation of various sediments, including hard water minerals common in Walnut Creek, that pack together and restrict the efficient flow of water through your pipes. If you notice a gradual reduction in water pressure throughout your home, this is likely the cause. If, on the other hand, you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, your pipes may have sprung a leak or the city’s water supply may not be flowing efficiently. If you suspect that a leak may be the cause, it’s important to enlist the help of our trusted plumbers right away to ensure that it doesn’t get worse and cause significant property damage. Leaks can go from small and manageable to completely out of hand in a matter of minutes. 

Running Toilets

California’s residents are perhaps more familiar with water conservation than those who live in any other part of the country, and most now understand the importance of using water wisely. One commonly overlooked area that produces gallons upon gallons of wasted water is running toilets. Some running toilets are noisy and run constantly, and others are quieter and run more sporadically. Toilets that run constantly can waste over one gallon per hour, totaling up to thousands of wasted gallons throughout the year. This not only presents harsh environmental consequences, but you will literally pay the price for these leaks in your water bill every month. This is a common issue everywhere, but it’s more of a problem in Walnut Creek where water can be scarce.

How Does the Water in Walnut Creek Affect Your Plumbing?

Our water in Walnut Creek tends to be on the softer side, especially when compared to other parts of the country such as the Midwest. Soft water means that our water supply usually doesn’t contain a high concentration of hard water minerals and sediments like magnesium and calcium. This is excellent news for residents of Walnut Creek, as it means we don’t have to worry as much about mineral accumulation in their plumbing system or fixtures, dry skin and hair, foggy dishes, stained laundry, and more. If you do begin to notice these issues, our plumber may recommend that you get a water softener installed if you don’t already have one.

Water softeners work by swapping out hard water ions with softer ones, usually sodium and potassium. If you don’t use city water and instead get your water from groundwater wells, you are more likely to experience hard water issues and could benefit from water softening solutions. If you do already have a water softening system, but the above issues persist, your water softener may need routine maintenance or repairs to get it working as it should once again. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Walnut Creek?

In Walnut Creek, most people pay about $470 for plumbing services. The actual amount that you’ll end up paying can be significantly lower or higher, however, depending upon numerous factors. Most jobs fall between $100 and $800. The three most important factors that come into play when determining costs include the size of the job, what types of equipment are needed, and whether the job is routine maintenance or emergency repairs. 

Size of Job

When we fix small leaks or simple clogs, we don’t usually have to charge much for our services because these tasks don’t require extra staff, and they don’t take very long to complete. Larger jobs, like installing new water softeners, replacing large chunks of piping, or rearranging plumbing systems for home remodels do tend to take much longer to complete, and they sometimes require the assistance of more staff. Our plumbers sometimes charge an hourly rate, usually between $50 to $150, but other jobs demand a flat fee with labor hours factored in. 

Unfortunately, some jobs that appear to be small on the surface are actually due to larger underlying problems that must be addressed to get to the root of the issue. As such, labor costs can change as we work.

Equipment Needed

Straightforward jobs require straightforward equipment, like wrenches, saws, and snakes. More complicated jobs often require more complex equipment, and any time our plumber has to rent specialized equipment, those costs will be passed onto you. Big jobs like sewage system repair require us to dig deep into your yard to get to the problem area, and we often have to bring in various machinery to get the job done. This is one of the many reasons why routine maintenance can save you money in the long run, as it often prevents these issues from occurring in the first place.

Preventive Maintenance vs Emergency Repairs

Speaking of routine maintenance, those kinds of tasks will cost much less than emergency repairs. Burst pipes can happen any time, day or night, and when they do, it’s imperative that you get our emergency plumbers in right away. Burst pipes can be incredibly damaging to your home and property, and delaying plumbing services can only make the problem worse. Emergency repairs do cost more, especially when they are needed overnight or on weekends, but getting the issue taken care of in a timely manner can save you from needing extensive repairs throughout the rest of your home. 

Some unfortunate plumbing problems can truly wait until morning, but it’s better to bring in our experts if you aren’t sure before the problem gets much worse. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Walnut Creek?

Better plumbing can absolutely save you money no matter where you live, but residents in Walnut Creek are able to save even more money when they install new fixtures and better pipes. After getting better plumbing installed, your home will begin to use water much more efficiently, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands per year on your water bill. New plumbing can also reduce or eliminate the need to call in our plumbers for emergency repairs or to fix frequent leaks and clogs, which can get expensive quickly. 

The City of Walnut Creek itself doesn’t offer rebates for installing fixtures that save water, but the two utility companies in the area do. You may be entitled to various sizable rebates for completing numerous water-saving tasks such as installing a flowmeter, installing a new energy-efficient washing machine, and more. They even offer some high-efficiency fixtures like showerheads or spray nozzles for free! 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Walnut Creek vs Hire a Plumber?

The water utility companies are not responsible for fixing water or plumbing issues throughout your home, unless they are directly related to their own equipment or services. As a result, the only times you will contact the water utility company instead of hiring our plumbers is when you want more information about your water bill, want to start or discontinue your service, or see a water or plumbing issue on public property. Examples of these include sewage spilling out onto streets or floods that take place due to leaking fire hydrants. 

In most other situations, you will be responsible for hiring us to come and take a look at your home’s water issues. Our plumbers can determine if the issue is due to your home’s plumbing system or if the issue stems from a city water main problem. If it does turn out to be a city issue, we can contact the right agency to get the issue fixed. Otherwise, we may be able to resolve your plumbing problem on the spot. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Walnut Creek?

Fortunately, getting your home’s existing fixtures and plumbing system repaired or unclogged won’t require a permit from the city. If you are getting new plumbing fixtures installed, or you are rearranging your home’s current plumbing system for a remodel, you will likely need an inspection and permit from the city. Keeping up with local and state ordinances can be confusing for many people, but our plumbers will be familiar with local regulations and can determine whether a certain project needs a permit or not. 

We highly recommend that you seek out a permit on projects that require it, as the purpose of inspections is to ensure that your projects won’t pose a safety hazard and won’t harm the surrounding area. Skipping out on inspections and permits can not only result in hefty fines if the city finds out about it, but it can also make your homeowners’ insurance void if an issue arises due to your unpermitted work. If you intend to sell your home someday, having additions or work that isn’t permitted can also make it impossible to sell or costly to bring up to code.

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