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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Whittier?

Whittier’s water is hard and that can be bad for pipes. Hard water does not create any particular problem, but rather can speed up the process of some routine problems found in older homes and newer homes alike. Some routine plumbing problems in Whittier homes include:

Slow and Blocked Drains

Simple culprits for a blocked drain in the bathroom sink or shower can involve an accumulation of hair or a foreign object such as a shampoo container lid or small bar of soap. Using drain cleaners is not a recommended solution. Drain cleaners can be toxic if swallowed or inhaled by humans and pets. They can also be hard on pipes.

A good rule of thumb is when you cannot see the cause of the blockage or you can see it but are unable to easily remove it, you should call the plumber. Repeated clogs can result in a stagnant buildup that can eventually affect not only your drain and pipes but even the foundation of your home. Don’t hesitate to call the plumber.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet may not be a big problem, but it could turn into one. While it may be seen as only an annoyance, a leaky faucet should not be ignored. It could be a problem with the washer seal or it could mean the faucet needs replacing due to corrosion. But it could also be that your home’s water pressure is too high and the faucet is trying to release some of that pressure. Have a plumber check it out. Whatever the reason, fixing a leaky faucet in your home can protect your plumbing from further problems and could save you up to 3,000 gallons of water per year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Clogged Pipes

There is a variety of reasons why a pipe can become clogged. Besides debris gathering farther down than the drain, a clogged pipe can be caused by tree roots growing into the pipes underground. A clog could also be a sign of a water main or sewer problem. If you experience more than one slow or clogged drain, the problem is farther down the line and in the pipes. If you have clogged or leaky pipe joints, you should call the plumber.

Water Heater Issues

Having a faulty water heater can be one of the most hazardous plumbing problems and is nothing to mess around with. Even lighting the pilot on a gas unit can be dangerous. If your water heater is dripping or worse, puddling on the floor below or not heating properly, you need the plumber. In some cases, mineral deposits have built up, causing corrosion inside the heater or there could be a problem in the gas line. It could also be a faulty water heater or an installation problem. 

Additionally, California law requires every water heater to be strapped with two metal straps to prevent it from moving in case of an earthquake. If your water heater is not secured or you think it may be insufficiently secured, call a plumber to come out and take a look.

Running Toilets

If your toilet seems to be working properly but is running for longer than usual or even continuously, don’t worry. This is not uncommon. The reason is often that the flapper has deteriorated, is faulty, or doesn’t fit properly. Maybe the float is too high or unbalanced or maybe there is a small leak or crack. If you have a toilet that won’t stop running, have it checked. 

Sprinkler Leaks

Just one leaky sprinkler can waste upwards of 6,300 gallons of water per month, according to the City. That is not only a waste of precious water but also adds to your water bill. If you see a leaky sprinkler, have it fixed as soon as possible. You should have the plumber check out all the sprinkler heads and the system while he or she is there.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by a few related issues. If the water company’s water main breaks, you will have low or no water. Similarly, if a pipe breaks in your lines above or below ground, your water may be reduced to a trickle. Yet, another cause can be the buildup of minerals in one or more pipes. Whether you think you know the source of the problem or not, it could be more urgent than you think, and it is time to call the plumber.

How Does the Water in Whittier Affect Your Plumbing?

The Whittier Water Department serves nearly 50,000 households. Whittier water is sourced from groundwater. As previously noted, Whittier has very hard water. Hard water is rated at up to 180 parts per million or ppm of calcium, magnesium, or other minerals per unit of water. Whittier’s water registers at 290 ppm, putting it in the very hard category. You can see the hardiness when you pull a glass out of the dishwasher and it’s cloudy. The water may not be good for drinking and similar cloudiness can cause a buildup inside your pipes.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Whittier?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to plumbing costs in Whittier. In general, most plumbers charge between $60 and $65 per hour for basic repairs. However, for more complex work, the price can rise to $95 per hour. Let’s examine some factors that also apply to plumbing costs.

Degree of the Problem

As the above labor charges suggest, problems that are easier to fix will cost less to fix. Add to that the ease of accessibility to the problem and you pay less. For instance, you have a slow-moving drain and it turns out there is a clog in the P-trap located in the cabinet under the sink. For a plumber with the tools and know-how, that is a pretty easy fix and shouldn’t take long.

But, if the plumber has to send a video scope further along the lines and finds there is a blockage in the pipes under the house, you can expect that it will take longer to fix and your bill will be higher. If you do not have a crawlspace, he or she may have to tunnel under or tear away part of the flooring to get to it. That leads us to the next cost factor.

Additional Equipment and Materials

Tunneling under the house or tearing up part of the flooring can require equipment not needed for other plumbing repairs. Use of that equipment can add to the repair cost. Additional manpower may be needed as well, upping the labor costs. Materials will be needed for the repair, but additional materials may also be required to mend your floor. All of this can add a chunk of change to a repair bill.

How Urgent is Your Plumbing Issue?

While many plumbing problems are not urgent, others are. A leaky faucet or sprinkler head can wait for a routinely scheduled appointment. After all, you have probably been putting off the fix anyway. However, when the water heater goes out, a pipe bursts, or sewage is backing up, you need a plumber to come out right away. It is just a fact. Emergency calls cost more in any business and plumbing is no different. Remember to schedule a routine appointment for that leaky faucet or sprinkler.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Whittier?

Having your plumbing upgraded by state-licensed plumbers can indeed save you money. Professional plumbers go through rigorous training to learn the trade and must qualify for licensing through the California Contractors State Licensing Board. A license is required for a plumber to do any work worth $500 or more. When you consider this, you should also consider that a handyman, who is not a licensed plumber, is not qualified to work on your home’s plumbing.

Better plumbing also involves updating your appliances and fixtures. There are a variety of rebates offered through SoCalWaterSmart to encourage water conservation such as:

  • High-efficiency clothes washers
  • High-efficiency toilets
  • Rotating sprinkler nozzles
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers
  • Soil moisture sensor systems

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Whittier Vs Hire a Plumber?

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the plumbing in your home and on your property. The Whittier Water Company is responsible for all pipes leading up to your property line. You are responsible for all plumbing that comes in from your water meter. The water company is responsible for the plumbing that leads up to that meter.

In most cases, if you have a plumbing problem, you need to call the plumber. But, if your neighbors are also having water issues, chances are it is the water utility company’s problem. One way to check is to shut off everything on your property that uses water. If the meter is still running, you should call the Whittier Water Company. If the meter shuts off, then you should call the plumber to determine the problem.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Whittier?

For most plumbing repairs, you do not need a permit in Whittier. One exception is if you need to have your water heater replaced. If you plan on doing some remodeling or making an addition to your home that includes plumbing, you may need to apply for a permit and submit plans. Check with the City’s Building and Safety Department for further information.

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