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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Arvada?

With the warm weather of summer and the cold breeze of winter, there’s no shortage of activities in Arvada. The attractions expand into natural appeals like Clear Creek and the Eldorado Canyon State Park and historical elements like the Colorado Railroad Museum, Westminster Castle, and Tower of Memories.

The city is quite the sight to see, and there’s no limit to the authentic historical value in the area or breathtaking landscapes — after all, it’s not called ‘Olde Town Arvada‘ for no reason. The town is old but unique, innovative, and insightful.

Unfortunately, the preservation of the old requires a lot of upkeep and plumbing maintenance to sustain the efficiency of your home’s plumbing. Even newer plumbing in Arvada needs extra love and care since the water is moderately hard to hard. The most common plumbing issues in the area include the following.

Leaking — Pipes, Faucets, Toilets, Etc.

Many Arvada homeowners are quick to overlook the importance of repairing leaks around their home and property, but it costs them more than the short amount of time it would take to fix it. Not only is a significant amount of water wasted, but it increases your water bill and could lead to bigger problems if unchecked (not to mention it could already be an early sign of something bigger!).

According to WaterSense, suitable methods for detecting leaks include:

  • Checking for leaks by examining winter water usage — for instance, a family of four has a serious leak problem if its winter water use exceeds 12,000 gallons per month.
  • Checking your water meter before and after a two-hour period when no water is being used. If the meter does not read exactly the same, you probably have a leak.
  • Placing a drop of food coloring in your toilet tank to check for toilet leaks — if the color shows up in the bowl within 10 minutes without flushing, you have a leak (flush right away to prevent staining).

The City of Arvada also stated ways on how to locate common water leaks. 

Slow Drainage/Clogging

It is also common for Arvada households to come in contact with occasional drainage and clogging problems. These plumbing issues often come in the form of bubbling/gurgling noises in one or more of your fixtures and can lead to piping problems in the long run if the pressure continues to build up (causing cracks and, in worst cases — pipe bursts).

Look out for bad smells, abnormal noises, and a noticeable connection between running one fixture and a backup in another (i.e., your toilet making noises and bubbling when you run the water in a nearby sink).

Water Temperature — Too Hot/Too Cold

When it comes to your water heater, temps that are too hot or too cold could be a sign that you simply need to fix your shower valves or adjust the temperature of your water. These are the best-case scenarios.

However, there are occasions where the water temp is off, but there are also weird smells and abnormal noises. When this happens, it’s better to call us to inspect your water heater to ensure the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently (after all, your water heater must be working properly at ALL times to complete daily tasks like showering, laundry, dishes, etc.).

How Does the Water in Arvada Affect Your Plumbing?

While the City of Arvada guarantees that the water supply from Clear Creek, South Boulder Creek, and the Fraser River is completely safe and dependable — there is always room for contaminants and minerals in your water supply (it’s actually unavoidable).

For this reason and the fact that the water in Arvada is moderately hard to hard, the water is suitable for drinking but not always good for your plumbing. The minerals in harder water supplies can cause water to look cloudy, leave residue on your dishes, and even cause ‘mineral buildup’ in your pipes (leading to potential leaks, clogs, cracks, and more). 

According to EWG’s Arvada Water Quality Report, 15 contaminants have been found in our water supply, with 6 exceeding EWG health guidelines. While this is significantly better than many other cities, it further supports the need to keep up with plumbing maintenance to ensure it is working properly and free of potential risks.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Arvada?

It’s no secret that plumbing is the lifeline of your home. Think of it as the veins to your body — the water is what keeps all your major home appliances working properly, and plumbing ensures it gets from point A to point B without any issues. 

For it to maintain its efficiency, however, you need to keep up with repairs and replacements. On average, homeowners in Arvada spend about $390 on standard plumbing services, with the average minimum hanging around $95 and the maximum reaching $690.

That number isn’t set, though. The following cost factors play a significant role in your final plumbing costs.


While many companies may offer you a free quote or estimation, inspections typically land in additional costs to your final bill. This is because they involve an expert coming out to your home to identify the problem and assess the best resolutions, rather than coming out to do the service based on what you said your problem is.

How much you spend on the inspection depends on the company and the difficulty of the inspection. Inspecting faucet, fixture, and pipe leaks can be an additional $25+, but inspecting a septic tank typically involves a video inspection that can cost you as much as $250 to $300 more.

Your Plumbing Service Needs

Another cost factor to keep in mind when budgeting is the plumbing service you require. In a similar sense as the inspections, if you need a simple job taken care of, you’ll pay much less than a bigger, more complex job. For instance, clearing a drain clog or blockage may only cost you about $130 in Colorado, but a septic system installation will cost you more than $7,000.

Water softener installations (which are very popular in our area since we have moderately-hard-to-hard water) could be an additional $1,100 for many Arvada residents.

Hourly Rate

You should also consider our hourly rate. It can vary by local professionals and our expertise/experience. The key is to find an even balance between expertise and affordability. Most Arvada homeowners spend anywhere between $92 and $105 per hour with a plumbing expert like us in the area.

With that in mind, you should also consider our qualifications for the job. The City of Arvada has great tips for choosing the right contractor and recommends you choose a licensed plumber like us.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Arvada?

Better plumbing will always be the better option in Arvada, especially in terms of saving you money. While making regular inspections, repairs, and replacements can seem like a significant chunk of money at one time – it’ll save you much more money in the long run. This is because it prevents and protects your plumbing from bigger issues that can arise from small unchecked problems (i.e., a small leak that leads into a pipe burst or is the initial sign of a clogging/blockage in your pipes).

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, you’ll also save a significant amount on your water bill. Their research reports that more than one trillion gallons of water are wasted annually (nationwide), even though you can save as much as 10% on your utility bill by fixing your leaks regularly. Not to mention you would also help protect the environment from unnecessary water waste!

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Arvada vs Hire a Plumber?

A great rule of thumb when it comes to whether you should contact your water company or hire us is to discuss your plumbing issues with your nearby neighbors. If it’s a problem that more than one of you is having, it’s more likely to be a problem your water company should address.

On the other hand, if it’s a problem only you are having, we should be qualified to do the job. Fortunately, we will also be able to direct you to your water company if need be.

The City of Arvada urges residents to notify them right away at 720-898-7780 (during business hours) or 720-898-7820 (after hours) to report any suspected water issues like service line leaks, frozen meters, bad taste/odor, dirty water, and more.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Arvada?

According to the City of Arvada’s Code of Ordinances, “Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert, or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by this Code, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first make application to the building official and obtain the required permit.”

However, emergency plumbing services may commence as long as the building inspection division is contacted right away and the permit is sent over within 7 calendar business days.

Plumbing permit exemptions include:

  • The stopping of leaks in drains, soil, waste, or vent pipe, provided, however that should any concealed trap, drainpipe, soil, waste, or vent pipe becomes defective, and it becomes necessary to remove and replace the same with new material, the same shall be considered as new work and a permit shall be procured and inspection made as provided in this Code.
  • The clearing of stoppages or the repairing of leaks in pipes, valves, or fixtures, nor for the removal and reinstallation of water closets, provided such repairs do not involve or require the replacement or rearrangement of valves, pipes, or fixtures.

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