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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Greeley?

When it comes to plumbing concerns, most homes have a similar set of problems. These might range from a little leak to damaged pipes and fixtures. Even Greeley is not immune to the effects of older plumbing. Replacement of lead pipes, corrosion from decades of use, freezing damage inside and out, and replacing broken appliances top the list of issues. Here is a simple list of other common problems:


The Greeley City Water System provides water for about 101,000 residents living in the Greeley area. Drought is one of the most common plumbing issues to homeowners that puts extreme pressure on underground pipes causing them to crack or break. The city set a goal of reducing water use by 15 percent for its 75,000 citizens to conserve water.

Frozen Pipes

Greeley’s weather also poses a few more threats to the average plumbing as sump pumps, freezing pipes, and drainage backups are common. Seeping of basements is common in such a wet place, and drainage can freeze up causing more problems with backflow. Exposed or improperly insulated pipes can freeze and expand causing a ton of damage. Replacing a big hot water tank with a tank-less option solves three problems at once. The water is heated faster and is available quicker, no large tank of standing water inside the home, and less water waste due to the quicker availability. You would no longer need to wait for the water to get hot, it would be hot instantly, saving hundreds of gallons of water.

How Does the Water in Greeley Affect Your Plumbing?

Cache La Poudre River, Laramie River, Big Thompson River, and Colorado River provide clean and renewable surface water to the city of Greeley with its waters replenished by melting snow each year. This water is normally not hard, and so does not leave notable deposits in pipes and valves that cause tons of damage. However, it does contain some contaminants like lead or copper from pipes, chlorite from disinfection, and nitrate from natural deposits. Though not harmful due to the filtering of the water, nitrates should not be consumed by infants less than six months of age. Otherwise, this award-winning water is good for the body and the plumbing. Natural surface water resources have proved to provide the best tasting, softest water for consumption. With the natural down flow of melting snows every year the freshwater lies right at the fingertips of residents near the mountain area.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Greeley?

Plumbing prices vary according to the circumstances of each business. Overhead, electricity bills, car insurance, distances traversed, materials, licenses, investigators, and staff members all contribute to the bottom line, and they endeavor to charge affordable prices to protect their profits and remain competitive. In 2021, homeowners paid an average of $448 for plumbing services in Geeley. Flat fees may cover repairs like clogs and small leaks, but the cost typically increases with the difficulty of the project. Some cost factors include permitting, inspection, materials, taxes, and foreman or general contractor fees for larger jobs.

Larger Jobs

Small jobs typically stay under the flat rate fees, however, larger jobs like irrigation systems, whole home repiping, or new home installations will require a lot more, more money, more people, more equipment, and more materials. Each additional foot of pipe that needs to be replaced will cost a little extra, mostly from the material cost. New installations can run over $10,000.


Pipes and their cost vary by type, copper being the most popular and one of the most expensive, PEX pipe is another popular and less expensive option. However, fittings, sealants, valves, and fixtures also cost more. Whether you ask us to obtain fixtures or you choose the correct fixture after seeking their advice, you can add on the cost of these to your final bill. Pipe prices can vary from mere cents for a section to over $5 for the same measurements. Enough pipe to replace existing pipe could run as much as $5,000, plus the cost of fixtures and installation.

Permits and Inspections

Most plumbing that must replace the pipe or reattach to the city’s plumbing will require two things. A permit and an inspection. You need the permit to certify that the work being done is being done by a professional and that it is understood that the work needs to meet certain codes. Inspectors look at the final product to ensure codes are met and there are no violations or hazards to connecting the lines to water. Inadequate work can not only place the home at risk but the city’s pipes as well.

One last aspect of our job that usually costs the most is the emergency call. After-hours calls can cost upwards of twice our normal rate. Most of us will have a certified technician on call 24/7. If the leak can be contained and wait until business hours to fix it, it might be cheaper. If the leak or fixture can not be stopped, you will have to call us and absorb the extra cost.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Greeley?

If your home is over 10 years old, then an inspection of your pipes may prove that they need to be replaced. Replacing the pipes and installing flow meters will cost more but will save water and money in the long run. Actively monitoring your water consumption will assist with driving down the water bill. Remembering to shut off the water when brushing teeth or fully loading the dishwasher before running it will help decrease both power and water consumption. Upgrading appliances to the newest water and energy-saving technology is one of the best ways to reduce future breakages and decrease utility costs. A few ideas to decrease water usage and save some money are:

  • Install digital shower control to decrease water pressure and ensure the optimal water temperature from the moment the water is turned on.
  • Install a tankless water heater that will save water without waiting for hot water to circulate through the pipes and to reduce the quantity of stagnant water that pools inside residences.
  • Install a dual flush toilet that will save water while you are not flushing solid waste.
  • Installing a whole-house water pressure meter or low-flow fittings to minimize the amount of water forced through the fixtures.
  • Replace outdated equipment, such as sump pumps in basements, with far more energy-efficient models.

There is a rebate program for upgrading your toilet and adding a professional-grade sensor for irrigation systems. Both upgrades save hundreds of gallons of water monthly. Each one requires meeting a certain condition to obtain the rebates. Water conservation rebates may also be available from state or national programs.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Greeley vs Hire a Plumber?

A time and place for every call, sometimes you want to call us but should call the water company and vice versa. Inside leaks are the responsibility of the business or homeowner and should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent any further home damage. Outside leaks confuse homeowners on who should take care of the damages. Here is how to find the right person to call:

  • Find the source of the leak outside. Turn off the main and call us to examine if it is plainly on your property.
  • If the meter is still running, the leak is between the meter and the house. Call us. If you are not sure about turning it back on, keep it off.
  • If the meter stops, the leak is somewhere between the city and the meter. It should be safe to re-connect the main water supply. You must gather the information and contact the water provider as soon as possible.

Finding leaks is a necessary step to the homeowner’s responsibility to both the property and water. One of these leaks is located within the toilet. Seals wear out, fracture, and break, and sometimes the leak is so minor that it is barely perceptible, wasting gallons of water every day. Here is an easy ten-minute test for the toilet:

  • Place some food coloring in the tank and leave it for 10 minutes without flushing.
  • Replace the flapper if there is a dye in the bowel.
  • To avoid discoloration, remember to empty the bowel and tank.

Annual inspections by a licensed professional like us and bonded insurers knowledge of inadequate pipes and fixtures. It also allows you to ascertain if pipes are insulated and ready for winter. Checking drainage pipes and cleaning them out helps prevent backflow. Some water companies will also give credit if a leak was detected and fixed. You will need to provide proof of the leak and receipts from us to fix the problem and contact the water company with the information to obtain the credit.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Greeley?

Permits for a large project like new installations, additions, or re-piping will require permits. Smaller jobs like toilet replacements, shower installs, and water heater replacements might also require permits and inspections. Inspections are required after any major pipework and excavation work to maintain the quality of pipework leading into the city’s framework. Small leaks and clogs do not require permits to perform. Our plumbers always have their certifications, licenses, and credentials from the state or city and have extensive knowledge of the codes to bring your plumbing up to par. 

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