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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Loveland?

Homeowners in Loveland experience the common plumbing issues that other homeowners across the United States experience. However, most of the plumbing issues tend to be more prevalent during the Loveland winter period. Some of the winter-related plumbing issues that Loveland residents experience include:

  • Sewer or water line clogs, made worse by the mineral deposits from hard water in your pipes
  • Burst or frozen pipes caused by the below-freezing temperatures in Colorado
  • Broken water heaters, exacerbated by the mineral deposits from Colorado’s naturally hard water, which build up in the tank and cause it to lose efficiency
  • Water leaks, once again made worse by the hard water in the area, which deteriorates o-rings, gaskets, and fixtures more rapidly than soft water

Also, some homeowners in Loveland experience the effects of tornadoes on their plumbing systems. Loveland has a history of mid-level tornadoes, which can sometimes disrupt the plumbing systems. For instance, based on their severity, the tornadoes can contaminate the water supply if the pipes burst or weaken the plumbing infrastructure. 

We highly advise Loveland homeowners to regularly inspect their plumbing systems in case of strong winds and repair them as soon as possible. Homeowners can also:

  • Install earthquake straps and the automatic gas shut-valves for safety
  • Seek emergency plumbing services if need be

How Does the Water in Loveland Affect Your Plumbing?

The municipal council of Loveland’s city provides clean water that is safe for drinking and human consumption. Ideally, the water comes from many sources, including the well field at Bettyray. The city also supplies water from the big Thompson River, where it meets the treatment opulent.

As you can guess, the water from all the ground sources comes with some minerals, making the water hard. Unlike soft water, hard water contains high calcium and magnesium sulfates, carbonates, and bicarbonates.

Hard water can be rough on your plumbing systems. It leaves mineral build-ups on the plumbing fixtures, including the bathtubs and the sinks. Here are other ways how had water affects the plumbing systems of Loveland homeowners:

  • Reduced water pressure due to excess buildup of hard water on the pipes
  • Possible formation of clogs on the water supply pipes
  • Corrosion on the water heater, with a possible breakdown of the heater with time
  • Corrosion of the water supply valves, resulting in water leaks.
  • Dirty or unattractive appliances due to lime formation
  • Poor taste of water, mainly if the pipes are corroded. Sometimes the water may have a brownish look.

Don’t panic if you have noted any of the above effects on your plumbing fixtures. You can use a water softener to minimize the minerals in the water and enjoy a cleaner supply of water in your Loveland house. 

But before then, it can be a good idea to consult our plumbers to inspect any corroded pipes and recommend the ideal solution. If there are no signs of corrosion, then we can install the water softener right away.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Loveland?

The average cost of plumbing relocation in Loveland is $486, with a typical range between $100 and $800. Of course, you can expect to pay much lower if you only have a simple plumbing activity, such as a faucet repair. Here are the main factors that influence the price of plumbing in Loveland:

The Type of Plumbing Services

Our plumbers offer a wide array of services, with each requiring unique expertise, tools, and materials. Some services such as installing or replacing gas lines are quite tiring and need a keen eye to attention. On the other hand, some tasks are quite easy for our experienced plumbers.

So, the nature of the plumbing service has a direct influence on the price. Our plumber will give you the best price estimate depending on the type of service that you need.

The Urgency

Plumbing emergencies are common. They can happen at night, on holidays, or even at weekends. While we offer 24-hour service, the price for night services or holiday services sometimes tends to be relatively higher than regular working hours. This means that you may have to pay more for emergency services.

Note: the costs of emergency plumbing costs might be higher but should not discourage you from getting the service. The emergency service can save you substantial costs of excessive water leaks or future repairs should you delay the service.

For the non-emergency tasks, you should contact our plumbers, book an appointment early, and get the project’s price estimate for better financial planning. 

The Materials and Supplies

The price of plumbing materials and supplies varies from dealer to dealer in Loveland. In most cases, the lower quality materials come with the cheapest cost. If you need high-quality materials, you should compare what different dealers offer and negotiate for more favorable terms. 

Alternatively, our plumber can help you get the most affordable, high-quality plumbing supplies, considering that we have connections to the most reputable plumbing suppliers in the city.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Loveland?

It’s advisable to fix/repair any plumbing problems in your home as soon as possible. The prompt repair ensures that you have a regular water supply, proper drainage, and most importantly, it ensures that you save money. 

So, yes, better plumbing can save you money in Loveland. You only need to ensure that you are working with the right plumbing expert. Here are sure ways on how you can save money through great plumbing:

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is vital to Loveland residents in two main ways: promoting an eco-friendly culture and saving energy bills. Our experts can help you realize these benefits by:

  • Protecting the plumbing pipes with an excellent insulator to save on energy
  • Installing the low flow toilets which work like the traditional toilets, yet they use 20% less water
  • Installing the most energy-efficient appliances, such as the condensation boiler, to help save your energy bills
  • Installing the low flow showerheads, solar heater water systems, and may more

Improved Water Supply

Water is life. You will always want to make sure that you have a consistent water supply, and that’s why you need better plumbing in Loveland. Here are sure ways on how better plumbing can help you enjoy an improved water supply in Loveland:

  • Better rainwater harvesting system to help you harvest and store rainwater well for long
  • Better sanitation through education, as well as the provision of the easy to flush toilets
  • Drainage cleaning to keep off any clogs that could hinder your water supply
  • Pipes fixing and repair to ensure that the pipes are in excellent condition all through

Professional Service at Affordable Costs

A common misconception is that plumbing service is costly. While it’s okay to do DIY plumbing for minor tasks, it’s advisable to seek our professional services for the most complex plumbing tasks. Some tasks such as underground water pipes installations or repairs require expertise and the right tools.

We always ensure that you get the best quality plumbing service at affordable rates.

Handy Advice

Our plumbers offer professional advice to our clients after finishing each project. The guidance aims to enlighten the residents to observe the best practices that minimize drain clogging and other plumbing issues. By adhering to the advice given by our plumbers, homeowners in Loveland can reduce the main plumbing mistakes and save money for extended periods.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Loveland to Hire a Plumber?

You should call our plumbers in Loveland when you need help in the following:

  • Low water pressure issues in your house
  • You have no water at all, yet your neighbors have a constant water supply
  • Your water heater does not supply hot water
  • Your drains are blocked/clogged
  • Dripping faucets
  • Your house is smelly – you could be having an issue with your sewage system.

Our plumbers can provide a solution to all plumbing issues which affect your house alone. 

On the other hand, you should call the water utility company if an entire estate/neighborhood is experiencing a similar water supply or drainage problem. The water utility firm can also be helpful in cases where our plumber has asked you to seek assistance from the water utility firm.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Loveland?

The city of Loveland requires all residents to get a permit for all improvement projects, including plumbing. By obtaining the permit, homeowners get a free public inspector who inspects the process to ensure that our plumbers do an excellent job and observe the safety protocols. 

Also, the permit keeps you safe from the legal issues and liabilities that may arise should any danger arise during the process. Here are the main plumbing projects which require a permit in Loveland:

Re-Piping Project

A re-piping project requires the plumber to remove the old water supply pipes and install newer ones. The process is quite complex and can affect the water supply to the neighbors, depending on the location of the main valve. Loveland residents need a plumbing permit for this.

Water Heater Replacement

It’s mandatory to have a permit for water heater installation or replacement in Loveland. This is true when the installation is done in many houses, such as newly constructed or renovated apartments. An inspection officer should be present to ensure that everything is done well, following the safety protocols.

You might also need a permit for the drain line replacement, sewer line installation, or moving the plumbing system to another location. If you are unsure if you should get a permit for a plumbing project, contact our plumbers for guidance. We will help you in applying for the permit, which usually takes a short period.

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