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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Miami?

Despite the seemingly perfect location of Miami, life in a coastal community can be tough on plumbing. The age of your home, how well you’ve maintained it, South Florida’s humid climate, and potential weather hazards all play a role in your plumbing’s health and longevity. Some of the most common plumbing issues we see in Miami include:

Cast Iron Pipes

It was quite common for builders to use cast iron plumbing pipes prior to 1974, when much of Miami was constructed. The problem with cast iron pipes is that they deteriorate. The pipe gets thinner over time and develops pinholes, or hard water causes scaling to occur inside the pipe. Either way, the smooth flow of solids is impeded and water seeps out, which can erode the soil and cause the pipe to collapse, or even foster the development of small sinkholes.

If your home has cast iron pipes and you’re hearing gurgling when you flush the toilet, or your drains seem to be moving slower than they used to, it’s likely the pipes. Cast iron pipes can’t be repaired, but they can (and should) be replaced with modern PVC pipes.

Plumbing Leaks

Humidity is a major problem in Miami, and you keep your air conditioner running to manage it. But, that little drip from the shower, sink, or pipe inside the wall is constantly adding more humidity to the air, keeping things moist and damp – that’s a big problem in South Florida. Mold begins to grow very quickly, putting your family’s health at risk. Plumbing leaks can also cause damage to the structure of your home.

Whether you have a small drip in a bathroom sink, or something bigger, contact us for professional plumbing help right away. You’ll reduce the risk of mold and property damage, that annoying dripping sound will go away, and your water bill will likely be smaller next month.

Clogged Pipes and Drains

The most common plumbing issue that Miami residents encounter is a clogged pipe or drain. A clogged toilet, for example. Small clogs can be managed by using a plunger and a little muscle power. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the next step is to call a plumber. Avoid using drain cleaners and other strong chemicals as they can have a lasting, negative effect on the delicate Biscayne Aquifer system that we rely on for fresh water.

Whether your clogged plumbing is caused by excess grease and food waste in the pipe, a buildup of paper products, or if there’s a natural cause, like tree roots, we can help. Our Miami plumbers can get any clogged drain or pipe flowing fast and free in short order.

How Does The Water In Miami Affect Your Plumbing?

Across the state of Florida, the water is considered hard to very hard, according to USGS. The hardness of water is determined by the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium it contains. Water is considered hard at 121 mg/L and very hard at 180 mg/L, and the average Floridian experiences 100-300 Parts Per Million. Miami’s water is particularly hard at 219 PPM. Why? The aquifers are made of ancient coral and over time, the calcium and magnesium leach into the water. Plumbing problems associated with Miami’s hard water include: 

  • Scale Buildup – Plumbing fixtures, pipes, water heaters, and appliances like washing machines and dishwashers all susceptible to damage caused by minerals building up. 
  • Rust and Decay – Metal plumbing materials, and fixtures don’t stand up well to the hard water and moist conditions in South Florida. 
  • Plumbing Leaks – Hard water can eat away at fixtures, especially the o-rings and other rubber or plastic seals. This increases the risk of leaks.
  • Hard Water Stains – Calcium and magnesium deposits can cause fixtures, sinks, and tubs to look dull, old, and drab.
  • Bad Hair Days – Hard water is also tough on you and your family. Dry skin and hair are common complaints among Miami residents with hard water.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Miami?

Having to call our plumbers can be a bit daunting and potentially expensive, but it’s really difficult to say how much it will cost you to deal with a plumbing problem in Miami, without all the details. Most plumbing projects in the area cost between $150 and $650. That said, if you’re worried about the cost of hiring a Miami plumber, it’s helpful to know the factors that determine your cost:

How Much Work Needs to Be Done?

A small plumbing job, like replacing a kitchen faucet or installing a new showerhead generally doesn’t cost much. However, a big project like replacing old cast iron drain pipes or upgrading your Miami home’s entire plumbing system is a potentially costly project because of the dangers and complexity of the work. 

What’s Your Project Timeline?

Very often, the more urgent your plumbing needs are, the more expensive it usually is. That’s because plumbing emergencies often include broken pipes, backed-up sewage, and water damage that puts your family and others at risk. On the other hand, a pre-planned plumbing project, like revamping guest bathroom plumbing can suit your budget more easily.

South Florida Weather

Hurricanes and other big storms can put a real damper on the daily lives of Miami residents, but we keep going. One thing you always have to keep in mind though is that costs go up whenever there’s a significant weather event; it’s all a matter of supply and demand, and our master plumbers in Miami are often stretched very thin during the rainy season.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Miami?

Absolutely. Good plumbing is essential to maintaining your Miami home and maintaining its value to your family and a future buyer. Updating your plumbing and fixtures helps reduce the number of repairs you need in the future. By having your old cast iron pipes replaced, you’ll save money caused by damages, should they fail unexpectedly.

Better plumbing in your Miami home can also benefit your family in several other ways. Once your hard water problems are addressed and your pipes are updated, you’ll have to spend less to replace stained clothing and you won’t need as many products to prevent dry skin and bad hair days.

Residents of Miami-Dade County may also qualify for special rebates for updating their plumbing. You can get money back for doing simple things like installing water-saving, high-efficiency toilets, faucets, and showerheads. When you reduce your water consumption, your monthly water bills also go down.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Miami Vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing issues can spring up any time, and it’s important to act fast, otherwise, you risk additional damage to your home. Before you pick up the phone, who should you call first when you have a plumbing problem? Is it something the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department should handle or is it a job for our professional plumbers? Here’s how to tell:

When to Call Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

The water and sewer department is responsible for providing your household with clean, fresh water and treating your wastewater. They’re also available to handle some plumbing problems; but before you call the water utility company, make sure it’s the right call to make. As a general rule, they’ll be the ones to call if:

  • There is no water coming into your home from the city water line.
  • You have any questions about your water and sewage bill.
  • There’s a water main leak in your neighborhood.
  • You notice a sinkhole forming in your yard or other green space.
  • There is a plumbing leak inside your home and you cannot shut the valve off.
  • You notice flooding in an unoccupied or vacant building, due to a plumbing leak.

When to Call a Plumber in Miami, FL

When you’re experiencing any type of plumbing problem that’s inside your home, on your side of the water meter, it’s something you’ll want to hire our licensed plumbers to take care of. Some reasons to call us first include:

  • Low Water Pressure – Our plumbers can fix this annoying problem so you can enjoy your shower again.
  • Clogged Drains – Leave the hard work to our professionals who can unclog even the most stubborn drain.
  • Slow Drains – Our plumbers can get your not quite plugged, but slow running drain moving again.
  • Leaky Faucets – Don’t let that drip drive you mad. Our local plumbers can fix it fast.
  • Plumbing Upgrades – Plumbing upgrades in Miami require the services of a licensed plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing.
  • New Plumbing — Building? Make sure you hire our professional, licensed plumbers for the job.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Miami?

While you can do some minor plumbing repairs like changing a faucet in your home without a permit; major projects always require a permit. You’ll have to apply for the permit, pay the appropriate fee, and wait for approval for your permit. This is all handled by Miami-Dade County. When you hire our plumbers, we will need to apply for the permit through our business name. 

In Miami, you need a permit for plumbing if the work will entail:

  • Replacing any or all of the plumbing in the home
  • Installing new plumbing, such as with a remodel or new build
  • Installing a shower stall, bathtub, sink, or other fixture
  • Installing or replacing a water heater
  • Dealing with plumbing that’s concealed in walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Sewer line repairs and replacements

Besides following the law, obtaining a permit from Miami-Dade County also helps ensure that the work meets the county’s strict building code. You’ll need to have the plumbing work inspected once it’s complete. The inspector will take a close look at all of the work done, to determine whether it meets the building code. He or she will then either approve the work if it meets the standards or they’ll require adjustments before approval is made.

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