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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Naples?

Floods, hurricanes, storms, and fires are the most notorious natural calamities in Naples, FL. The inevitable destruction they cause to plumbing and other infrastructure can run into thousands of dollars. Floods lead the pack, followed by fire. In fact, 90 percent of presidential-declared natural disasters in the United States involve floods. 

Then we have storms like Fay that hit the city in April 2008. This storm caused 81 tornadoes, extreme flooding, severe erosion, 36 deaths, and USD 560 million in damage throughout the state. Other culprits are Hurricanes like Wilma of 2005 and Irma of September 2017. Irma winds reached 130 mph, causing the largest evacuation and destruction of property in Naples and Florida at large. 

Whenever these disasters hit Naples, FL, they cause several issues to your plumbing system:

Water Contamination

These natural disasters can affect the municipal water treatment plant and rupture the piping systems, leading to water pollution. Even after repairing the damage, the pollutant residue can remain long after the event. 

Clogs and Backups

Floods and storms are notorious for causing obstructions and breaches to the local sewer system. When these issues occur, most homes can suffer from hazardous sewage clogs and backups. 

Weakened Infrastructure

Sure, a hurricane or tornado can spare your home. But wherever they hit the hardest in Naples, their impact can be far-reaching enough to affect your plumbing system. A modest rattling or shaking of the piping system and joints can weaken their integrity, causing issues down the road. 

How Does the Water In Naples Affect Your Plumbing?

Florida earned the nickname “karstic” state because limestone forms much of its land. As rainwater filters down the ground, it dissolves the minerals in the limestone and becomes hard water. Researchers at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) found out that it contains 121 to 180 mg of hard minerals per liter. 

If not treated well, hard water usually leaves dirty layers and deposits in plumbing components (like showerheads, sinks, faucets). Using this water can negatively affect your appliances’ functionality and leave behind ugly spots in your utensils. Cleaning this dirty buildup can prove to be hectic as it usually accumulates again quickly. Hard water also damages clothes and hair. 

The effect of hard water inside your pipes is even more disastrous. Over time, the accumulation inside your plumbing system can narrow your pipes’ opening. This issue can reduce your water pressure and heighten the odds of clogging and bursting of the lines. Reduced water flow can lead up to a 25 percent increase in energy bills. 

And while hard water helps your body get the beneficial calcium and magnesium, there’s something to watch out for: the scaling and deposits promote bacteria growth. You see, your plumbing is made of PVC and copper piping that has very smooth inner surfaces. So bacteria and other disease-causing organisms cannot stick on the surface and multiple. But the story becomes different if hard water is allowed to flow through the plumbing system for long- researchers at the Arizona University’s School of Sustainable Engineering found out that deposits can provide a perfect environment for the microorganisms to thrive and find their way into your home. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Naples?

Plumbing issues can cause more havoc and become more expensive if not repaired as soon as you spot them. While specific circumstances will largely dictate how much to pay for plumbing services in Naples, FL, be sure to consider these plumbing cost factors:

Cost Factor: Labor

This one is big. Our expert services are available around the clock to meet the high demand for emergency services. But we can also offer regular repair visits to reverse damages from water, check pipe integrity, and remove mold. The repair service will ensure you don’t suffer much in the event of an issue. 

Apart from emergencies, the job will determine how much to pay. We charge around $100 to $750 for general maintenance. For unclogging services, our charges range between $100 and $500. Water heater installation can cost between $500 to $1500.

Cost Factor: The Size of your Home and Number of Stories

Your home’s layout, number of stories, and location of bathrooms determine the plumbing costs. And if you’re re-piping, be sure to consider the cost of demolition and reconstruction. 

If your bathrooms are back to back or far from each other, the size of your home will come into play. Pipes cost between $0.50 to $5 per foot. So the farther the lines run, the more they’ll cost. 

New homes’ stories don’t increase costs. But if you’re repiping your home, you’ll have to demolish parts of the walls to reach the vertical lines. So you’ll incur some demolition costs.

Cost Factor: Piping Material

Plumbing materials include chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), Copper, and PEX. 

Copper has earned its reputation from being a non-reactive metal. It’s durable, safe, and time-tested. A linear foot goes at between $2 to $8. 

But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, CPVC, PEX, and other plastic pipes will do. Just be sure to engage our professionals who know how to install them.

You can get a CPVC at $0.5 to $1 per foot. They’re rigid, time-tested, and you can get high-quality ones. PEX goes at $0.50 to $2 per foot. These materials are relatively new and have gained their reputation due to flexibility and pocket-friendliness. Furthermore, they can withstand freezing temperatures. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Naples?

You want to save on energy costs. Several ways of cutting down your water expenses in Naples include installing water-efficient plumbing and getting rebates.

Energy Efficiency

We will install fixtures that will reduce energy use and wastage, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run. Such fixtures include special showerheads, toilets, and faucets. With these plumbing components, expect your costs to go down by 70 percent in the long-term. 


One more way of cutting down your expenses includes the use of rebates. To get these rebates, you need to migrate from old, less efficient plumbing systems to modern energy-efficient systems. Do you have showerheads and toilets that can save water? Your Naples, FL utility company can provide rebates, but first be sure to inquire. They usually vary between $10 to $200. We can help you enjoy such migration at an affordable cost. An energy-saving water heater can also help you enjoy a federal energy tax credit of about $300.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Naples Vs. Hire a Plumber?

Before handling a significant plumbing job, you need enough knowledge. No one wants things to backfire and lead to personal injuries, property damage, and loss of money in repairs. But in the event of water leakage and other plumbing issues, who should you call between the utility company and our plumbers? Here are tips to help you make wise decisions:

If your water bill has begun to increase slowly but steadily and you suspect your piping has some leakages, it’s time to call our plumbers. The utility only deals with leakages on their side of the meter. Is your meter turning more than usual? The issue is still on your side of the meter. So let us know.

Did you spot a puddle in your compound and suspect your underground plumbing system is leaking? The issue could be your lines or the company’s piping system. Turn off all the valves in your household and check the meter reading- if it’s still turning, the issue is with your home piping. So call our plumbers as soon as possible. Did the meter stop turning upon closing all the valves? Contact your utility company to correct the issue, as the leak is on their side.

You may incur a service visit fee if you call your water utility company to repair a leakage that ends up occurring in your home. So it’s essential to check the side that has the leaks. That way, you’ll save money and time. 

It’s natural to be concerned that leaks on your property will skyrocket your bills. But you can always talk with your company to see if they offer you a one-time credit or at least adjust the invoice. 

At Mr. Blue Plumbing, we will take care of the leak on your property to ensure you don’t lose more water, time, and money. We are experts in detecting any kind of leaks, so call us if all the above steps fail. 

You also need to call our plumbers and schedule periodic checks. Unexpected plumbing emergencies can be a headache to anyone. So regular maintenance is crucial to prevent piping issues from sneaking up on you. Don’t brush off the minor leaks in your drains and sinks- they’re not just a nuisance. Earlier prevention measures ensure these problems don’t develop into a full-blown disaster. Seepage into plaster can lead to the growth of mold and interfere with your structure’s integrity. 

Mr. Blue Plumbing will provide professional services regarding regular checks. We will inspect your garbage disposal, water heater, and other areas of your piping system to ensure nothing is amiss. We also handle those hard-to-handle issues that are too dangerous to DIY. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Naples?

Like most US cities, the authorities in Naples, FL, require you to apply for a plumbing permit if you intend to do significant jobs on your plumbing system. These jobs include installing, moving, replacing, enlarging, removing, or altering your plumbing system. Examples of plumbing projects that require a permit include:

  • Moving your plumbing (like bath or sink) to a different location, and you require new drain lines and plumbing supply. 
  • Re-piping 
  • Replacements of draining lines
  • Sewer replacements
  • Changing out a plumbing unit
  • Adding or replacing a duct 
  • Demolishing the dividing or shower wall inside your bathroom
  • Installing or replacing a used or new water heater
  • Installing an expansion tank to your water heater

So a plumbing permit depends mainly on your project’s scope. Replacement of plumbing fixtures (for example, replacing an existing toilet with another toilet) doesn’t require a permit. 

But if you’re working on the piping system itself (like plumbing entering your structure or sub-terrain piping), you’ll need one or more permits. 

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