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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Titusville?

Titusville residents face the same common causes for calling a plumber as homeowners everywhere, including clogged drains, constantly running toilets, and leaking pipes. But some plumbing issues are unique to central Florida’s east coast.

Frogs in the Toilet

That’s right, frogs and other critters like rats and snakes in central Florida’s warm climate can make their way into your home via rooftop vent pipes or holes in the drain pipe. After crawling into these gaps to stay moist and cool, they eventually come up in your toilet. We can find and patch any holes in the plumbing system that are allowing free passage of animals into your home.

Buildup in the Pipes

Water in Titusville typically comes from aquifers, which can be high in mineral content. Water high in minerals is known as hard water, and it can lead to buildup in your pipes. As the sediment coats the inside of your pipes, it hardens, and over time, can accumulate and lead to clogs. Many Titusville residents need to have their drains cleaned regularly to remove this scaling or buildup.

Need for Water Filtration

Residents in Central Florida may experience flooding due to tropical storms and hurricanes. Having a water filtration system in place can help remove contaminants in these situations as well as ensure that the mineral content of your municipal water is lowered for everyday use.

Cracked Pipes

While many conditions can cause leaky pipes, the Titusville area is often hit by lightning storms. A lightning strike to a residence or nearby ground where pipes are run can cause damage or even loosen fittings. Of course, pipes can break or crack with age or ground shifting as well as from storms. If you notice low water pressure or discolored water at any time, especially after storms, be sure to call your plumbing professional.

How Does the Water in Titusville Affect Your Plumbing?

Most of Titusville’s drinking water comes from a local surficial aquifer and the state’s Floridan aquifer that sits underneath most of the southeastern U.S. This water has a higher-than-average mineral buildup, which is often known as hard water (about 80 mg/L, when anything over 75 is considered moderately hard water). The higher mineral content can lead to buildup in the pipes and a decrease in water pressure or damage to the pipes. Buildup can also impact the lifespan and effectiveness of your water heater and appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher. We can check your pipes for buildup and can also advise you on installing a water softener to remove some mineral content from the water entering your home.

Titusville’s water utility generally treats public drinking water using chloramines, which are a combination of ammonia and chlorine. From time to time, the city also flushes or doses the water with additional chlorine to ensure that it is safe to drink. During these times, you may notice that your tap water smells like chlorine or has a strong taste, but it is not a health problem nor should it impact your plumbing fixtures or pipes in any way. A whole-house drinking water filtration system can minimize the impacts of this and can be easily installed by us.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Titusville?

If you call a plumber in Titusville, you can expect to pay between $150 and $375 for a typical service call. The average homeowner pays $250 for a simple plumbing fix, such as unclogging a drain or making a simple repair to a pipe. The high end for plumbing repairs is about $775 unless extensive repairs or pipe replacements are needed. Before starting work, we can give you an estimate for the cost of what needs to be done. Below are some factors that may affect the cost of your plumbing service. 


Many homes in the Central Florida and Titusville areas are built on slab foundations or have basements, which can make identifying and accessing a broken pipe much more difficult. Plumbers will often need to use leak detection equipment including endoscopic video or ultrasound to pinpoint the area of a leak, then carefully dig under the house or jackhammer a small area of the slab to make repairs. In some cases, it may be easier or less expensive to completely reroute plumbing lines through the attic.

Pipe Material

Repairing copper pipes can be more time-consuming, and the fittings can cost considerably more than a comparable repair made with plastic PEX pipe or CPVC. These days, flexible PEX pipes that are easy to work with are not only your least expensive option but are more durable in many circumstances. If you have an older home and we must make repairs to galvanized pipe, the expense can be greater.

Whether Sewer Lines Are Involved

Flooding in Florida can sometimes cause sewer lines to back up, and we may sometimes need extra time and personal protective equipment to work in an area that has raw sewage. While run-of-the-mill sewer line clogs don’t typically cost more, your bill will likely be higher if we must work in an environment with backed-up sewer water (plus, you’ll often need a cleaning service to tackle the damage to your home and personal belongings).

Recent Storm Damage

Heavy rain and wind can stress your pipes. Especially if your pipes are older, a storm can create more leaks or damage. Storm surges can cause underground sewer lines to back up and put additional stress on your plumbing system. And if your plumbing has been impacted by flooding or damage due to a recent storm, you can bet your neighbors are also having trouble. That can impact response times and lead to increased costs, particularly if you need help after regular business hours or are in a rush to have repairs made.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Titusville?

While some jobs can be done at a flat rate, we may charge by the hour for larger projects or detailed repairs. The more experience and knowledge we have, the faster we can get the job done. A better plumber can save you money, even if the hourly rate is higher than others. We also will know the right materials to use for the best results and be less likely to waste materials due to inexperience.

We may also be able to suggest water-saving fixtures and will know about available rebates that can save you money on your water bill or appliances. 

Moreover, unskilled plumbers may not know plumbing codes in Titusville or may do low-quality work, meaning that you could be faced with making the same repairs again in a few short months after their work or materials have failed. Spending the money to get the job done right by us will often save you in the long run.

Are you thinking about tackling a plumbing job yourself? As a homeowner, you have the legal right to make your own repairs as long as you obtain any needed permits. However, the risk of making a mistake that will lead to greater damage is high for a do-it-yourselfer, and the cost of your time and additional materials may negate any savings you get by doing the work on your own. For issues that involve standing or backed up water, cracked pipes, bad odors or clogs, or anything more advanced, calling us is often the smartest and most cost-effective way to proceed.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Titusville Vs Hire a Plumber?

Your water meter is the cutoff line for which pipes are your responsibility and which are part of the city’s water system. If all of your water goes off at once or you see a large leak in the street or area outside your home, it may be time to contact Titusville’s Emergency Utility Service. You can tell if a water leak is on your end or not by shutting all the water off to your home and checking to see if the meter is still running. That can indicate a leak in your system.

If you suspect there is a leak in your home’s pipes, it’s time to call us. You might see water pooling in your yard or experience a sudden drop in water pressure when the issue is in your system. We can also assess the situation and get the utility company involved if it is not a leak on your side.

Leaks can produce large water bills, and the City of Titusville can often mitigate or lower your bill if you call customer service and explain the issue. You may have to provide proof of hiring a plumber to fix the leak, but you should see relief on your bill, provided that it is a municipal plumbing issue.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Titusville?

In Titusville, most pipe repairs and plumbing work require a permit. You’ll pay more for a permit that requires a plan review, such as a renovation where plumbing fixtures are moved or added. Plan review fees are not charged for simpler work that requires a professional, such as water heater replacement, water or sewer line replacement, and other minor plumbing repairs. Fees for more extensive changes or fixes are based on the value of the work done. Most plumbing permits can be applied for online, and we should be able to obtain the necessary permit in almost all circumstances.

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