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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Roswell?

Roswell is not immune to the most common plumbing problems that plumbers have faced since the first pipes were laid. Clogs, leaks, water heater breakage, and toilet leaks fall within the most common of all plumber calls.

Clogs in toilets and sinks can be avoided if the disposal of certain items is monitored. One of the most common clogs producing items is grease. Grease, oils, and the like can thicken and form a hardened blockage that only gets worse the more things are disposed of down the drain. Chemical drain cleaners may get rid of the issue, but they can contaminate the water and are difficult to filter out.

Several conditions can cause leaks from corrosion and pipes freezing to storm damage and wear and tear. Toilets are a significant contributor to leaks. Some of their leaks do not even cause the toilet to run constantly. Here is a quick test to check for a hidden toilet leak:

  • Place a few drops of water into the upper tank, enough to visibly color the water.
  • Leave for 10 minutes without flushing.
  • If there is dye in the bowl, then there is a slight leak. Changing the flapper may solve the leakage.

Water heaters pose huge plumbing issues. The many pieces can rust and fall apart, the inside will collect minerals and silt, and the heating element can go out. Replacing the hot water tank with a tank-less option can assist with some standing water issues that tanks can present. Have a professional insulate the heated pipes to keep the hot water hotter while being transported throughout the house.

How Does the Water in Roswell Affect Your Plumbing?

Roswell’s water is considered to be soft. The soft water is due to the abundance of fresh water available to the town for their filtration and needs. Roswell gets its water from the Big Creek Watershed and Chattahoochee River. Both sources are pipes and treated in Northern Georgia and do not have far to travel to reach residents. Natural minerals and contaminants are filtered out to acceptable levels. Soft water does not only taste better, but it is also great for hair and skin. It removes most of the soap film left behind and leaves hair and skin glowing and light.

The same thing happens inside appliances and pipes. Soft water does not leave large deposits of minerals and is better for pipes and appliances than hard water.Typically, soft water has higher sodium level than hard water because it goes through the process known as ion exchange where mineral ions are substituted for sodium ions. The major disadvantage of soft water is that it may be a potential health risk for individuals that might be on a low-sodium diets or those with sensitivity to increased salinity or sodium such as diabetics or people with high blood pressure. Soft water processing can also pick up unwanted elements from pipes such as lead making it potentially more dangerous.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Roswell?

Naturally, the cost for plumbing repairs varies significantly on the job to be done. Removing clogs, fixing leaks, and adjusting water heaters may fall under a company flat rate. Once it is established that the job will take more time and materials, the price is quoted. The average cost for a job runs around $375.Some factors can increase the cost, including labor hours, parts and supplies, fixtures, and emergency services.

Labor and equipment

Small jobs that take no more than an hour will probably fall under the flat rate. However, jobs like replacing the water heater, replacing piping, running new piping for a new installation will go over one hour. The average cost per hour can run from $50 to $100 for our plumber. Large projects like new installations and whole-home builds will require our master plumber, at least part of the time. Our master plumbers can charge at the least double the rate of a general plumber because of their added responsibilities and education.

Parts, Supplies, and Fixtures

After labor, the highest cost will depend on the job itself. Replacing fittings and gluing the pipes together will not run much of the parts and supplies expense. However, replacing piping, installing toilets and showers, replacing the water heater, and ultimately new installations will be more expensive. Our plumbers usually have contracts that give them discounts on fixtures, but consult our plumber before purchasing if you decide to purchase your own. We can assist you with the correct size and type necessary to meet your needs. Pipes for new installations are a big part of the cost, and it varies depending on the material of the pipe. PEX pipes can run cheaper but won’t last as long. Copper pipes last longer but are more expensive to install.

Emergency Services

Calling our plumber out in the middle of the night for a significant leak will cost a lot more than turning off the main water line and waiting until working hours. Our plumbers must charge an extra fee for call-outs due to paying our working plumber more for disturbing their home life. Even during the daytime, emergency services will cost a little extra due to pushing other services back to tend to the most pressing first. Taking steps to mitigating damages before our plumber arrives will save more on the repair bill in total, even if our plumber’s bill is a bit higher.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Roswell?

Water conservation is a nationwide concern. Roswell has a rebate system to assist with reducing the amount of water used by toilets. Installing an energy-efficient model to replace the older, damaged, or leaking toilets can qualify you to redeem some money spent. There are other ways to reduce your water bill by replacing or adding appliances:

  • Install a tank-less water heater.
  • Install a shower control to get the perfect temperature and flow rate.
  • Install dual flush toilets to save water when not flushing solids.
  • Install energy-efficient washers and dishwashers to reduce water usage.

Roswell has a monitoring system for water use in the area. The app AquaHawk Alerting can be set to alert the residence when the use of the water reaches a threshold, either monetary or gallons. This app allows the user to determine if there is a leak by the trend of the used water. Unauthorized water uses while not at home can also be monitored. Water use, rainfall, and temperature data can all be found in the app, and every residence owned can be attached to one account.

While better plumbing can save money by replacing old, used, and worn-out pieces, the best way to cut costs when dealing with plumbing issues is to use the right company the first time. Most of the time, the cost of the service is what is deemed the most important. However, you need to search for a service that can provide proof of license, insurance, certification, and registration with the city or state. Doing so can prevent fines and fees for work that is not within code, recurring leaks, property damage, and subpar work. On top of paying the penalties, you will find yourself finding a new plumber and construction crew to repair the damages to the plumbing and home, which will cost even more.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Roswell vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing disasters are frustrating and can cause a lot of expensive damages quickly. Some of the leaks may call into question who to call to repair the leak. Obvious city damages like a broken fire hydrant or a broken park fountain should be reported to the water company immediately so that the water can be shut off and repairs started. Water events inside the home are the landlord or homeowner’s responsibility to repair. What about near sidewalks or property lines? You can determine through a simple test if the water leak is attached to your meter, and therefore your responsibility:

  • Always turn the water main off for large leaks.
  • Locate the water meter.
  • Determine if the meter has stopped spinning.
  • If it has not, the leak is on your side of the line. Call our plumber immediately.
  • If it has, then the leak is a city issue. Gather all the information you have and report the details to the water company as soon as possible.

Be careful about skipping the suggestion, as water companies will charge a fee to the residence if the leak is determined to be on private property. You will have to pay the price for their service and hire our plumber to fix the issue.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Roswell?

Any work on the home that requires replacing pipes, fixtures, valves, and water heaters will need a permit. By Roswell’s city codes, any appliance replacement requiring hardwiring into the home or facility will require a permit for placing or replacing with either electric or plumbing. Replacing a bathroom fixture without replacing pipes or valves will not require a permit. However, if the pipes must be adjusted, you will need a permit. A/C systems and water heater work will require a permit for both repair and replacement. New plumbing and gas plumbing will require permits. Permits range from $25 to over $200, depending on location and work done. After work is completed, it must be inspected and approved before the water service is restored to the home.

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