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What Is the Process for Septic Tank Installation in Valdosta?

Your septic system treats your household wastewater by temporarily holding it in the septic tank, where heavy solids and lighter scum are allowed to separate from the wastewater. The solids stored in the tank are decomposed by bacteria and later removed, along with the lighter scum, by our professional septic tank pumper. Septic tank systems are complicated and require a professional installer like us to ensure your new septic tank is correctly installed so that you can get the most out of your septic tank. A well-designed, properly installed septic system can last for decades. 

The first step in septic tank installation is a site survey. Our installation experts will come out to your home to assess how much available space you have, how much vegetation will need to be removed, the location of nearby wells, the level of difficulty to access the property, and the geographical features of the site. The slope of the land makes a difference as well – typical units need a fifteen percent grade or less. We will also have to verify where the water table sits to determine if a standard leach field is appropriate.

Next is the percolation test. This test helps determine whether the soil absorbs water at a reasonable rate; if it soaks in too fast or too slow, a leach field may not be appropriate. We will excavate your land with test pits and check out the soil types, look for restrictive layers to see how the water will pass through the depths of the soil and how quickly the water flows through it. This process is known as hydraulic loading, and it allows us to calculate the rates associated with each soil type. 

Once the percolation test has been done and approved by the City of Valdosta, installation of the septic tank and leach field can be scheduled. Septic tank installation requires a hole with enough clearance for the tank and any necessary work around it to excavate the installation site, then place the septic tank in the hole. 

Our septic system professionals will install the plumbing and drainage pipes running from the house and to the leach field and ensure all the pipes are secured so that your entire system will work properly. Before backfilling around the tank, the tank will be filled with water to measure water loss. Now that the tank is full and proven to be watertight and ready to operate, the hole around the tank can be filled. 

How Does Permitting Work for Installing Septic Tanks in Valdosta?

Permits are essential when installing a septic tank in Valdosta. It ensures that your septic tank installation is done correctly and your project is compliant with the City’s regulations. 

Before your septic tank installation starts, you have to get a septic tank approval from the health department or a Water and Sewer receipt from Lowndes County Water and Sewer.

You need to submit a completed site evaluation request that includes the recorded plat of the property, a floor plan of the home (could be hand-drawn), and a site plan showing the location of the house, existing wells, outbuildings, driveways, pools, property lines and the proposed area of where you would like your septic tank installed.

You also need to obtain a letter of approval from the Lowndes County Zoning Office. The site evaluation and permit fee for a new septic tank installation in Valdosta is $180, due upon application. 

How Much Does Septic Tank Installation Usually Cost in Valdosta?

Installing a septic tank system in Valdosta is no small task, but when municipal sewer systems are unavailable, it’s a task that’s perhaps unavoidable. While the costs to install a septic tank may seem high or complicated, it’s often a more cost-effective option to install a septic tank than trying to install sewer lines from the City if that’s even an option.

Many things are involved in getting cost estimates for septic tank installation in Valdosta, so it’s impossible to give a written comprehensive estimate suitable for everyone. Generally, Valdosta homeowners pay an average of $4,639 to install a septic tank, but this price can be as low as $1,154 or as high as $8,124 or more, depending on the following factors:


As you might expect, the size of your tank will have a direct effect on the cost. It’s essential to remember that septic tanks don’t only take used toilet and bathroom water, but wastewater from washing machines and dishwashers too. So the septic tank you choose must handle the amount of water and waste being produced. Though smaller tanks are cheaper, costing around $600 to $1,000 for a 1,000-gallon tank, they have to be emptied much more frequently, pushing the maintenance costs up. On the other hand, larger tanks usually have a higher upfront cost both for the product and its installation (usually ranges between $1,200 and $3,900) but need pumping less frequently, reducing your upkeep costs. 

Leach Field

The septic system leach field is a critical element that must be built properly to avoid problems down the road. The leach field has the job of discharging the effluent into the soil, where it finishes treatment. The leach field costs account for half of the overall expenses because there is so much involved. Just laying the pipework can cost $65 to $80 for every 100 feet of pipe.

Trenches must also be dug to allow for all the lines to be placed, and they should be filled in with gravel or rocks to help the effluent distribute evenly. Depending on how it is sourced and how far it has to travel to get to you, it can run from $15 to $30 per ton. The cost of installing the leach field varies due to the size, soil content, and whether a special drainage system will have to be installed. The average cost is $2,000 to $10,000. 


Finally, labor will have a significant impact on your septic tank installation costs. As with all things, quality will cost you – our experienced, trustworthy septic tank installation experts will likely charge more for their services. These higher costs are worthwhile in the long run, as you can rest assured that you receive sound advice and that your system has been installed correctly and safely, mitigating the need for expensive repairs.

On average, you can expect to pay $1,500 to $4,000 on labor costs to have your septic tank fitted, although the price can go higher with bigger tanks. Also, if you’re having a tank replaced, you’ll need to factor in the cost of having the old septic system removed.

What Type of Septic Tank Is Best For Residents in Valdosta?

The composition of the ground around your Valdosta home and the size of the house are two main factors that determine the best kind of septic tank. There are three types of septic tanks available for Valdosta homeowners to choose from:

  • Concrete septic tanks are currently the most popular type of septic tank on the market. Concrete tanks are the most durable and can last for several decades if appropriately constructed. With regular draining and proper maintenance, a cement septic tank can last for up to 40 years. However, concrete is susceptible to cracks, increasing the risk of wastewater leaking out of the septic tank and into the ground.
  • Plastic septic tanks are the most affordable option for Valdosta homeowners since they have a lower purchase price and are easy to install since they are lightweight. They need few individuals to install and require less time and equipment, meaning lower installation expenses. Plastic septic tanks are also rust-resistant, watertight, and are immune to water-based corrosion. Unfortunately, their lightweight makes them susceptible to other issues. If the ground shifts or becomes flooded, the tank can shift or rise out of the ground, causing additional problems with pipes and the surrounding property.
  • Fiberglass tanks are more economical than concrete tanks and, unlike plastic septic tanks, are not at risk of bending or shifting. The fiberglass material is lightweight and non-corrosive, both inside and outside the tank, and generally performs well in dry and flooded environments, making them highly stable. However, these still run the risk of floating.

Cement septic tanks are usually the default option for many homeowners in Valdosta because of their strength, weight, and durability. But when it comes to cost, plastic septic tanks are more affordable than concrete tanks. If you live in a remote area, you should go for a plastic tank since cement tanks can’t compare to their ease of installation and transport.

Your soil’s quality will also play a massive role in deciding the type of septic tank you purchase. If your soil has a high degree of acidity, it will destroy a cement septic tank. Therefore, if your soil has high acidity, you should purchase a plastic or fiberglass septic tank. Our qualified professionals can help determine the best septic tank for your home after completing a soil test.

How Often Do Homeowners in Valdosta Need to Have Their Septic Tank Inspected?

Septic tank inspections are required if you plan to sell your home, but even if you don’t know if you’re going to sell, keeping your septic system in good condition will save you thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Depending on the tank size and the number of people who contribute to filling it, every three to five years is a relatively regular schedule. According to the EPA, the average household septic tank should be inspected at least every three years by a septic service professional like us, typically when you have your septic system pumped. Alternative septic tanks with mechanical components, pumps, or electrical float switches should be inspected more frequently, generally once a year.

Are There Any Rebates Available For Septic Tank Services in Valdosta? 

Unfortunately, the city of Valdosta doesn’t provide any rebates for septic tank services. 

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