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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Dayton?


One of the most common reasons people need us in Dayton is leaks. Sometimes it’s a slow drip from the faucet, and other times it’s a puddle in the yard that showed up out of nowhere. Leaks are a big waste of water, and they can increase utility bills in a big way. According to what the city described as a very rough estimate, the City of Dayton pumps about 23 billion gallons of water and loses between 3.68 billion and 6.9 billion gallons per year. If you have a leak, you should get it fixed right away.

Running Toilets

Running toilets is not just annoying to hear all day long; it also wastes a lot of money because it’s essentially a leak. The entire time a toilet is running, it costs you money. Sometimes it is an easy fix. Sometimes you need to replace the internal components. Make sure you get our help if troubleshooting doesn’t work. 

Old Pipes

The average age of a home in Dayton is 70 years. Compared to the national average in the US of 41 years, most of the houses in Dayton are old, and with old homes come old pipes. Old pipes tend to have a lot of buildup accumulated which can lead to clogging. Clogs are one of the common reasons why Dayton residents call us for assistance. Few things are more annoying than a clogged toilet or drain. If you have a clog, don’t use a corrosive drain cleaner because it may damage the pipes. A plunger or a snake in the drain can fix most clogs. If you are unable to clear the drain yourself, we can help. We have a few suggestions for keeping your drains clog-free:

  • Always use a drain catcher in the shower to catch stray hairs.
  • Baby wipes, feminine products, paper towels, and cat litter are never flushable.
  • Never pour your cooking oil or grease down the drains. It can harden when cooled.
  • Baby-proof toilets, if there is a toddler in the house, they like to flush things.

Inefficient Toilets

Old homes, like the ones in Dayton, usually have older toilets and fixtures which aren’t as efficient as the ones you can install now. Old toilets usually use 3.5 gallons or more of water each time you flush and tend to run longer than newer ones after flushing.

Bursting Pipes

Temperatures in Dayton can get as low as 20°F and the city gets about 18 inches of snow annually. With frigid temperatures like this, your home’s piping system, especially the ones that run at the exterior of your house, can easily freeze and burst. You can winterize your pipes by installing electric heating tape or insulators on your pipes. If you have a holiday coming up and will be away from your home for a few days in the wintertime, remember to turn off the main valve so water doesn’t freeze in your pipes, expand, and cause them to burst.

How Does the Water in Dayton Affect Your Plumbing?

The water in Dayton measures 155 PPM (parts per million). According to the USGS, the water is hard. For most residents of Ohio, hard water is a common issue. The term hard water describes the amount of trace minerals in the water. These trace minerals, primarily made up of calcium and magnesium, can leave a crusty white residue on fixtures and pipes. These mineral deposits can build up inside your plumbing, causing damage and reducing water pressure. It is common for residents to have water softeners installed to help with hard water problems. 

Another water problem that causes residents to call us in Dayton is red or brown colored water coming from the tap. According to the City of Dayton Water, “This is usually caused by increased flow through water mains, which dislodges iron deposits.” They also warn that even though the water is not a threat, customers should wait for the color to run clear before drinking it. Too much iron running through your plumbing can build up the same way that calcium and magnesium do. If this is a concern for you and you want to keep your pipes running smoothly, you could install a whole house waterfiltration system.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Dayton?

If you’re trying to determine the cost for hiring us, you are not alone. Unfortunately, most people only call us when there is an emergency, which will increase the price. On average, the cost range is between $115 and $830. Many factors determine how much money you’ll need to spend on plumbing in Dayton. Some of the most common cost factors include:

Plumbing Service Type

The amount of money you should expect to pay for us will depend on the type of service you need. Most people wait until there is an emergency before calling us. Waiting for it to become an emergency can end up costing a homeowner a lot more money. For example, if you notice a leak and you ignore it, the problem could turn into something bigger down the line. A simple leak may be easy to fix and cost around $100 if fixed right away. Waiting to fix the leak could become bad enough to need walls opened up to repair flooding and pipe damage. If we need to open a wall, you can expect to pay for a permit and city fees. Bad leaks damage drywall, structural beams, the foundation, and cause mold. Preventative maintenance inspections are generally the least expensive plumbing service and can save the homeowner a lot of money.

Labor and Materials 

One of the most significant cost factors for plumbing in Dayton is labor and the type of materials needed. Some jobs are more significant than others. The number of people required to do the job will determine much of the price. If we need to replace a bathroom faucet, it will likely cost less than excavating the front yard to dig up the main drain. The level of work determines the labor and cost needed to do the job. Labor prices can also go up on weekends, holidays, and emergency calls.

Materials used to do the work can also change the price. If you need a backhoe rental, the price will be higher. Fixture choice can also change the bill. The nicer the fixtures used, the more money you can expect to shell out. It is always good to get an estimate from us before you agree on the work. Ensure that we discuss different fixtures and materials beforehand since this is an area where you may save a little money.

Permits and Fees

Not all plumbing services require permits in Dayton. How can you find out which jobs will need a permit and which ones don’t? We will go into more detail about permits later on, but for now, let’s look at the added costs. The cost for permits will depend on the total cost of the work you’re getting done. Typically, plumbing permits in Dayton, Ohio, can range between $25 to $1,015. The fees are determined based on the total cost of the plumbing work. Here are a few permit fees according to the City of Dayton to give you an idea:

  • For costs of $4,500 or less, the permit fee is $60.00 + A State of Ohio surcharge of 1% for residential plumbing.
  • For costs more than $4,500 and less than $100,000, the permit fee is $60.00 + 1% of costs exceeding $4,500 + State of Ohio 1% surcharge. 
  • For costs more than$100,000, the permit fee is $1015 + 0.5% of the cost exceeding $100,000 + State of Ohio 1% surcharge.

Depending on how much work we need to do, the price can increase fast. Most emergency services do not need a permit. So if you have a running toilet or clogged drain, you don’t need to worry about paying additional fees to the state and city.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Dayton?

There are many ways that you can save money on plumbing. The first way to save money is to get a plumbing inspection annually. Annual inspections are better for your plumbing because inspections can find problems costing you more money now. We can also fix issues before you have an expensive emergency pipe burst or leak causing damage.

The next thing you can do to save money is to use high-quality fixtures and parts when you need to make upgrades or repairs. Choosing products with a guarantee or brands with a history of quality can save you money in the long run. Higher quality fixtures are often more efficient and, for the year, you will save money on your water bill. You will need to replace poor-quality items again. Why pay for the same job multiple times? 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Dayton vs Hire a Plumber?

It can sometimes be hard to know who to call when you suspect a leak. If you have the City of Dayton Water come out and the leak is not on their end, you will be out the service fee. Who should you call when you have a problem and need us? To answer this question, let’s look at what type of plumbing problem you might have.

If your bill shoots up suddenly and you don’t know why, you may have a leak somewhere on your property. Now, we need to try and find the leak to determine who you need to call. You will need us if the leak is on your property and makes your meter spin. If you find a puddle in the front yard, turn off the main water. Now, look at your meter. Is it spinning? If your answer is yes, you need to call us. If it is not moving, you need to contact the City of Dayton Water. In some cases, you may not be able to find the leak. If this happens, you should still turn off the main water supply to determine if water is going to the house.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Dayton?

In Dayton, Ohio, like most of the United States, permits are needed for specific building projects, including plumbing. Getting the permits can add more time and money to your plumbing projects. Here are some jobs that will require a permit, according to the City of Dayton:

  • A new plumbing addition (i.e., adding a half bath)
  • A new house sewer or replacement
  • A new septic system or replacement
  • A new water service or replacement
  • The addition of a backflow device
  • A new water heater installation or replacement
  • New master lines or replacement 
  • Replace or rearrange valves, pipes, or fixtures

You do not need permits in Dayton to unclog drains or repair leaks. Plumbing emergencies usually don’t require permits. Most homeowners are not experts at plumbing and construction. We recommend an experienced plumber like us because we will know the steps needed to get the project done right the first time. This includes getting the permits for the job. 

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