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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Downers Grove?

Plumbing issues that one experiences can range wildly from one place to another. Some issues are more commonplace in certain regions, but they may not impact other areas at all. Here are some common plumbing issues residents of Downers Grove experience.

A constantly running or leaking toilet is one issue that people in Downers Grove have said they experience. It is so common that the federal government has a program called “Fix a Leak Week” that they sponsor through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program encourages homeowners and renters alike to check on their plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks for any leaks that may exist. There is a big upside to doing this: fixing a leak means there is less chance that it morphs into a larger problem down the road. Besides that, homeowners don’t have to waste money on the water that is simply leaking away each month. 

A busted water heater is another plumbing problem that we get called in to handle in Downers Grove all the time. The water heater serves a very vital function in the home and you do not want to get caught without a water heater. It could leave you taking cold showers indefinitely. However, this is also a problem that is common enough that professional plumbers know what to look for and how to handle it when such a situation occurs.

While Downers Grove doesn’t get more than the average amount of rainfall than the rest of the United States, due to the teardowns that occurred, flooding in the city has increased. This is because larger houses now occupy the area where yards that absorb rainwater used to be. Since there is less soil to absorb the water, it goes to neighboring yards and streets, resulting in flooding. If you live in an area which is prone to flooding, you run the risk of your plumbing weakening, cracking, or being dislodged from the shifting of your home’s foundation.

Any fixtures damaged by a flood would need to be replaced. Those that weren’t damaged but were submerged in floodwater need to be cleaned and disinfected to get rid of sediment and prevent mold from growing. An easy fix is to take them apart and clean them with bleach.

Downers Grove on average gets more snow compared to other US cities. The cold temperatures can cause water in your pipes to freeze, bursting your pipes or causing the water line to leak. You risk your septic tanks bursting as well when the snow is on the ground and dirt is frozen. Consult with one of our professionals so they can help you insulate the various pipes in your home and protect them from freezing.

Finally, you should also be on the lookout for the common issue of low water pressure in the home. The generally accepted standard for water pressure in a residential home is between 30 and 70 psi. Most people feel most comfortable around the 60-70 psi range, but the pressure should never be above 80 psi as this is against building codes. When water pressure falls off, this is worth calling us about. We can make it right.

How Does the Water in Downers Grove Affect Your Plumbing?

The water quality in Downers Grove has an impact on the plumbing just as the amount of rainfall or many other factors play a role as well. The city is under the strict guidance of the EPA regarding the quality of the water it needs to be at. Standards are set by the federal government related to how much of various minerals and other materials are allowed to be in the water. If those levels are breached, then the water has become unsafe for human consumption and can certainly have an impact on the plumbing. 

Luckily, the water quality in Downers Grove has always met or exceeded the standards set by the EPA. The people in town know that the water they are drinking is safe and that it is not going to have a significant impact on the plumbing. At the same time, older pipes and materials may still experience steady decline simply based on the length of time they have been in use. It is important to monitor the health of the plumbing system at all times regardless, but it is good to know that there are no known major corrosion issues in the water in Downers Grove, IL at this time. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Downers Grove?

Plumbing costs in Downers Grove range between $118 to $856 with most people paying an average of $487. However, the cost may vary depending on the following factors:

Time of Year

It might come as no surprise to you that certain seasons of the year produce more plumbing issues than others. The winter months tend to be among the busiest times for our plumbers working on issues with water heaters and the like. This is because people are using the heating functions on their various appliances a lot more often in the cold months of winter than they are at any other time of the year. All of that extra strain makes it that much more likely that they will run into issues. 

On the flip side, people tend to use a lot of water in the summer as well. This season is the most likely to see pipe leaks and other small fixes. It can be difficult to book an appointment during either of these busy seasons, but if you do manage to get one, expect to pay more for the privilege. 


The state of Illinois is tightly regulated in terms of requiring permits to begin plumbing work. It is known as one of the more bureaucratic states, and this means that our plumbers will need to get permits before they begin any plumbing work that they are asked to do. Thus, it is no surprise that there is an additional cost of obtaining those permits onto the final bill for our customers. There is nothing wrong with doing this, it is merely the cost of doing business today. 

Access Points

One thing that most customers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about is how accessible their plumbing fixtures are. It might be the case that they are a bit more difficult to reach than some others. Unfortunately, this could also mean that our plumbers have to spend extra time and effort trying to get to those fixtures to repair them in the first place. That extra work may be reflected in the cost of the plumbing work performed. 

Clean-up Costs

Our plumbers can’t just come onto your property, do the repair, and leave. They need to clean up the mess that has been left as a result of the work they have just performed. The clean-up costs associated with this are an important factor in the overall cost of the job itself. People tend to forget this and skip over it when they are doing the mental accounting in their heads. Don’t forget about the cleanup costs. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Downers Grove?

You would be hard-pressed to find a better investment in your money than good plumbing fixtures. The energy savings are reflected in the monthly bill every single month and that stacks up very quickly. There is an initial outlay on the expense of getting the plumbing work done of course, but it does not take long before it is recouped by the month-to-month savings that are enjoyed by those who bother to get high-quality plumbing fixtures installed. 

Another thing that sometimes slips through the cracks is the fact that some people would have no other option than to use laundry mats or other facilities if their plumbing went down. They may even have to replace certain appliances altogether if their plumbing was not maintained to the highest quality level. It is so much better from a financial point of view to take care of the plumbing fixtures now rather than let them become a problem going forward.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Downers Grove vs Hire a Plumber?

Are you ready to call the utility company or do you need to call a plumber first? That is the question that comes up when someone is facing a plumbing disaster unexpectedly. It is something that comes up fairly often and the best thing that one can do is take a deep breath and walk through their options slowly. 

You need to get in touch with the utility company first if there is any risk that your plumbing problem may bleed over into someone else’s property. You need to be a good citizen and neighbor and ensure that they are taken care of right away. You could also potentially be fined by the utility board if you do not report a significant problem like this. At the very least, you will want them to know what is going on so that you can get some of your money back for the utility bills you are charged for at this time.

If you see a slow and steady increase in your water bill, you should call us, as this may indicate you have a leak in your plumbing system. The utility company will only repair leaks on their side.

Should there be a puddle outside your home, it could mean there is a leak in one of the underground pipes – yours or from the utility company’s. To determine which one, turn off the water valves in your house, and take a look at your water meter. If the water meter is still running, it means the leak is with your pipes and you should give us a call so we can make the repair. If it stops, it means the leak is on the utility company’s pipes and you should give them a call to report it.

Get in touch with our professionals as soon as possible after you have spoken with the utility board (if necessary) so that they can come out and assess the problem. On that initial visit, they should be able to gauge the extent of the problem as well as the possible solutions moving forward. Listen carefully to what our plumbers have to say as they are the experts in this realm and can give a fair and accurate assessment of the situation. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Downers Grove?

As previously mentioned, Illinois is one of the most regulated states in the Union. Love it or hate it, that is just how they run things there. Downers Grove, IL also requires a fair amount of regulation before one may move on towards getting plumbing work done. Most plumbing projects will require a permit, such as running a new plumbing or sewer line into your property, for example. Before starting any plumbing work, call the City’s Community Development Department to check if you need to get any permits. The City will insist on permits being acquired before work is done and all reasonable plumbers will submit to this since they know that they need to remain within the bounds of the law if they will continue to operate in the area.

Permits mandated by the City ensures that all plumbing work is up to the established standards. The City reviews the applications to ensure that any modifications meet the local, state, and national standards of safety.

The customer should never have to worry about permits being obtained as this is a service we provide, but they are more than welcome to ask our plumbers their plans in getting those permits. There is nothing wrong with checking behind to make sure that all the rules are followed. Once all permits are obtained, then the work may begin. At the end of the assignment, the permits are no longer valid or necessary. 

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