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Plumbing Testimonial

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– Harriet E.

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Naperville?

Plumbing issues are a waking nightmare for those experiencing them. We often do not realize how heavily we rely on our plumbing functioning properly until it is not. Residents of Naperville, IL often report classic plumbing problems that might look familiar to anyone who has required a plumbing repair at some point in their life. 

Clogged toilets or faucets are frequently reported. Hair (human or pet) is typically to blame, but there are scenarios in which even the products that we use to clean ourselves with can clog up a faucet as well. Clogged facilities require the assistance of our trained plumbers. He or she will follow the precise protocols of the Illinois plumbing code to ensure that the clog is repaired properly. Simple clogs can likely be fixed in a matter of minutes to perhaps a few hours. 

If you have stepped into your shower lately and have been unpleasantly surprised by how quickly the water turns from hot to cold, you are probably looking at a water heater repair, often because of Naperville’s soft water that causes buildup in the tank. This is yet another commonly reported plumbing issue, and it is one of the most frustrating for customers. A hot shower is a staple of most mornings for many people, and there is no getting around the fact that the lack of a hot shower can prove rather disruptive to your day. Thus, this is yet another issue that should call us to fix. 

Water pressure is a big deal for everything, from taking that hot shower to cleaning your dishes after a delicious meal. The lack of water pressure is such a serious issue that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released an entire report on what to do if this occurs. They focused on the state of Wyoming and various local tribal lands in the area, but their recommendations could be applied anywhere. Low water pressure can occur anywhere and has been reported in Naperville, IL from time to time, often because of pinhole breaks caused by the city’s soft water.

Finally, a constantly running toilet is another top complaint from customers in Naperville. This is a common plumbing issue that occurs when the internal workings of the toilet are no longer functioning as well as they should. Usually, the problem can be isolated down to the flapper valve of the toilet. This is a simple replacement repair for our plumbers, but you should still allow them to take a look at it to rule out any other potential issues that have kept the toilet running for as long as it has. 

How Does the Water in Naperville Affect Your Plumbing?

Naperville is extremely upfront and transparent about the quality of its water. In fact, official governmental reports have a very “matter of fact” quality to how they are written and even address issues that residents may have seen on local news reports. First and foremost, it is essential to mention that Naperville does not have any harmful levels of lead in the pipes in its system. All the water tested in the area showed lead levels that were far below the standards set by the EPA. The city is very proud of that, and consumers should rest assured that they are being taken care of and protected by their government in these matters. 

Another interesting tidbit from the official reports about the quality of Naperville’s water is that when tested for chromium, the water showed a range of between 0.23 and 0.40 parts per billion compared to federal standards of levels no higher than 100 parts per billion. This means that the water in Naperville is also significantly safer than the standards set up by the federal government to determine what is safe to drink. 

Given the extremely high quality of the water in Naperville, it is no surprise that the plumbing is in stellar shape as well. Corrosion and damage to piping are natural and expected in any city, but this area has a much better chance of seeing more life from its plumbing system than most simply given the fact that the water quality is so consistently high. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Naperville?

Cost Factor: Labor Rates

Plumbing labor rates are fairly standard across the industry, but a few factors determine how much one might expect to pay for labor on their final invoice. A simple and quick fix for a leaky faucet for example might run between $100 to $500. This type of job doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require many specialized tools. A water heater repair is a more intensive and involved repair, and thus it is going to cost more to get that work done.

Cost Factor: Emergency Service Requested 

We offer around-the-clock service to our customers, but we will charge higher rates for services requested in off-hours. No plumber wants to have to come out at 4am to fix a problem, but we will do so for an enhanced rate. It is likely in the best interests of the customer to order these services regardless of the time of day. Paying a little more for emergency service can still save money because the problem could become much worse if it is allowed to fester. 

Cost Factor: Type of Product Installed 

Many customers request the highest quality products to be installed in their homes when receiving a plumbing service. They want the parts that will save them money in the long run because of their energy efficiency and quality. Pipes that are built to last and that provide energy savings on every utility bill can pay for themselves over time, but they will add to the total cost of repair today.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Naperville?

Countless customers can attest to the fact that improved plumbing can and has saved them money in Naperville. How they experience those savings can come from two main areas. The first is through savings on their utility bill via lowered monthly costs from improved plumbing performance. The other way is by avoiding a costly plumbing disaster at some point down the road. 

The time when people should start to think about how plumbing can save them money is during a home inspection before they ever even put down any money on a property. This is a critical time when it is possible to take a hard look at the framework that exists for the plumbing for a particular property in the first place. However, assuming that moment has already passed, it is still possible to get a professional inspection of all plumbing-related structures within your property. Our experts can look over any problem areas and quote prices for what it would cost to get them fixed. Again, remember that you should look at this as an investment that will pay off monthly. That is the necessary mindset to get to a place where plumbing repairs can be a cost-saving proposition. 

Preventing a plumbing disaster is another way that quality plumbing repairs are helpful. A flooded kitchen or basement is not only a much costlier repair from a monetary point of view, but it is also excessively taxing on one’s ability to function and be productive. Preventative maintenance and routine inspections/repairs are a great way to hopefully avoid such an outcome. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Naperville vs Hire a Plumber?

Many people wonder when the right time to call the water utility company is versus simply calling our plumbers. The truth is, both entities will probably need to be approached at some point, but the order does indeed matter. 

First, assess the problem and try to determine for yourself how severe it is. Don’t be afraid to overestimate as there are likely things going on below the surface that are not abundantly apparent to the untrained eye. After that, form a plan of action and start making your calls. Many choose to contact the water utility board first to let them know there is a problem and to put a stop on excessive plumbing charges that they should not have to pay. This is a strong plan of action to take and simply makes sense.

Calling the utility company at all can be bypassed if the situation is incredibly minor such as a toilet that is running constantly. This is a circumstance to be handled by our plumbers, but the utility board doesn’t necessarily need to be notified unless you believe that the running toilet is going to severely increase your utility bill.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Naperville?

Our plumbers are required to fill out all necessary permits with the city of Naperville before they may begin any work. This is spelled out by the city on their permit’s website, and it should be strictly adhered to. The permit essentially gives the city a heads-up that our plumber intends to do some plumbing work on a structure within city limits and explains exactly what they are seeking to do. The city then permits us to do this work as long as it meets the standards set up by the city of Naperville. 

There are very few plumbing repairs that do not require a permit of some kind. If our plumber merely needs to turn a few knobs to make a fix, then he or she might be able to skip the permit process, but expect that they will require this paperwork for almost everything that they do. They should be capable of obtaining all of those permits on their own.

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