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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Plainfield?

Plainfield is a large community that just about any plumbing problem is bound to pop up eventually, there are some problems that particularly affect Plainfield more than other cities.

Aging Plumbing

Though the Plainfield Tornado in 1990 ravaged many of the historic buildings in the city, there are still many homes today that were built in the early 1900s or even the 1800s. Living in a piece of history is a wonderful experience, but it does bring some challenges with it. Components and fixtures of plumbing systems need regular maintenance and updating, and old plumbing could be hiding corrosion that could weaken pipes or be dangerous to your health. Often older plumbing systems can use outdated materials that need replacement, and in older businesses homes within the community updating plumbing systems to modern standards is a common job for our plumbers.

Leaks and Clogs

The particularly hard water in Plainfield can contribute to mineral buildup in plumbing over time that can lead to reduced flow, clogs, leaks, and in some cases ruptures and flooding. Cleaning out clogs or repairing leaks that were caused by or contributed to by mineral buildup is a common problem in Plainfield.

Deteriorating Fixtures

The same hard water that occasionally clogs pipes can also damage fixtures over time, resulting in a buildup of grime around them that can be difficult to clean and cause decreased efficiency over time. Updating fixtures to newer, more efficient models in older buildings is also a need that makes fixture replacement common requests for plumbers in Plainfield.


Cold Illinois winters can cause problems to unprepared plumbing. Frozen pipes can halt the flow of water in your plumbing, not only preventing you from getting water from fixtures but eventually building up pressure and potentially bursting. Flooding from burst pipes can be extremely costly, so many property owners will want to ensure pipes are properly insulated and protected before the winter months. Having a water heater inspection can also be critical, as a water heater failure in the cold will drastically increase your pipes’ chance of freezing.

If your flow of water stops in the winter, immediately call our plumbers. Frozen pipes won’t cause bursts if they are carefully and quickly thawed by our trained experts.

How Does the Water in Plainfield Affect Your Plumbing?

Plainfield’s water is sourced from Lake Michigan like many surrounding communities. Though The Village of Plainfield treats water, some trace minerals remain, resulting in an average water hardness of around 107 ppm. This isn’t uncommon in Illinois, as the groundwater in the area tends to contain large concentrations of calcium carbonate. Water this hard may be most known for creating stubborn soap scum stains in the shower and leaving a film on washed dishes, but it can also slowly damage plumbing and fixtures over time.

The small amounts of minerals that make water “hard” slowly accumulate over time in your plumbing. Eventually, this buildup leads to problems, such as clogs, leaks, or even burst pipes. Hard water can also cause corrosion on fixtures. Built-up scale from hard water can accumulate as grime around faucets, sinks, and toilets over time. At 107 ppm, Plainfield doesn’t have the hardest water around compared to nearby cities like Chicago, whose water has a hardness of 150 ppm. Still, the water is hard enough in Plainfield to have deteriorating effects on plumbing and fixtures over time.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Plainfield?

With nearby access to the bustling economy of the Chicago metropolitan area, plumbing costs are extremely competitive in Plainfield. Plumbing work will usually be priced significantly under the national average in the area, costing anywhere from $45-$200 for standard or routine services. More complex services and replacements will likely cost up to $875 or significantly higher for very challenging jobs.

No plumbing system or situation is the same, and your cost can be heavily dependent on several factors.

Cost Factor: Materials

Our plumbers will charge an hourly rate for labor but will pass the cost of any materials on to the customer in a service invoice as well. While the major shipping lanes from The Great Lakes and the economy of nearby Chicago mean that our plumbers can get a wider variety of materials at cheaper prices than almost anywhere, materials still do have costs. Jobs with extensive replacement of materials or those that require specialty or customize parts could get very expensive.

Cost Factor: Scale of Job

Repairing a single pipe or fitting may be a routine job that can be accomplished quickly and cheaply, but more ambitious repairs will cost more. Plumbing systems are complex, and significant overhauls and changes to plumbing will require extensive planning, preparation, and expert execution. Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances could lead to a job becoming more complex as well. If our plumber starts to fix a simple leaky fitting, only to find that the pipe is corroded and dangerous, the scale of the work can increase, thus increasing cost.

Cost Factor: Age of Building

Though Plainfield’s population boomed in the 1990s and 2000s, the village has roots all the way back to the early 1800s. Though most buildings are new and updated now, older buildings can greatly exacerbate the cost of plumbing work. The lifespan of most materials used for pipes in residential and commercial plumbing is around 50 years. Older houses may be hiding extremely hazardous corrosion in aging galvanized pipes, or worse – lead pipes. Older plumbing systems have more chances of not being compliant with normal building code in a number of ways, and our plumbers will have to do whatever work necessary to leave quality, reliable plumbing wherever they make repairs.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Plainfield?

Better plumbing saves money anywhere, as a higher quality plumbing system functions more efficiently and reliably, and is more durable for savings in repairs and replacements over the life of a building. Routine maintenance and improvements to your plumbing can save money over time by preventing emergencies and addressing problems before they arise. Regular attendance to maintenance such as updating aging pipes, cleaning congested pipes, replacing leaky fixtures, seasonal water heater service, and updating fixtures for more efficient models are all responsible ways to save money with better plumbing

In Plainfield, due to the high mineral content in Great Lakes water, you could also potentially save a lot of money over time with a water softening system. The hardness of Plainfield water will inevitably damage your plumbing over time, lessening the life of plumbing components and fixtures. A water softening system can significantly reduce the mineral content in your water, resulting in decreased grimy buildup on your fixtures and in your pipes. Water softeners can be an investment that reduces the risk of unforeseen plumbing issues, while also massively increasing the mileage you get out of your plumbing system.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Plainfield vs Hire a Plumber?

When you have plumbing problems, the water utility is limited in how much they can help you. While The Village of Plainfield Water Utility Services is responsible for any issues that occur on the water grid before they connect to you. Anything that happens past your home’s connection to the water main falls on you to fix. If you are suddenly without water or your flow drastically reduces throughout every fixture in your home, calling the utility service could at least narrow down whether the problem is on their end or yours. If the problem does lie on their side of the main, it’s likely that they’re already working on it and can inform you when to expect the flow to resume.

Since the Village of Plainfield isn’t responsible for any plumbing on your property, call our plumbers immediately if you think the problem is within your home. If you have a leak or a clog it’s especially important to schedule service as soon as possible, as water under pressure can cause small issues to get out of hand quickly. A leak or a clog can be a quick fix for our plumbers, but burst pipes after procrastinating repairs can lead to systemic plumbing damage that can’t be easily repaired and potentially lead to flooding.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Plainfield?

While emergency repairs to leaky pipes or fixtures won’t need a permit in Plainfield, anything that alters plumbing systems in any way will require a permit and inspection. The Village of Plainfield building code requires a permit application and a $40 fee for any alteration to property or structure, and a plumbing inspection fee of $25 for residential plumbing, and $30 for commercial plumbing. This won’t be required for repairs or services for issues like clogs, but any work that replaces or components to the plumbing will require a permit from Plainfield Building Code and Enforcement. Our local plumbers know exactly what needs to be done for permits in Plainfield based on your specific situation.

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