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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Schaumburg?

Just 30 miles outside of Chicago, is where Schaumburg can be found. It is a suburb “village” that has grown to accommodate anyone who wants to live there. It is home to more than 74,000 people, and rumor has it, it is the Best Place to Live in Illinois. Seventh best in the entire U.S.

Today, there are many things to do and enjoy. You can get out and enjoy shopping at a large mall, go show your love of Legos or step out of the city and into nature’s beauty. We promise, no one, resident or visitor, should ever get bored while here.

This wasn’t always the case. The village was incorporated in 1956 but has a history that dates back to when its primary inhabitants were Native Americans. After that, it was Johann Sunderlage who first built his home in 1833. His home still stands!

With all that Schaumburg is today, the big boom for this village took place in the 1950-1960s. With so many older buildings, plumbing is an issue for many residents. The top concerns include:

Pipe Belly Formation

Pipe “bellies” can form over time when the piping is not properly bedded when installed. Problems in Schaumburg occur when the sewer line holds water under the drain in your home. However, this can easily be resolved by a professional plumber like us by inserting a manual sewer auger.

Water Leaks

A large amount of water can flow through your meter due to leaky pipes which would result in a high water bill. Finding the source must be done quickly to avoid long term damage. 

The village has also implemented an aggressive program to replace leaking water mains when they are detected which conserves water by reducing unnecessary leaking and minimizes disruptions to residents.

Tree Root Growth

Homeowners in Schaumburg are well aware of the severe damage root growth can cause to their pipes. When roots come into contact with leaking water, they will grow rapidly at that spot in order to access the available water, causing further damage to pipes. When you first suspect that your pipes are compromised, call us immediately for assessment and we will provide the best possible solution.

This list is not all possible plumbing issues, but it shows the most common issues in Schaumburg. How likely you are to experience them ultimately depends on your home’s age and more.

How Does the Water in Schaumburg Affect Your Plumbing?

The village of Schaumburg uses water that is piped in from Lake Michigan. From the Lake, it goes to the city of Chicago. After being cleaned there, it travels through the Jardine Water Purification Plant to Schaumburg via the CLCJAWA water company.

Overall, the water quality in Schaumburg is good according to reports and testing. However, there are some chemicals added at the water company to purify the water, which may show up in your water. Although safe for you, it may cause damage to pipes over a long period of time. This can be a problem for the older homes that have used it for years. A few chemicals include:

  • Chlorine: This is used to disinfect water. Although minimal amounts are added to the water, there is a chance it could corrode pipes over time.
  • Aluminum Sulfate: This removes impurities from the water. Over the years, it can lead to clogged pipes.
  • Blended Polyphosphate: Although added to coat pipes and prevent lead from getting into the water. Unfortunately, it can cause issues for copper pipes. This shouldn’t be a huge problem for most homeowners. Older homes generally had steel pipes that were preferred in the 50s and 60s.
  • Fluoride: Some people feel that fluoride can cause problems. This is not proven or supported by science or the CDC

With some older water lines, there is a risk. However, according to most people, it is well worth the risk to have better water for all of Schaumburg. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Schaumburg?

Sadly, there isn’t an easy answer for how much plumbing may cost in Schaumburg. It simply depends on the type of job that you need to be done. If you want a rough estimate, then you should expect to pay between $120.00 and $870.00. Most homeowners in the Village pay around $500.00.

Your out-of-pocket expense could be more or less, depending on your situation. Therefore, we do recommend that you consider getting a price estimate based on your situation and the three factors below.

The Job Size

A clogged pipe is something that can be repaired easily. Only one of us should be needed on the job. We usually expect that it will go quickly unless underlying issues are causing your clog. The more issues that appear, the more your price will fluctuate. Since no one knows what is going on inside the pipes and water lines, no one can predict what may happen once we start working on a clog.

Waterline replacement and new installations will be the most expensive aspect of plumbing jobs. Sewer issues are also going to be more costly. These jobs will require more than one professional plumber, like us, at times and special equipment to make the job easier. Both will be reflected in the price.

Plumbing Emergencies

Emergencies often happen when they are the most inconvenient. Pipes can burst from a sudden freeze. Kids can and sometimes do, drop toys down the toilet. Things happen. If an emergency happens during normal business hours, your price will be lower than if you have an emergency come up on the weekends, holidays, and after hours.

Parts Required

As much as most people would like things to be free, this isn’t always the case. In plumbing, there are a lot of expenses that can add up once you start needing parts. It could be something cheap, like a gasket or a connection, but it could also be something much more expensive, such as a water heater. Your overall price will reflect any parts that your job requires for completion. 

There isn’t a plumber in the world that would tell you an exact total of your cost before we see the job that you want us to tackle. If we ever did, you would likely be overpaying for the plumbing repairs that you are trying to have done. To help yourself and your pocket, request a consultation. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Schaumburg?

Upgrading plumbing is always an easy way for most homeowners to save money, especially if you live in an older home. Many homes have water heaters, dishwashers, etc. that haven’t been new in many years. This means that they may lack the efficiency of newer appliances. More efficiency is an easy way to cut your cost.

Beyond that, high water bills are a common issue for residents in Schaumburg. For this reason, we would suggest that you consider upgrading faucets, showerheads, and toilets to low flow. Unsure if you need a low-flow showerhead or other faucets. You can test it

Here is how:

  • Start by gathering supplies: A gallon bucket marked where 1-gallon is going to be and a stopwatch/timer.
  • Turn on your shower. You should turn the cold water to as fast as it will go.
  • Place your bucket under the spray as someone else hits the timer start button.
  • When the bucket fills to one gallon, turn off the timer.
  • If your shower takes less than 20-seconds to fill up to the gallon mark, then a low-flow showerhead may benefit you.

Once you know how many gallons per minute are being used, you can then explore how much money you may save by upgrading to low flow. The results may surprise you. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Schaumburg vs Hire a Plumber?

When you see water coming out of places that it shouldn’t, it is really easy to worry. You should! It is a waste of water and may cause extensive damage quickly. The problem is most homeowners aren’t sure who they should call when the water starts pouring. Here are some examples to help you decide:

  • Leaks in the driveway: Turn off the water valve or main water supply to your home. If your water meter stops turning, call us because it means your water line is leaking. If the meter continues to climb, then you should call the water company.
  • Consistently increasing water bills: A gradual, but steady increase in your water bill will likely require you to call us to look for leaks. If it spikes quickly, and you do not see water around your home, then the water company should be consulted.
  • A puddle next door: Water flooding the street or your neighbor’s property when you know that no one is home will require a phone call to the water company. If your neighbor is home, you may let them know that the leak is there, and then they can call us or the water company.
  • Lost water pressure: Losing water pressure can be frustrating. If it happens one time, you shouldn’t worry much. Consistently losing water pressure could mean you have an issue with your pipes, so you will want to call us. If all the water pressure for your home stops suddenly, then you will want to call the water company.
  • Pipe bursts: If there is a cold snap and heavy freezes that stop your water from flowing, or makes a pipe burst, call us. The city of Schaumburg, although sympathetic, most likely will tell you to call us while they deal with city water issues.
  • Clogs: For clogs, you will always want to contact us. The same is true for leaky toilets, leaky sinks, slow drains, etc.

We are unable to list every possible water complication. Things happen that are unexpected every day. We hope that this can help you decide who to call when things get crazy.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Schaumburg?

If your home requires plumbing work, you will need to file for a Residential Express Permit Application. The cost of this permit is $35.00 plus $12.00 for every fixture. This includes even miscellaneous repairs and code violations.

The permit process indicates that you will need:

  • A copy of the Illinois State Plumbing Contractor License
  • A letter of intent on the contractor’s letterhead with a corporate seal or notary stamp attached

You will need this information when repairing/replacing water heaters, doing basic plumbing, or sewer repairs. 

The permitting process in the village of Schaumburg practically guarantees you cannot tackle plumbing without the help of a professional. This may be unfortunate for those who like DIY projects, but it is designed to protect your home and your family from mishaps with the water supply. If you need guidance or advice before digging into your plumbing issues, there are professionals out there that will provide it.

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