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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Hammond?

Located just at the intersection of interstate highways 12 and 55 is Hammond City, popularly known as the biggest city in Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana. The area is primarily suburban, with most neighborhoods having a rich history behind them.

A majority of the residences were established between 1939 and 1969, followed by a construction resurgence between 1970 and 2000. As such, houses from the City Center to Robertsdale and Osborn today still rely on the same old plumbing fixtures which are more prone to issues and leaks. 

The most common plumbing issues experienced include:

  • Leaking toilets, faucets, gas lines, washing machine hoses, and water lines;
  • Sewage backup in homes and other properties;
  • Clogged drains in tubs, showers, and sinks; and
  • Need for replacement, upgrades, or new pipe installations

Most of these issues are made worse by the city’s naturally hard water, which leaves mineral buildup inside your pipes, fixtures, and appliances, limiting the useful life span of each.

That is not all. If you know a thing or two about Hammond, then you know the relationship it has with hurricanes. People in Louisiana have been dealing with occasional floodings for what might seem like forever.

As you might expect, the rains and floods come with their share of plumbing problems which include the following:

Leakages From Pipes

When strong winds and prolonged rains hit, they apply stress to the system. Often, this causes leaks. When a leak happens, you will notice a sudden, unexplained spike in water bills. Depending on the severity of the leak, this can end up costing you a lot.

For this reason, it’s prudent to check on the status of the pipes every time a storm hits. If you suspect there might be some leaking going on, you can confirm this by noting down the water level from the meter when no one’s using water then compare the level to a second reading taken later. If water is leaking, it will be reflected in the disparity between the two figures.

Clogging of Sewer Lines

The storm and heavy rains also cause underground sewer lines to get clogged. In turn, this affects how the sewer lines drain out. If these lines stop completely, wastewater will flow back into your home. Your sinks back up and toilets overflow, causing all kinds of health hazards and cleaning headaches. To prevent this, the lines need to be constantly checked and maintained before the hurricane hits.

In case it does happen, you must deal with it as soon as possible. The best recommendation is to consult our professionals. They will help identify the root cause of the problem and stop it at its tracks.

How Does the Water in Hammond Affect Your Plumbing?

The water supplied by the Hammond Water Works Department can be of good quality and generally considered safe to drink. It is primarily supplied by surface water from Lake Michigan. Using the granular activated carbon filtration system, the water department can control the odor and taste of the water.


It is worth knowing that as water flows into Lake Michigan, it will likely dissolve naturally-occurring minerals and other substances as a result of human or animal activity. To ensure the safety of residents, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribes legislation that limits the level of several contaminants in the public water system.

According to tests done in 2020, it was seen that none of the samples tested for lead reported an action level that exceeded the current level of 15.0 ppb. Furthermore, samples tested for copper also didn’t exceed the current action level of 1.3 ppm. This is good news as the term ‘action level’ means that the level of concentration of contaminants, when exceeded, triggers the need for treatment.

To ensure you’re completely safe and protected while away from the house and the water has just been lying dormant for hours, flush your tap out. Letting the water run for 30 seconds to 2 minutes reduces the potential for lead exposure when drinking or cooking.

Water hardness

The water in Hammond is considered to be moderately hard. This isn’t harmful per se or has a significant impact on your health. You might feel that your hair or skin is uncommonly dry after taking a shower or rinsing your hands. The water could also have a particularly odd taste to it because of the minerals dissolved. However, while you might be okay with drinking and using this water, your plumbing system might not be.

The mineral culprits responsible for this hardness are mainly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. How hard or soft water depends on the concentration levels of these minerals in the water.

In the case of hard water, mineral deposits build up within the fixtures and pipes over some time. This will lead to reduced water flow and, in extreme conditions, complete clogging of pipes. Appliances that require a sufficient steady flow of water, like water heaters, can be damaged because of this. As Hammond’s water is only moderately hard, such serious plumbing problems are quite rare.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Hammond?

Plumbing works and repairs can be tricky and complicated from a financial point of view. The reason is that a large section of the plumbing system is usually not visible. Therefore, when repairing drains or pipes, openings might be made on the walls, floors, and ceilings, which will require fixing after the problem area is detected.

Homeowners must hire professional plumbing services like Mr. Blue Plumbing to install pipes and fittings. Not only will your system remain reliable and functional for a long time, but also if/when the system fails, the problem can be easily identified, reducing unnecessary structural damage costs.

Before commencing a plumbing project in Hammond, it is important to know how much it’ll cost you. Using national averages as a benchmark isn’t a bad idea, but it won’t accurately depict all the factors that will affect the final cost which include labor rates, material costs, and the local permits required for any Hammond waterworks project.

In Tangipahoa Parish County, the average cost paid for plumber services is between $91.00 and $664.00. On average, the majority of homeowners paid $377.00. Whether your plumbing costs fall on the lower or higher side of this figure depends on some reasons which include:

Cost Factor: Nature and Scope of the Service

Naturally, as with any other job, the more your plumbing system needs work, the more you’ll pay. Think about it like this: replacing a faulty faucet or unclogging the toilet will likely be on the lower end of the money spectrum. However, if you don’t want a quick fix but want to solve the underlying issue that’s causing the sewer line backup, you’ll certainly pay the average or slightly more.

This also applies to leaks that are hard to pinpoint. There might be a need for a professional pipe system inspection which will cost you a pretty penny since these pipes are hidden within the walls or located underground.

Cost Factor: Additional Expenses

Labor costs, for the most part, are fairly standard. However, the amount of labor can vary depending on the complexity of the problem. In addition, jobs that are beyond fixing small leaks and unclogging backed up drains may require permits, the cost of which will be passed on to the homeowner. There are also inspection fees to consider.

Cost Factor: Materials and Supplies

The material and supply costs are also unknown because you can only know this figure once the problem has been identified and the materials to be used to remedy the situation are identified. These prices are subject to variance due to fluctuations in the weather and other conditions that affect logistics and supply chains.

Furthermore, there is also Tangipahoa Parish and Louisiana materials supplies sales tax and Hammond materials supplies sales tax.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Hammond?

Even though they will cost you a bit of money in the beginning, proper plumbing practices can end up saving you a ton of money in the future. It is important to implement good plumbing practices as they ensure that you will spend less in the long run while also ensuring water — a precious resource to everyone — doesn’t go to waste.

Below are a few examples of these proper plumbing practices.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Whether it’s plumbing or going to the doctor for a physical check-up, you’d rather spend your time and money on anything else. However, regular inspection helps you identify potential problems in their infancy. This foresight can save you thousands in plumbing. Drain augering and sewer line inspection need to be done regularly to prevent terminal issues from arising.

Repairing Leaks

The average household waste racks up to 10000 gallons of water a year because of leaks. You don’t have to be Greta Thunberg to know that this wastage is detrimental to our environment and way of life. Even if environmental causes don’t move you, you still need to get those drips patched up as they can cause water damage and lead to higher expenses because of any structural damage caused.

Upgrading Fixtures 

Replacing ancient fixtures with new and improved ones will do wonders when it comes to paying your bills. In addition to bringing the room together aesthetically, they also play a big role in regulating the water that passes through them. Older and outdated models might have you pay higher water bills than you should. Faucets with WaterSense labels are backed by the EPA and are proved to reduce water flow by 30% or more.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Hammond Vs. Hire a Plumber?

Our plumbers can deal with most residential waterworks issues. However, if the water mains are spouting water down the street, then the Hammond Water Works Department will need to be notified. Here are a few scenarios where municipal action will likely be needed.

Water Supply Problems

There are water supply issues that can be dealt with by our experts, but if the problem shows itself to be huge and complex, then a call to the utility company is needed. The current stance by the Hammond Water Works Department is that maintenance and installation of the service line (connection from the water main to the meter location) shall be the responsibility of the customer. Repairs are usually done by the department when the lines are in the public right-of-way.

If you don’t receive water pressure the way you used to, especially if this change was sudden, there might be a water main break. Once you notice this decreased pressure, check with your neighbors to see how widespread the problem is. In case you’re the only one affected, contact us to identify where the problem might be.

Water Leakage

The general rule here is that leaks in the municipal line are Hammond’s responsibility, while leaks on your property are yours. You can spot an underground leak if you notice standing water leaking from the ground. To confirm your suspicions, check your water meter if there’s an unexplainable rise in the water bill.

Try turning off your house’s main water supply and then observe the meter to see if the value it indicates changes with zero water supplied. If it does, call our plumbers because you have a leak on your property. However, if it doesn’t, then you might need to call the water company because it’s more than likely that the problem is on their end.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Hammond?

Building permits and inspection are two sides of the same coin. They both work to ensure that buildings are constructed following safety codes for the safety of the occupants, neighbors, and construction workers. This is especially important for Hammond as it is a hurricane-prone area; questionable structures are an absolute no-no. For any plumbing project done in the city, you’ll require a State of Indiana Plumbing license. Some of the common projects that need to be permitted include:

  • Installing new gas or water pipes or drains;
  • Installing a new drain trap;
  • Installing a new bathtub, shower, or gas valves;
  • Installing a new toilet or replacing one; and
  • Replacing the subfloor under the bathroom fixtures which include toilets, bathtubs, and shower units

Properly identifying which projects require permits and which ones don’t can be complicated. To make things simple, talk to our professionals to help break things down. We have a lot of knowledge on the matter. In addition to our technical know-how, our plumbers have the licensure and BBB accreditation that is synonymous with professionalism and reliability.

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