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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Framingham?

All over the State of Massachusetts, there are little and big pieces of our American history. Framingham is home to some of those big pieces. The United States Government began a preservation campaign back in the 1950s to protect and keep up the aging buildings in the New England area that were considered to be of valuable interest to the American people. 

Once these older homes started to be the center of our attention, along comes the housing boom back in the late 80s and early 90s. These homes are also right about the age to begin showing their weakness in their plumbing systems.

These are the types of plumbing issues that we see regularly:

  • Leaks water/sewer lines– Shortly after World War II, the greater Framingham area saw a huge increase in home production. Those homes today are very similar to those older structures in that they are now showing signs of decay. One of the most common issues that we see in Framingham’s plumbing would be leaking or totally corroded pipes and an aging underground sewage bed under the City of Framingham.
  • Leaking faucets– Framingham is filled with old homes, and old homes mean older plumbing and older fixtures that may need to be replaced.
  • Leaking/stopped up toilets
  • Slow/clogged drain lines

The history associated with the greater Framingham area is the stuff movies are made of. However, the plumbing issues aren’t anywhere near that glamorous!

How Does the Water in Framingham Affect Your Plumbing?

The water in Framingham is just like the water in Birmingham, or any other town named after ham! All water contains certain levels of the thing that you necessarily wouldn’t want to find in your water. Things like lead, copper, and other heavy metals plus some chemical additives as well. The latest known report of the quality of the drinking water in your Framingham faucet showed things like:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Pesticides
  • Algaecides

These are the items that people have the most concerns about, yet there are allowable amounts found in any water supply. These allowable amounts are the amounts set forth by the federal government as being the threshold of what is safe and what is considered to be undrinkable. 

Then there are allowable limits for things that have a fine particulate form and leave their traces behind in actual sediment that can collect on the bottoms of holding tanks and can also lead to eventual clogs in the openings of your faucets and showerheads. These are the minerals that produce the white scaly build-up often referred to as “hard water.” The water in Framingham, while considered to be safe for human consumption, does contain the things that can wreck the plumbing in your home. 

Perhaps the best way for you to combat this issue is first by consulting with Mr. Blue Plumbing and discussing the possibilities of installing a water softening system. Short of not drinking any water at all, this is about the best thing going for improving the quality of the drinking water in your home.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Framingham?

The only thing worse than a plumbing problem is paying for a plumbing problem! We often get quizzed about the labor charges for even the smallest plumbing repair job. Here’s a bit of information regarding the labor on your Framingham plumbing repair bill.

Let’s look at some average costs associated with a plumbing repair here in Framingham. These figures are going to be for the average low, high, and overall price paid for a plumbing repair here in Framingham.

  • Average low cost – $115
  • Average high cost – $837
  • Average price – $476

The figures above include the following:

  • Average labor costs for Framingham, MA
  • Average material costs
  • Project costs for site prep/clean up

The above figures, however, do not include the following;

  • Costs for permits
  • Material/supplies state of Massachusets sales taxes
  • Materials/supplies local Framingham sales taxes

There are no two plumbing problems that are exactly alike. There are also no two plumbing repair costs that are going to be the same. Let’s look at 3 different situations that can cause your plumbing repair cost to increase a bit.

How Big is Your Plumbing Repair Project?

Plumbing repair costs are not like shopping at the big box buyers club, the price doesn’t get cheaper the more you buy! Small plumbing repairs can often be more expensive than larger ones based on material and actual labor charges. For instance, if you had to have a new style of toilet installed for medical reasons, first you would be out the price of the toilet, which those particular toilets that set a bit higher and are a bit larger will cost about $500 at your local home improvement center. Then the labor charge should be the 2-hour minimum, so you would be looking at somewhere close to $1,000 for this repair. Compare that to a burst water line in your yard that had to be excavated in one small spot, so a 30-cent coupling could be installed. This takes about 3 hours to complete yet costs far less than the toilet job did. No two are exactly alike.

Demolition and Reconstruction

Are your plumbing repair costs going to be covering any issues that need demolishing to get to, and reconstructing to complete? A plumbing repair like a burst water line in a master bedroom wall is an excellent example. First, you have to basically destroy the wall that holds the line because you don’t want to leave any of that wet wood or sheetrock around to cause mold to grow after the wall has been put back together. Mr. Blue Plumbing will be charging you for demolition and reconstruction.

Extra Workers or Equipment Rental Needed?

Those averages above were based on using a 3-man crew for one day. It did not include any equipment rental for an out-of-the-ordinary plumbing problem like yours. Again, your final bill will be reflecting the extra work hours and the equipment rental. This is about the time you begin to suffer the effects of empty wallet syndrome.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Framingham?

Yes. Better plumbing can save you money in Framingham, or any other town in which there are aging homes that have received multiple plumbing repairs for the same problem over the past several years. By eliminating the old plumbing lines, and replacing them with newer more efficient ones, you will be eliminating the need for all those repair bills.

And if you would like to save some money on your monthly water bill, try this – have all of your old plumbing fixtures, your faucets, toilets, and showerheads upgraded to new WaterSense plumbing fixtures. These fixtures are designed to use 20% less water, which should equal a 20% discount on your monthly water bill!

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Framingham vs Hire a Plumber?

If you are having a plumbing repair project in the greater Framingham area, and you are wondering about the interaction between your plumber and the water utility company here in Framingham, don’t. Mr. Blue Plumbing can work well with the local water company to help you figure things out. You should call the water utility company if you think there is anything wrong with your municipal services like plumbing. 

If you need help with anything beyond your home, such as locating any underground supply lines, you might want the local utility company to come to your property to identify where those items are in relation to your plumbing repair.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Framingham?

When you are having any plumbing repair or installation where you might need a permit, the first place to start is with the City of Framingham’s webpage of regulations. There you will find answers to common questions like:

  • Do I need a permit?
  • Will I need more than one permit?
  • Will my plumbing repair require any follow-up inspections?

Also, if you just want to get the ball rolling for your plumber, you can access the application for a plumbing permit and get that process started.

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