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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Annapolis?

Annapolis, America’s Sailing Capital, attained national historic landmark status in 1965. This means many 18th-century buildings still stand, and little might have changed about them, including the plumbing. The old buildings such as the Colonial Annapolis Historic District, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Maryland State House, and various mansions of the city’s most affluent, have common plumbing issues, such as:

  • Corrosion due to the use of iron and galvanized steel piping
  • Lead was used to solder plumbing pipes before copper and CPVC were introduced. Lead is a health hazard if it gets into the water
  • Outdated and worn-out fixtures
  • Inefficient plumbing due to bad repairs over the years
  • Misaligned plumbing
  • Leaky ceilings

On the other hand, there are many young, up and upcoming neighborhoods with modern houses in Annapolis. Such houses have modern plumbing systems and sophisticated fixtures such as water heaters, sump pumps, gas lines, and garbage disposals. While they don’t have plumbing issues similar to the old houses, they have their common plumbing issues such as;

  • Leaky or frozen fixtures
  • Water heaters breakdowns especially in the cold seasons when heaters overwork
  • Sump pump malfunction
  • Drain clogs and blocks
  • Sewer line breaks and leaks
  • Gas leaks

Regardless of the age of your house, a plumbing issue can be a nuisance that’ll rob you of your peace of mind, and in extreme cases, can pose health hazards. Therefore, if you have a plumbing issue in Annapolis, contact our experts at Mr Blue Plumbing to take care of them.

How Does the Water in Annapolis Affect Your Plumbing?

Annapolis sources its water from 8 underground wells fed by the Magothy, Upper, and Lower Patapsco aquifers. The water then passes through the City of Annapolis Water Treatment Plant for various treatment processes such as aeration, chemical addition, filtration, among others, to make it safe for your consumption.

USGS measures declare the source water soft and safe to drink and don’t contain any harmful minerals. However, the environment and human processes add various chemicals and contaminants. A report found Annapolis water to contain unhealthy levels of PFOA and PFOS that are known to cause health issues such as cancer and congenital disabilities. The report showed the water contained 300 – 87,000 parts per trillion of these contaminants, while EPA Lifetime Health Advisory (LHA) caps the contaminants at 70 parts per trillion.

Additionally, a quality report suggests the water contains halo acetic acid, a byproduct of water treatments. When chlorine is added to the water, it reacts with the organic matter present in the water resulting in caustic acid. Like other acids, halo acetic acid is corrosive to plumbing metals such as Iron and Copper, resulting in salts called acetates. The salts build up over time, clogging and blocking drain pipes. Furthermore, blocks curtail and reduce the water flow resulting in reduced water pressure and flow. In the long run, the salts result in an inefficient plumbing system.

To avoid these contaminants from getting into your home, contact an Annapolis plumbing expert at Mr Blue Plumbing to install a reverse osmosis system.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Annapolis?

You might be relaxing at your Annapolis home, then suddenly you smell a foul smell throughout your house. Your investigations reveal the smell emanating from the plumbing system, but to be sure, contact Annapolis plumbers at Mr Blue Plumbing. But, how much will the job cost? While a typical job such as unblocking a toilet or sink might cost $160, this figure might be higher depending on other factors such as:

Cost Factor: Condition of the Current Plumbing

Plumbing in the old buildings such as the Annapolis Historic District, the plumbing system is old, outdated, and might not be in a repairable condition. For instance, the kitchen plumbing systems in these old houses are incompatible with modern plumbing systems from the up-and-coming neighborhoods. Mr Blue Plumbing might require additional fixtures to get the job done to fix or repair such plumbing issues. Also, if the fixtures are worn out beyond repair, the best course of action might be repiping rather than repairing, which will cost you more.

Cost Factor: City Ordinances

The Annapolis plumbing code outlines most plumbing jobs require a permit signed by the director of zoning and planning. So, whether you decide to do the job yourself or hire us, the law requires a payment for the permit. Our plumbers must pass on the cost of the permit to their clients. Therefore, the final cost will be higher when you factor in the permit fee.

Cost Factor: Repipe or Fix

When you call us to fix a blocked drain, we might discover the drain is corroded beyond repair. The initial cost of unclogging the drain was $150, but if our plumber recommends you repipe with a new drain pipe, that costs an additional $80. Therefore, the final cost will be $230. If a Mr Blue Plumbing technician finds it necessary to repipe, then the final figure will be higher.

Cost Factor: Labor and Nature of the Job

Labor costs take the lion’s share of the plumbing charges in Annapolis. Our plumbers typically charge you hourly, while some jobs command a fixed rate; there’s no standard rule on labor charges. Additionally, you might have a burst water or sewer line that requires emergency services which will cost you more in Annapolis.

The more laborious and complex a plumbing job in Annapolis is, the higher the cost. Our plumber may charge you $40 for a gas line installation but might charge you $9,000 for a septic tank installation. Furthermore, some plumbing issues might require more sophisticated approaches, such as video cameras to detect hidden clogs, resulting in higher costs.

So, there’s no debating whether to call a Mr Blue Plumbing plumber or not because you are afraid of the cost. Not calling might end up costing you more. Our plumbers will save you from further plumbing costs and fix your plumbing issues.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Annapolis?

Water might be the most abundant resource on our planet, and it needs saving, but money needs equal, if not more, consideration. If you don’t know where to start, you can go through these water-saving tips from the city of Annapolis. On the other hand, apart from following these tips, you can tweak your plumbing and save money through: 

Out With the Old

Old and outdated fixtures break down regularly, resulting in high costs of repair. For instance, if your faucets are old and keep leaking, replace them with water-efficient or low-flow faucets that will save water and money. Also, replace your traditional, energy-consuming water heater with a tankless, solar, or gas-powered water heater.

Water Grey Plumbing

Water recycling in Annapolis can help save water and reduce the water bill. So, instead of flushing the water you’ve used in doing laundry, your tubs, or sinks, use it to water your yards, the garden, or wash your car. Installing a grey plumbing system allows you to recycle water you’ve already used and use it for another purpose.

Smart Plumbing and Inspection

Early plumbing inspection in Annapolis can help detect plumbing issues that might cost you a lot of money in repairs or replacement. Take the inspection further by installing smart plumbing in your home and control the plumbing systems via your smart devices. With your device, you’ll be able to detect plumbing issues early in advance, pinpoint where the issue is, and avoid long, laborious processes that’ll cost you more money.

If you are looking to save money, ensure you contact an Annapolis plumber at Mr Blue Plumbing early before that leak or clog becomes a significant issue that’ll cost you more.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Annapolis vs Hire a Plumber?

Our experts can tackle all plumbing issues that your home may have. However, some circumstances warrant a call to the city of Annapolis Water Utility, including:

  • If you have questions or complaints regarding your water bills
  • If you receive water shut off notice, but you need more time to get funds and pay the bill
  • When you require a new connection to or termination from the water or sewer main
  • If you spot a water leakage in the municipal or water main that’s beyond your property
  • If you want to change your water bill address

For any other plumbing issue in your Annapolis home other than these listed, contact our Mr Blue Plumbing technicians who are ready to handle it properly.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Annapolis?

Maybe you have limited funds, you have a tight budget, or you possess plumbing skills. Any of these or other reasons might contribute to you handling plumbing issues in your Annapolis home. However, before you commence the job, understand the city ordinances regarding plumbing permits.

Chapter 17.28 – Plumbing Code explains the following situations when plumbing permits are required in Annapolis:

  • All plumbing services in Annapolis require a plumbing permit signed and approved by the Director of Planning and Zoning at a fee. The rule exempts water leaks services, provided they don’t interfere with the structure’s original design
  • You cannot carry out any plumbing job or service unless you have been trained and certified either as a master or journeyman plumber and receive a license from the city’s Director of Planning and Zoning

These rules go to show how valuable plumbing services and expertise are in Annapolis. All our plumbers are trained and licensed by The Director of Planning and Zoning and the Maryland Board of Plumbing. So, if you have any plumbing issue or need any plumbing service, be confident that our expert plumbers will fix it properly.

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