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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Jackson?

Frozen pipes are very common in Jackson during the winter because temperatures frequently fall below freezing or even below zero, which can be hard on even high-quality pipes. This problem is especially common for outdoor pipes that are not insulated and are more exposed to extreme cold. If your pipes freeze, you will generally have no access to water until the temperature warms up, which means that it can be a good idea to keep a stock of bottled water in the house during the winter in anticipation of especially cold weather if your pipes are prone to freezing. Leaving your faucets dripping slightly can also help prevent freezing by keeping the water from sitting in the pipes without moving.

Water that freezes inside your pipes expands as it turns into ice, which means that cracked and broken pipes are another common result of frozen pipes. Although these breaks may not present an immediate problem while the ice is still frozen, you will usually need to have our plumbers take care of the issue by the time the ice melts and becomes a leak that may lead to significant water damage to your home. Water also may not be safe to drink immediately after a freeze if your pipe broke, as it may have been exposed to contaminants, which means that it may still be a good idea to drink bottled water for the time being. 

Clogged drains, toilets, and pipes are also common in the Jackson area because many homes and businesses are a bit older and have not had their plumbing renovated recently. This problem typically occurs when foreign materials build up in your plumbing over time, such as hair, soap, and toothpaste in your sink or shower and too many pieces of packaging or other items that should not be flushed in your toilets. Jackson also has hard water, which leaves mineral deposits inside your pipes that can contribute to clogs. Although clogged drains and pipes cannot always be prevented, they can be minimized by paying close attention to what is going down them. Minor clogged drains and pipes may be able to be handled on your own with various DIY solutions, but clogs that are especially severe or deep in your plumbing will usually need to be handled by our plumbers.

Most tree roots extend to two or three times the width of the tree itself, and the roots of massive native trees tend to be much larger than many people account for when planting trees in their yards or otherwise near their homes. A tree that may have been much too far from your pipes to do any damage when it was planted or when the pipe was added several decades ago may have grown much closer than its planter anticipated, and tree roots can cause plenty of problems when they bump into pipes. Although the root may lightly touch a pipe for several months or longer before pressing up against it hard enough to do any damage, roots can eventually bend or even break water mains, sewer lines, or other pipes. 

Plumbing systems that have been damaged by trees often act much like other clogged pipes at first. They may start by slowing the amount of water that can get through as the space that is available for it to flow through gradually closes off, and they may eventually back up altogether if they are not taken care of. Difficulty getting your toilet to flush and unexplained puddles near your fixtures or appliances that use water are common signs of this problem. In most cases, our plumbers will need to replace your entire damaged line. Since your tree root is not going anywhere in most cases, the line will often be rerouted to a path that is further away from trees to prevent the problem from happening again. 

How Does the Water in Jackson Affect Your Plumbing?

Although Jackson has not recorded problematically high lead levels in recent years, the city needs to be vigilant about this potential issue based on its proximity to Flint. Flint, which is less than an hour and a half from Jackson, has experienced extremely high lead levels for several years after switching to a new, poor-quality water source. Although the city switched back shortly after the problem was noted, the damage it did to pipes throughout the city remains to this day. The new water source caused significant corrosion to most residents’ pipes, which caused very high levels of lead to seep into the water supply. Many of these pipes have not yet been replaced, and such a mistake could easily similarly impact Jackson. We often get called in for repiping when lead levels in drinking water are high.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Jackson?

Plumbing work in Jackson typically falls between $97 and $704, which is a much wider range than what is common in many other cities. The city’s average plumbing cost of $400 includes the cost of labor and cleanup, and we typically include the cost of materials in this estimate if we provide all of the materials when out customers prefer not to choose. If you are required to obtain a permit for your specific type of project before having work done, that will be paid directly to the City of Jackson and is not included in this estimate. 

Type of Plumbing Project

It goes without saying that the overall cost of your plumbing work will depend largely on what you need to have done, and this is generally the most influential factor in determining how much a particular project is likely to cost. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to plumbing, and projects as simple as fixing a leaky faucet to as complex as adding a new bathroom will carry significantly different costs. 

Timing of Plumbing Project

Although we have someone available to make emergency repairs at any time of day or night, we of course prefer that projects be scheduled during regular business hours. Most plumbing emergencies start as minor issues that can wait a couple of days if our plumbers’ immediate schedule is full and waiting until they become major problems is not the most cost-effective way to go about getting them fixed.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Jackson?

Cost should not be the only factor that influences your decision when choosing a plumber in Jackson because master plumbers like ours that might cost a bit more upfront are likely to do a better job and help you avoid spending more on additional work a few days or weeks down the road. Our experienced plumbers also tend to know what brands of pipes, fixtures, and other items provide the best balance of reliable quality at a reasonable cost. Spending a little more to buy products that last makes much more sense than buying the cheapest option possible that will probably break and need to be replaced again soon, and you also get what you pay for when it comes to selecting our plumbers. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Jackson Vs Hire a Plumber?

Knowing who to call is key when it comes to getting plumbing or water issues taken care of as soon as possible, and it is important to realize that not every problem with your water requires a visit from our plumbers. In general, we generally only work directly with homeowners for issues that are located on their properties, such as leaky faucets, burst pipes, or water heater problems. Your first instinct may be to call us if you experience low water pressure, dirty or bad tasting water, or similar issues, but these problems often do not originate on your property. Jackson’s water utility company handles widespread water issues and, although the city may work with our plumbers, you don’t need to do so as an individual. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Jackson?

Most large plumbing projects require applying for some type of permit from the city before getting started because the city wants to make sure you receive quality plumbing service that aligns with local building codes. Poor plumbing work could result in further damage, wasted water, or other issues down the road, and most cities require plumbing projects to be okayed and inspected throughout the process to make sure they are done right the first time.

In Jackson, plumbing permits may be obtained on the city website. Permits can be obtained by submitting information about what type of work you plan to have done, who will be doing it, what fixtures will be involved, and how much you expect the project to cost. According to the application, permits are not required for minor repairs or single-family homes with less than 3,500 square feet of building area. However, it can still be a good idea to contact the city in advance of your plumbing work to arrange inspections even if you are not required to obtain a permit because skipping this step can result in preventable damage to your home. This is particularly true for any project that involves replacing or adding new fixtures or any work on your sewer line.

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