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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Muskegon?

The plumbing issues that Muskegon residents face are common throughout the country, with the exception of an increase in the chances of frozen pipes. Most of the garden variety sorts of problems are fairly simple to avoid, but when you do have a problem, it’s best to leave the repairs to a professional like Mr. Blue Plumbing.

Slow Drains

Lots of things can cause the water in your sinks and showers to go slowly down the drain. Some of the culprits are easy to eyeball, although a bit gross. A tangled ball of hair, or baby wipes in the toilet, may be a simple fix – pull out the hair and plunge the toilet – but other clogs further down the line demand the assistance of our professionals. Many homeowners in the area will find that the insides of their pipes have been affected by mineral deposits from the city’s hard water, which restrict flow and can cause clogged drains more easily. Commercial drain cleaners don’t work all that well and damage pipes, so save yourself money in the long run by having the clog removed by our plumbers. 

Low Water Pressure

One of the signs of a clog further down the pipe is low water pressure. One thing to remember is that there are two sets of plumbing pipes in your home, one for incoming clean water and one for outgoing wastewater. If you get a tiny trickle when you turn on the tap, a clogged, or cracked pipe is likely to blame. Many times in Muskegon, this is due to mineral build-up from the hard water in the area, which reduces the flow of fresh water through your pipes.

Water Heater

There’s not much worse than a water heater that’s failing – nobody likes cold showers! Your water heater is likely out of sight, out of mind, but you do need routine service to ensure that it’s working properly. The water in Muskegon isn’t terribly hard, but minerals do build up in the tank and cause leaks. Water heaters that have mineral accumulation in the tank can be less efficiency and even leak. If your hot water is lukewarm or inconsistent, it’s the first sign of a failing appliance. 

You may think that a backed-up toilet is the worst plumbing disaster you could face, but a rusted-out water heater is really worse. Once the tank ruptures, the entire contents of that 50-gallon tank come rushing out into your home, ruining carpets and furniture. If the water heater is upstairs, the water damage extends to ceilings and walls.

Any water heater problems demand help from our plumbers, whether the power source is gas or electric, they are dangerous for the layperson. If your water heater is gas, you absolutely need our licensed plumbers to deal with any issues – a leak in the gas line could be deadly.

Frozen Pipes

Muskegon averages about 90 inches — or seven and a half feet — of snow every year, and 49 snow days. The super-cold temperatures that accompany winter storms, the daily average in the winter is barely 30F, increase the chances of freezing and burst pipes. You can lessen the chances of your pipes freezing during a cold snap by leaving your taps open, indoors and out, so there’s always water moving through the pipes. If the pipes burst or even crack, you have a much bigger repair bill on your hands. 

Water Damage

Some plumbing problems are sneakier than a burst pipe or backed-up toilet. You don’t really notice some leaks until there are stains on the walls or ceilings, a moldy odor or even visible mold, or pooling water on the floor, then you need to call our plumbers immediately. Not only are these signs of a serious leak that damages your home and furnishings, but can also foster the growth of Stachybotrys chartarum, the black mold that grows on drywall material in damp conditions. The high humidity of Muskegon means that there’s already a ripe environment for black mold to develop. 

How Does the Water in Muskegon Affect Your Plumbing?

Muskegon residents are fortunate that the water here is only moderately hard, so you don’t have the excessive mineral accumulation in pipes and water heaters that other Michiganders have to deal with. However, mineral deposits are still an issue in Muskegon. The water quality here is also considered safe to drink, and lead levels, always a concern in the state, are in the 90th percentile which is 3 parts per billion (ppb). The city uses chlorine as part of the water filtration process, so you may get a glass from the tap with a slight pool taste. It’s not a health hazard, but many Muskegon residents drink bottled water or install water filtration systems. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Muskegon?

Our plumbers usually charge a flat hourly rate plus the costs of parts, which totals between $90 and $875, on average. Most homeowners in the area pay around $430 for their repairs.

Cost Factor: Location

Is the problem inside the house or outside? Typically, indoor means a drain or toilet to unclog – pretty basic. Once you’re outside, pipes and trenching enter the mix and it’s more expensive. 

Cost Factor: Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to our plumbers. Your toilets don’t back up at a convenient time of day, it’s going to erupt at midnight during an ice storm. You’ll pay more for that emergency call which is up to $300 for a call that would be $75 on a Monday afternoon. 

Cost Factor: Scope of Work

The scope of work is impossible to nail down until the project is almost finished. Plumbing projects are notorious for getting more complicated as the work progresses, like a clogged sink that has turned into replacing pipes more than once, so a basic estimate does account for the possibility of additional work. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Muskegon?

Better plumbing means more than new pipes and appliances. It means taking care of your existing equipment. But yes, you can save money with routine maintenance and new energy-efficient appliances. 

Don’t Let Small Problems Turn Into Big Ones

Lots of homeowners consider dripping faucets a nuisance, but in fact, they do waste water, which you are paying for, and shorten the lifespan of your fixtures. Constant running erodes the rubber seals until the fixtures need replacing rather than a simple repair, which costs exponentially more than a new seal or pipe tightening. A yearly inspection of pipes, water heaters, and laundry lines can save you thousands in the long run by making you aware of weaknesses before they become failures.

Replace Your Water Heater

Like toilets, water heaters have a lifespan of about ten years. Lots of homeowners in the Muskegon area are opting for on-demand tankless water instead of the traditional tanks. They save a lot of cubic space and you don’t need to store hot water in a tank. Until you’re ready to replace your heating tank, have it flushed twice a year to remove sediment. 

Insulate Pipes

It’s cold in Muskegon for several months a year, so insulating your pipes is a good freeze-preventative. This is an easy DIY if your house is built on a pier foundation, and you can buy the insulating wrap at a hardware store. Leaving cabinet doors under sinks open during really cold weather to keep the pipes warm and let air circulate, and don’t forget to leave a drip going. 

Your homeowner’s insurance will cover some damages related to leaking plumbing or burst pipes. If the damage is due to an accidental pipe burst, or the washing machine hose breaks, you may be able to file a claim. If the damage is due to negligence on your part, like you haven’t had the water heater flushed or the pipes inspected (plumbers do that with a remote camera now), you are on the hook for repairs. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Muskegon vs Hire a Plumber?

Your responsibility for water and sewer lines begins at the water meter on your property, where the city main splits off for individual residences. Any pipe leaks or clogs that are causing problems before the meter are yours; anything beyond it, even in your yard, is the city’s. If you have a sewage, disposal, or stormwater backup on your property, you must file a written claim with the city within 45 days of the discovery of the overflow to recover any damages. You can call the City of Muskegon Public Works Office at (231)724-4100 Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Muskegon?

You’ll need a plumbing permit for any job that’s more complicated than replacement or repair, which means installing new plumbing or replacing extensive piping in your home. Either you or our plumber may apply for a permit in Muskegon, but for any work that requires a permit, you will need a professional plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing.

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