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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Joplin?

Plumbing issues occur everywhere, and the City of Joplin has its fair share, especially the old neighborhoods, such as the Historic Murphysburg District. While the newer and young neighborhoods have their unique plumbing challenges, the common plumbing issues in all these neighborhoods include:

  • Natural disasters, such as the 2011 EF5 tornado
  • Water damage due to floods from the excessive rain in the area
  • Sump pump malfunctions from working overtime in the event of flooding
  • Leaky fixtures, especially because the hard water in the city deteriorates fixtures, gaskets, and connections rapidly
  • High water and energy-consuming plumbing fixtures

The rule of thumb with all plumbing issues in Joplin: call our plumbers immediately when you suspect something is amiss with your plumbing. You can choose to repair or fix the plumbing issue yourself, but you risk inflicting more damage, hence more costs. Instead, contact our qualified and licensed Joplin plumbers who’ll fix the problem accordingly.

How Does the Water in Joplin Affect Your Plumbing?

The water you enjoy in your Joplin home comes from two sources: 80% from Shoal creek and 20% from groundwater wells. Water passes through the water treatment plant and treated with chloramines to reduce contaminants and ensure the water is healthy for your consumption, then supplied to you.

A recent Joplin annual water quality report revealed the presence of contaminants in your water, such as Total Coliform, Haloacetic Acids, Nitrates, minerals, and Total Trihalomethanes, to mention a few. Notably, most of these contaminants aren’t present in the source water, which means they result from various processes as the water is piped to you. Among them, contaminants are multiple acids such as haloacetic acid, which corrodes metal plumbing drains and pipes. Over time, the corroded sediments build up and collect within the lines resulting in the reduced lifespan of the fixtures, reduced water pressure and flow, and blocks.

The report also indicated that Joplin has a total water hardness level of 139 ppm, meaning that Joplin’s water is hard. The treatment plant can do little to soften the water, and it gets to your plumbing systems in that hard form, resulting in:

  • Blocks and clogs due to the buildup of minerals and sediments within the fixtures.
  • Hard-to-remove stains, especially in porcelain surfaced fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks.
  • An unappealing look on plumbing surfaces.
  • Inefficient plumbing, reduction in lifespan, high power consumption, and contact fixture malfunctions, such as the water heater.

While the treatment plant can do little to reduce water hardness, you can contact our expert plumbers to install a water softener and filtration at your Joplin home.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Joplin?

It’s hard to definitively answer this question as most of the plumbing issues in Joplin homes are usually hidden. To get a better understanding, our plumber has to physically come to your home and make an assessment to determine the cost. However, the minimum plumbing cost is $90, the average high cost is $620, and the average is around $355. But still, what our plumber quotes might be lower or higher than the final figure that is determined by:

Cost Factor: Labor and Depth of the Job

Plumbing issues in Joplin come in different shapes and sizes. But in all of them, labor charge is the primary contributor of the overall plumbing charge, all other factors set aside. Modes of labor vary from flat rates to hourly rates. For instance, our plumbers in Joplin could charge $65 per hour for complicated jobs, while a flat fee of $150 may cover clearing a drain clog.

Additionally, the more extensive and complicated a plumbing issue is, the higher the charge. A simple leaking fixture that you can fix yourself differs from a $1,500 acrylic bathtub installation.

Cost Factor: Repairing or Upgrading?

What’s the extent of the plumbing job in your Joplin home? Does it need a repair or replacement? In some instances, the best course of action is to repipe rather than repair. In the old buildings with old and outdated fixtures, a burst copper sewer pipe is best replaced using modern CPVC pipes that’ll incur less maintenance and lasts longer. If you choose to repipe, then you’ll incur more cost of purchasing the extra fixtures.

Cost Factor: Permits Fees

The City of Joplin requires a plumbing permit for all plumbing work carried out in your home. Whether you choose to do the plumbing job yourself or contract our plumbers to do it, then you require a plumber like ours before commencing the job; otherwise, you risk a penalty. The good news is, the law doesn’t prevent you from carrying out any plumbing job in your home, but it’s best if you contracted a Joplin plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing to fix the issue properly. You should include permit fees while calculating the final plumbing charges.

One thing that can cause a plumbing charge to go up is procrastinating. Don’t wait till that drain break turns into a significant leak which will need a repipe. Call us to have the issue fixed the minute you spot one.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Joplin?

Missouri American Water supplies 11 million gallons of water to Joplin, and still, there’s plenty left at the source. Nevertheless, the City realizes the importance of saving water by reducing wastage and energy consumption. The good news is, join this bandwagon and save money as well, and it begins with changing your current plumbing practices to:

Fix That Leak

According to Missouri American Water, annually, your Joplin house wastes enough water from leaks to fill a backyard swimming pool. That means you lose 180 showers’ worth of water annually by way of a leaking shower head at one drip per second. Now, that’s a lot of water wasted and a huge water bill.

Some leaks are easy to fix, and you can DIY, such as O-ring wear and tear hence your constant faucet leaks. Others require our professionals to fix, such as water dripping from your water heater’s tank. Regardless of the nature of the leak, it’s advisable to contract our plumbers to fix it immediately. That way, you get to save up to 10% on your water bill.

Missouri American Water Conservation Tips

While water is the most abundant resource on the planet, you should be in the front line to conserve it, and you can do that in your Joplin house. If you have no idea where to begin, worry not; Missouri American Water has your back. Missouri American Water has provided easy-to-understand and straightforward indoor and outdoor water-saving and conservation tips, such as not running water while washing your dishes. Instead, soak them in containers, one for washing and another for rinsing.

Additionally, the water utility company provides helpful water conservation tips in cold and warm weather, such as only water your garden when needed, especially early in the morning or late in the evening. These water conservation tips will go a long way in saving water to ensure the future generations have plenty to consume.

Updating Your Fixtures

If you live in the old Joplin neighborhoods, such as the historic zoning area, chances are your plumbing isn’t water conservation compliant. Also, the plumbing is old, outdated, and has had bad repairs over the years. If your plumbing breaks down regularly, requires regular maintenance, and is costing you, consider calling us for repiping.

Installing EPA’s WaterSense eco-friendly plumbing accessories that consume fewer resources will save you water, energy, and money. For instance, a low-flow WaterSense toilet consumes 0.8 to 1.6 gallons per flush compared to the traditional that uses more than 4 gallons.

Plumbing is a vital element of your Joplin home. But, it doesn’t have to hurt your budget. With the proper water-saving tips, you can save money to invest in other essential home projects.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Joplin vs. Hire a Plumber?

Some plumbing issues in Joplin are easy to diagnose and fix with your DIY skills, like a leaky tap or faucet. But what if the plumbing issue is extensive, and you get confused on who to call? How do you decide whether to call Missouri American Water or our plumbers? Call Missouri American Water when:

  • You suspect you have a water meter leakage or malfunction
  • You need a water connection or disconnection
  • Significant water leakage is outside your private property
  • You are in an emergency that requires a water main shut off
  • Your water bill is skyrocketing, and you don’t know why, or inquiring about any other water service or billing

For all other jobs, our plumbers are ready to help.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Joplin?

According to the City of Joplin Code of Ordinance – Chapter 26: Buildings and Building Regulations (Sec VI), a plumbing permit is required before starting any plumbing job in your home. If you need to apply for a plumbing permit, contact the Joplin Building Code and Enforcement Division.

Additionally, the code of ordinance further explains that if you choose to contract a Joplin plumber like us, they have to be trained, permitted, and licensed by Joplin City as master and journey plumbers. Therefore, you are assured that a Joplin plumber has the necessary skills to properly fix and repair any plumbing challenge your home might face. At Mr. Blue Plumbing, all of our plumbers are in compliance, so you never have to worry!

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