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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Hattiesburg?

With Hattiesburg’s year-round humid and subtropical climate, frozen pipes and other plumbing issues related to cooler weather are not as much a concern as a few other plumbing issues that arise around the city. With the influx of college students and the hustle and bustle that comes with college towns, you can expect a few plumbing issues to develop throughout the city. As the homeowner, you should know what types of plumbing issues arise throughout Hattiesburg and what you can expect, whether this is your primary home or rental property in the area. 

Frozen Pipes

Hattiesburg experiences sub-freezing temperatures as low as 5 to 15 degrees resulting in hard freeze conditions. This condition often results in damage to exposed pipes and causes water main breaks. Avoiding freeze pipes usually requires installing insulation or heaters, which we could properly do. 

Slow Drains

One of the biggest complaints residents have with their plumbing is slow drainage and the water not draining out of indoor faucets around the home. It is important to note that many of the homes in Hattiesburg are older, and some plumbing needs to be repaired. These slow drains are happening due to clogs in the plumbing system and should receive attention from a plumber when you notice that the water is not draining properly. 

Items that should not be flushed or find their way down the toilets are often the culprits of slow drains. The drain can be clogged in several places throughout the home, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bathtubs, and outdoor drains. Unfortunately, the grease or oil down kitchen sinks is an issue in Hattiesburg, where young renters are learning to live on their own for the first time and wash the grease down the drain. 

Hair is also a big culprit for drains, going down bathtubs and sinks, lining the drains, and keeping the water from moving properly down into the septic system. Anything that goes down the drain and gets caught in the hair will increase the clog and back up the water. 

Septic Tank Clog and Backup

Many of the homes in Hattiesburg are more than 15 years old, meaning that the septic system may require a good pump. If the house is a rental property with several tenants living there for certain periods, this could also cause the septic tank to backup and clog much sooner than expected.

If it hasn’t already happened by this time, the septic system begins building up with solid waste, making it a problem to continue emptying waste into the tank. Once it is full, the water and sewage from your home to the tank will start to back up, causing a clog. You may start to see unpleasant waste back up into your toilets, sinks, and even showers because they cannot move forward. 

Leaking Pipes

Over time, the water pipes in your home will start to deteriorate from corrosion and other damages from the natural elements. When the pipes begin corroding, the potential for leaks arises. Unfortunately, many of these leaks are found inside the home and not always immediately visible. This means that the pipes in your basement could be leaking for a while before you notice it. Those underground could last for years and cause significant issues later on.

If you notice that your water usage is up on your water meter, but you have not changed your water use habits, then this is the first indication that you have a leak somewhere on the property. Smaller leaks are more gradual, but a substantial leak can inflate your water bill significantly from one month to the next. 

Leaking Faucets

You can see some leaks early on and can get ahead of them. If you notice any indoor or outdoor faucets leaking, you should call in a professional to fix the leak. A faucet that leaks constantly will cause excessive water damage in the surrounding area if you wait to have it fixed. That means that there is an underlying problem that needs to be corrected. The parts that are often replaced on your faucet include:

  • Compression
  • Ball
  • Disk
  • Cartridge

Without repairing these leaking faucets, you will continue to use much more water than expected and have a larger water bill until the leak is replaced. Since Hattiesburg has hard water, that means a constant buildup of minerals in your pipes due to the water continuing to run and leak around the clock. 

How Does the Water in Hattiesburg Affect Your Plumbing?

The plumbing issues you may have can come from the naturally hard water found in Mississippi, and Hattiesburg is no exception. Hard water is based on the number and level of minerals found in natural water sources. Mississippi has natural rock formations surrounding many of the water sources, causing more mineral deposits. The water circulating through the city of Hattiesburg is supplied directly by the City Public Works department or the West Lamar Water Association. Water quality reports are released annually, showing all minerals and radioactive contaminants that are filtered throughout local water sources before making their way into your home. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Hattiesburg?

If you are looking to have some plumbing services done in your Hattiesburg home, you need to consider a few cost factors before you assume a price. The average price of plumbing services in this area is around $400 and could be more, depending on the type of service. Before you can get a true estimation, consider the following cost factors. 

Standard Vs Emergency Plumbing

Depending on how soon you need your plumbing service done is at the base of the service rate. If your plumbing needs are not an emergency and you can schedule an appointment during regular business hours, you can expect to get the best rate for your service. However, if your service needs cannot wait and you need assistance right away, you should be prepared to pay an additional fee. Rates after regularly scheduled business hours are higher than those during business hours. 

Your emergency may not be after hours, but actually during the day. There is a cost difference if other scheduled services need to be rearranged to move your service to the top of the job list. While jobs are often assigned by the level of urgency, other customers must rearrange their schedules for these accommodations. 

Type of Service and Labor

Not all plumbing services are equal in size or time it takes to complete the job. Some leaky pipes and faucets can be fixed in less than an hour or maybe two hours at best. Others, however, require more time and a couple of trips to your home before the service is complete. Some jobs may also require the assistance of two or more of our plumbers, especially if there is an emergency or a leak that has gone undetected.

The more labor required, the larger the bill when the service is over. If you have a larger job this time than the last time you called us, you can expect a different quote for this service.


Materials for your plumbing service are essential. Our plumbers usually carry some materials on hand, and these materials need to be replenished for inventory. The cost of the material is calculated into the overall bill when it is drafted. While the most common calls allow our plumbers to keep some materials on hand, there are some instances where we may need to order additional materials for a larger problem or a special piece that needs to be replaced in your home. If these parts require special delivery or express, you can expect to cover this charge as well.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Hattiesburg?

Unlike other neighboring states, Mississippi is home to naturally hard water that can put a strain on your plumbing system. This means that when you have any type of plumbing service on your property, you need to have it done correctly and by a team of qualified plumbers. Attempting to take shortcuts and installing cheaper materials in an area like Hattiesburg that has hard water can have you replacing your entire plumbing system much sooner than you expected. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Hattiesburg Vs Hire a Plumber?

Sometimes the plumbing issues you have are not related to your plumbing system. If you and your neighbors have noticed a decrease in water pressure over the last few hours or days, it is time to reach out to your water utility supplier and have them come to check their lines. Sometimes, the work they are doing in one area can adversely impact a neighborhood down the road. These are related to a larger water leak in their system that will need to be repaired by the company directly. 

Any issues within your house’s plumbing is our job to fix. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us when you need plumbing issues to be addressed right away. Clogs, pinhole leaks, and slow drains escalate to major issues if they are ignored. Never wait for flooding in your homes before you call us. This would be more expensive for you. Even if it’s a small water pooling, contact us right away so we could inspect it for you and suggest of ways on how to avoid catastrophic damage to your plumbing system if possible. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Hattiesburg?

Any time you have to do construction on your water or sewer system, you can expect to apply for a permit for the plumbers working on the project. These permits are also required for major repairs including the removal of pipes and septic tanks. If you are not sure if you need a permit, you can reach out to the city of Hattiesburg at 601-554-1003 for more information. Should you need assistance on securing permits, contact us. We are very familiar with this system and could obtain permits easily.

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