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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Cary?

We’ve noticed there are more plumbing issues during winter and in older homes throughout Cary. 

Here are some of the common plumbing problems in Cary:

Pipe Leakages

One common plumbing issue among Cary homeowners is pipe leakage, especially during winter. We have encountered various homeowners who have experienced skyrocketing utility bills that we’ve traced to pipe leakage issues. However, it’s not easy to identify this problem since plumbing lines run behind walls. Therefore, once you notice increasing bills, seek assistance from our plumbing experts. Failure to take action can cause mildew or mold growth and also destroy walls and floors over time. In most cases, pipe leakages happen as temperatures drop during winter, which also causes loosening of pipe joints.

Older homes are also prone to pipe leakage, especially in buildings using pipes made of polybutylene. These are pipes that were installed in about ten million homes in the US from 1978 to 1995. The pipes are prone to degradation once exposed to chlorinated water and may even rupture, causing damage to your property. Replacements would be an excellent decision to avoid these costly damages.

Dripping Faucets

Most homeowners overlook a dripping faucet, yet it could lead to the loss of thousands of gallons of water. As a result, your water bills will also keep on rising. You can check on the inside of your cabinets’ sinks for any leakages. No matter how low the leakage may seem, it’s wise to seek help from our plumbers in Cary. 

Water Pressure

Some Cary residents also experience low water pressure issues, especially those in older homes. When your taps start to have trickling water instead of the usual gushing out at an appropriate level, you have low water pressure problems. This issue is caused by pipes becoming broken, warped, or corroded over time. It could also be due to a buildup of sediments on the aerators.

Still, in some parts of Cary west, daily water pressure can temporarily fluctuate to about 20 psi but may have minimal impact on your plumbing system. The water system in Cary can also decrease or increase without warning but for short periods. In buildings that exceed 80 psi, you can install a PRV, as per the North Carolina plumbing code. It helps in reducing pressure to protect fixtures and water pipes.

Clogs in Pipes, Sinks, and Toilets

Another frustrating situation for homeowners is a clogged toilet. Whichever time this happens, you will need a professional to unclog the toilet. Although a pipe snake may come in handy, we still had many homeowners overwhelmed by the issue that had to seek our professional assistance.

On the other hand, clogged drains and sinks can also worsen, but you can rely on the drain catch to eliminate any blocking objects. While attempting to unblock the clogs, don’t be tempted to use drain cleaners. Many homeowners try using these substances but end up frustrated since they don’t always clear the clog and may damage your drainpipes.

How Does the Water in Cary Affect Your Plumbing?

Water in Cary, NC, comes from municipal and private wells. Some homeowners also get their water from lakes, rivers, and streams. Water hardness in this area runs between 25 – 30 ppm, which can hardly cause damage to your pipes. 

Water pressure is the primary concern for Cary homeowners since it can lead to pipe bursts. If the pipe burst happens within the building, it can lead to damages in your home worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Cary?

We found that the average amount spent on plumbing repairs by most Cary homeowners is $349. You can pay up to $620 or more or as low as $80, depending on various factors such as:

Cost Factor: Nature of the Work

Some plumbing jobs are naturally less expensive than others. For example, if you want a leaking pipe fixed, it will cost less than a burst pipe. Fixing a leaking pipe will take less time and may only need one person for the entire task. However, a burst pipe will require more work and even more personnel depending on the extent of the damage, which translates to more costs. Some homeowners’ insurance may cover water damages on your property, but only if it wasn’t avoidable. 

Cost Factor: Labor

If there is a cracked or burst pipe in your garden, some digging must be done to fix the problem. However, if the leaking pipe is below your sink, it requires less work to repair, and you will also pay a lesser price.

Cost Factor: Materials

Once you call our plumbers in Cary to fix a problem in your system, we will first evaluate the extent of damage to determine the materials needed in the entire project. If more replacements are needed, you will have to incur a higher cost. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Cary?

While some homeowners in Cary, NC tackle simple plumbing tasks in their properties, such as minor leaks and clogs, we advise hiring our licensed plumbers in Cary for any plumbing issues. Working with our professional plumbers ensures minor plumbing issues are fixed well and do not escalate to bigger problems. For instance, you may overlook or try to repair a leaking pipe, but it can lead to water damage in your property if not fixed early and well enough. 

Here are more reasons why better plumbing saves you more costs:

Quick and Reliable Solution

While you may be tempted to fix a plumbing issue, it might prove to be more costly than you thought. If you forget a specific step, you will use more resources and do more damage. Our plumbers will fix the problem quickly and get things right the first time, saving you both time and money on the project.

Also, if there will be any damages during the installation or repairs of the plumbing system, our plumbers will take responsibility for the mess. You won’t have to spend more money, and we will still ensure that the project is complete.

Preventative Maintenance

You save a considerable amount through preventative maintenance from our professional plumbers. Our experts in Cary can easily spot a problem in your system before it becomes a significant issue that will need more resources and time to repair. For instance, correcting leaks in plumbing closets or under sinks can save you up to three folds on your water bill. Still, cleaning and unclogging drains will prevent you from incurring huge costs in fixing the backup.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Cary Vs. Hire a Plumber?

Most of the plumbing issues in Cary, NC can be addressed by our professional plumbers. However, we also discovered that the water utility company also takes responsibility for making repairs in various scenarios, as detailed below.

Sewer and Water Service Lines

If there is a blockage, leaks, or breaks in the main sewer or water line, you can call the utility company in Cary, NC, to make the necessary repairs. Still, you can rely on the town authorities when there is a problem with the sewer or water service line in the section from your cleanout pipe or water meter in the front of your yard to the mainline. However, if the leak or blockage happens in the water or sewer service line between the cleanout pipe or water meter and your home or business, it’s your responsibility.

Water Leaks

Whenever there is a water leak inside your home or business, locate the main water shut-off valve to turn off the water. If you don’t locate the main water valve in your structure, you can consult our professional plumbers in Cary or call the utility company to shut off the water meter. Homeowners are responsible for any repairs inside their homes or business or outside, up to the main water meter. If you notice water leaks on the streets or beyond your property from the water meter to the street, reach out to the water utility company.

Sewer Problems

You may experience sewer stoppages when plumbing fixtures don’t drain, leading to a sewer backup to your toilet or tubs. Even if a sewer clean-out pipe exists, you may notice sewer seeping from the pipe at the edge of your property. When a sewer stoppage happens, call the utility company to assess the problem. They will have direct access to the sewer service line using the cleanout pipe. This way, they can determine if the blockage is on the homeowner’s side or the town’s side of the sewer.

The utility company deals with blockages in the main sewer line or the sewer lateral; this includes the area from the cleanout pipe to the mainline. Homeowners should handle a backup that occurs in the sewer lateral between the property and the cleanout pipe. However, homeowners without a cleanout pipe at the edge of their property should take full responsibility in case of a sewer blockage regardless of where it occurs in the sewer lateral.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Cary?

Whenever you need to work on a plumbing project on your property, you must have a permit from the town of Cary. The plumbing tasks can include alterations, installation, extension, or general repairs on your home or business plumbing system. Note that the state laws require property owners to obtain permits from the Inspections Department before starting the plumbing project. You will also need the license before relocating or adding plumbing fixtures, such as hose bibs, sewer lines, water lines, backflow devices, sinks, toilets, and more in any residential project. Homeowners or business owners obtain the permits from Cary Town Hall located at 316 North Academy Street after making an online application.

You can also do some plumbing projects without a permit, such as replacing a plumbing fixture. However, this only applies to work that doesn’t change the original component’s capacity or design of the task. Lastly, if you can solve the plumbing problem via a DIY solution, you don’t need a permit, provided you are the property’s owner. You should be the property’s primary residence owner for at least 12 months as per state laws.

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