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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Issues In Charlotte?

There’s no telling when or which plumbing issue is imminent. No time is ideal for them to occur. There are different issues in Charlotte, some more prevalent than others:

Frozen Pipes

During the winter months in Charlotte, it’s typical for the freezing weather to affect the plumbing system. Both indoor and outdoor systems, such as pipes, are at risk of freezing. However, Charlotte Water has given the city clear guidelines on protecting your fixtures during these cold moments. If these fixtures thaw and crack, that’s when you should call our plumbers.

Clogged and Leaky Fixtures

Often, clogged and blocked drains or lines happen due to flushing foodstuffs and other debris. Foodstuffs block pipes due to the presence of grease. Immediately call our plumbers as line blocks might result in severe health hazards. Also, hot weather results in pipes cracking due to expansion, resulting in leakages.

Busted Water Heaters

If you have an old, outdated, or rugged water heater, plumbing issues such as temperature alterations, accumulated dirt, debris, and malfunctions will be more common. 

Don’t be surprised when you receive a higher than regular power bill in the cold season. Water heaters consume more power due to more strain during cold weather in Charlotte, hence the higher than regular power bills.

Poor Maintenance

Many homeowners in Charlotte overlook the importance of maintaining their plumbing systems, preventing various issues from happening. Routine inspection and maintenance, including draining the water heater tank once or twice a year to eliminate all sediments accumulated inside.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Often, the garbage disposal unit isn’t emphasized as a plumbing fixture. It can be disappointing when your garbage disposal fails when you have lots of garbage that needs urgent disposal. While the common issues are power-related, calling our plumbers to help you diagnose the problem is the advisable step to take.

At Mr. Blue Plumbing, our technicians are dedicated and highly trained to tackle all plumbing issues in Charlotte, the common and less common and complex ones. If you face any of these or more problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How Does The Water In Charlotte Affect Your Plumbing?

The water that you consume in your house is sourced from Mountain Island Lake and Lake Norman. The water is treated using chemicals, such as chlorine, for safe human consumption, after which you receive it via the water utility company. While chlorine is vital to prevent the growth of bacteria in your water, long term and large quantities can cause:

  • Reduced lifespan to plastic fixtures, such as plastic pipes or fixtures in the toilet flushing system
  • Corrosion in copper-based fixtures and hot water cylinders, as a recent study reveals
  • Some components found in coal ash can cause clogs and blocks when they accumulate and build up within pipes and lines.

Don’t allow such issues to affect your plumbing. Mr. Blue Plumbing experts undergo training to solve such problems. We’ll salvage your plumbing in Charlotte by installing measures such as state-of-the-art water filters.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Charlotte?

Plumbing issues come in all shapes and sizes in Charlotte. Some are visible even to the untrained eye. Others lie behind the walls or underground and require an experienced, trained eye to spot, diagnose, fix and charge fairly. If left out or done improperly, plumbing issues can leave you with mountains of costs and bills. However, the final expenses of plumbing jobs in the area fall between $150 and $590, depending on various factors:

Cost Factor: Nature of the Job

Plumbing issues are different and unique, and so are their costs. Labor takes up most of the plumbing costs. Additionally, the nature of the problem influences the prices. A job such as repairing a leak will cost you around $150, while a complex assignment such as installing a septic system will cost you $7,000 or more. The more complex and involved the problem is, the higher the cost.

Cost Factor: Any Extra Fixtures Needed

In some instances, repairing or taping a fixture cannot rectify the problem. The issue might be delicate, complex, or recurring, therefore requiring a replacement approach. Replacing a fixture means you have to incur an extra cost of purchasing the appliance.

Cost Factor: Nature of the Rates

While our plumbers in Charlotte typically charge hourly rates, a fixed cost system is common for simpler jobs. Our plumber will charge you a specific price depending on the degree of complexity. However, for our plumber to give you a correct estimate, they must conduct an assessment. On the other hand, some jobs are charged a flat rate, such as repairing a simple pipe leakage.

Cost Factor: Urgency

Plumbing problems in Charlotte are unpredictable and can occur even in the wee hours of the night. Annoying, right? Urgent jobs that require emergency dispatch, such as blocked sewer lines, will cost you a bit more due to the logistics involved in dispatching the emergency unit. However, compared to the damage such issues can cause, the extra cost is worth it if you don’t solve it immediately.

Cost Factor: Experience Level

The rates a plumber will charge you might indicate their experience and reliability levels. Experienced plumbers in Charlotte, such as Mr. Blue Plumbing experts, charge pretty fairly but guarantee to get the job done the first time correctly and surpass your expectations and quality. Reliable plumbers like us will communicate openly, clearly, and honestly.

Different plumbing jobs in Charlotte will cost you differently. However, you should focus less on the cost and more on the problem. What could happen if you don’t get the plumbing issue fixed? What if you postpone the issue and it gets worse? 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money In Charlotte?

The answer is a big YES! Poor plumbing in Charlotte results in mountains of costs and bills. With tight budgets, it’s crucial to save for that overdue family vacation to the Cayman Islands.

Looking to save some bucks? Here’s what you need to do:

Call in Mr. Blue Plumbing

Some plumbing issues in Charlotte can be easy to get rid of, such as a leaking pipe; you can tape it and move on, right? While you may be tempted to use your DIY plumbing skills to carry out repairs, what if an issue is more complex than your meager skills can assess? What if what you’re seeing is just the tip of the iceberg? What if you just made the situation worse? We know you want to save some money, but you might end up spending more on doing so. When you spot an issue, call in our experts to handle it.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

You’ve always heard prevention is better than cure, right? Well, it doesn’t just apply to preventing the flu. Routing and regular maintenance from Mr. Blue Plumbing is the preferred preventive measure as it can detect a plethora of plumbing disasters lying in wait. So when you think of that family vacation, think Mr. Blue Plumbing maintenance.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

If you notice certain fixtures need repeated repair, it’s about time you replaced them. The regular repair will cost you more over time. You may incur a high cost of replacing a fixture now, but it will save you big in the long run.

Consider Disposing Rather Than Flushing

Clogging and blocking in drains and lines is caused by flushing foodstuffs and other debris. Some of this debris isn’t biodegradable, so flushing makes the situation dire. Instead of flushing them, have some garbage bags ready, put all disposable waste there, and dispose of it off the proper way. Otherwise, be prepared to pay unblocking costs regularly.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Some fixtures consume more resources than required, leading to waste. Replace them with eco-friendly fixtures such as:

  • Tankless water heaters that use gas or solar power
  • Insulating hot water pipe to prevent the escape of heat energy
  • Low flow and efficient toilets that reduce water used for flushing by up to 20%
  • Bathtubs and sinks that hold less water

Now you have ways to help you save some money from better plumbing in charlotte. You can finally start that home beautifying project you’ve been postponing due to lack of funds. Save up, who knows, maybe you’ll have enough Benjamin Franklins to take that overdue family vacation finally.

When Should You Call The Water Utility Company In Charlotte Vs. Hire a Plumber?

There’s a fine line between what our plumber should handle and when to call the water utility company when it comes to plumbing. As Charlotte’s law-abiding citizens, we respect the jurisdiction of these institutions and will advise you to contact them if the situation calls for it.

So, call the water utility company if:

  • You want new water and sanitation connection from the public water main
  • You spot a leak that’s beyond your property, such as in the streets
  • When your entire home is out of water
  • If you spot a plumbing issue at your neighbors and no one is home, or you can’t find their shut-off valve
  • You require a vault box
  • You wish to disconnect from the water or sewer public main

On the other hand, if your plumbing issue doesn’t fall under any of the stated categories, then take that phone and dial Mr. Blue Plumbing. We are ready and waiting to attend to any other plumbing issue.

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Charlotte?

It’s your responsibility as the homeowner to acquire a plumbing permit, whether you decide to DIY or get a contractor. Often, homeowners overlook these codes and permit requirements due to negligence without appreciating the repercussions. While some minor plumbing issues and projects don’t require permits, you need to get one if:

  • The job will change the existing plumbing design and system
  • You are replacing one fixture with another, for instance, installing a tankless solar-powered water heater
  • Installing a new plumbing system
  • Repositioning the existing system by moving it to another location

For more information on when you need a plumbing permit, Code Enforcement of Mecklenburg County has it all. Applying for a plumbing license in Charlotte is a breeze; you can do it in the comfort of your living room.

At Mr. Blue Plumbing, we abide by the law and won’t commence any plumbing job unless you produce a permit if the job calls for one. Our compliance department makes sure all our plumbers are duly examined, licensed, and permitted by the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating, and Fire Sprinkler Contractors and the city of Charlotte.

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