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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Hastings?

While all sorts of plumbing problems happen around here from time to time, there are a few issues that are much more common in Hastings than others. While many of our most frequent plumbing challenges are posed by the hardness of our water, other challenges like the sometimes bitter cold of Nebraska winters can also cause frequent problems with residents of Hastings.

Some of the problems we see most frequently here are:

  • Leaking faucets and toilets
  • Low water pressure
  • Corroded or worn pipes
  • Clogged or slow drains
  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Water heater failure
  • Fixture dilapidation
  • Leaking pipes

Due to the increasing numbers of homeowners having an issue with clogged sewer pipes, the City of Hastings stated ways on how to prevent it.

How Does the Water In Hastings Affect Your Plumbing?

The water here in Hastings comes from the Ogallala Aquifer, a massive underground water source that covers much of the midwest. The water is pumped through more than 20 local wells from a depth of over 130 feet. This aquifer is one of the most plentiful sources of clean water on the continent, but the water we get from it isn’t without its challenges.

The water that we use in Hastings is incredibly hard due to the high mineral content of water pumped from the aquifer. Though the Hastings Utilities Department treats our water to remove any harmful contaminants, many trace minerals present in the water are unable to be removed by this method. Even though these minerals are harmless to consumers, and some even argue that they improve the taste of the water, they can accumulate in your plumbing over time.

As these minerals build up in pipes and on fixtures, they can develop a gritty scale that can limit the flow of pipes and cause damage to their structural integrity. Scale buildup on fixtures reduces their beauty but eventually will interfere with the functionality of faucets, spigots, and valves. At an average of 240 ppm total hardness, our water here is far harder than most cities in the US, so without regular maintenance, every plumbing system will suffer over time from mineral accumulation.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Hastings?

Plumbing in Hastings is usually a little more competitive than the national average for similar services. That’s not to say that all plumbing work can be accomplished cheaply, but small, routine jobs like pipe repair or clog removal can typically be accomplished for anywhere from $80 to $160. No two plumbing jobs are alike though, and several factors could affect the price of more complicated issues.

Scale of job

It pretty much goes without saying that larger jobs will have higher costs, but it’s not always a steady increase as the scale of the job increases. Each time the scale of a job grows, more planning and testing will be necessary to ensure that new repairs don’t cause new problems elsewhere in your plumbing system. This means large-scale jobs like remodels and full plumbing system rebuilds will often require a lot of engineering and design to ensure successful execution. While this may mean higher costs, it’s absolutely essential that you can rely on any repairs or replacements to your plumbing for years, especially big jobs.


Routine maintenance and regular attention to plumbing systems can usually prevent urgent maintenance, but emergencies still do happen from time to time here in Hastings. We are usually pretty busy people, and emergency service calls may carry higher costs as we have to work overtime to fit you in as soon as possible without neglecting previously scheduled appointments.

Even if urgent problems are higher costs, the plumbing issues that warrant an emergency service can be more costly to procrastinate. Failure to deal with persistent leaks urgently may result in the leak escalating as pressurized water exploits weaknesses in your plumbing. Flooding from major leaks can be one of the most damaging disasters a homeowner will ever have to face, and urgent attention to leaks is better than risking a flood.

Often, in our cold winters here in Hastings, folks find themselves needing emergency help with plumbing. Frozen pipes in extreme cold can lead to pipes bursting, causing flooding and massive damage to your plumbing system. Getting us in quickly to thaw pipes before they burst is far preferable to the alternative. Water heaters at the end of their lives can also choose those coldest days of winter to finally give out, which leaves you vulnerable to frozen pipes if you can’t get urgent service to get a working water heater installed.

Age of home

Older homes can often present a lot of complicated problems for repairs that could increase costs in unexpected ways. In old buildings, plumbing has often been neglected for far too long. Older plumbing that hasn’t received the necessary routine maintenance and replacement over the years could be hiding corrosion and weaknesses that pressurized water could soon exploit to escape as leaks. Some old buildings may even still have pipes made of lead or other harmful materials that are absolutely essential to replace as soon as they are found.

While certified plumbers like us won’t be able to ignore such hazardous problems that are discovered in older homes, they should be found and replaced rather than remaining hidden in walls as unknown future flood risk, or worse, a source of serious contamination to drinking water.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Hastings?

Investing in higher-quality home infrastructure, like your plumbing system, will almost always save you money over the long term. Not only can upgrades and updates to your plumbing lower water bill costs and waste by improving efficiency, but also improve the reliability of your system. Plumbing that can be relied on to work for years will save money on future repair costs and potentially by avoiding costly emergencies.

Here in Hastings, there are a few ways that folks here find easy ways to save money by improving their plumbing system.

Water Softening Systems

With how hard our water is in Nebraska, the gradual damage to your pipes can drastically increase the cost of maintenance over the years. Not only do water softeners slow the depreciation of pipes, but they can also reduce scale buildup on fixtures to lengthen their lifespan. Since water softening systems also avoid that annoying film on freshly cleaned dishes and quickly accumulating soap scum in the shower, people around here tend to view them as a great investment.

Updating Old Pipes

Pipes don’t last forever. At best, most pipes are designed for a lifespan of three to five decades. Once pipes are past their prime, they can often lose their protective coating which can shed dangerous particles like lead or rust into your water. This can be detrimental to the health of anyone in your household. As pipes age, they can also develop weak points and vulnerabilities as they corrode. Water under constant pressure will eventually break through those weak points, resulting in leaks and costly flooding. Upgrading aging pipes before they are a problem avoids disastrous emergencies.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Hastings Vs Hire a Plumber?

When plumbing issues arise, it can be easy to feel lost about where to start solving the problem. Plumbing issues can escalate quickly over a short time, so you need to act quickly and get help to resolve the problem before it can cause serious damage to your home and its entire plumbing system.

When to Call the Utility Company

The city water utility here in Hastings is fairly limited in what they can help with as far as household plumbing problems. If you suddenly lose water in your entire home, the water utility may be able to tell you if an incident like a broken water main has caused an interruption in service, and if that’s the case, how long it will take to fix it. If the water pressure in your entire home abruptly drops, utility workers could test the pressure of your connection to the water grid to ensure that the city is supplying you with the amount of water you are entitled to.

Beyond checking issues with verifying a connection to the city water supply, the utility company cannot in any way help with plumbing problems that occur after the water leaves the city lines and enters your plumbing.

When to Hire a Plumber

Any issue that pops up within your home’s plumbing, you’ll have to hire us to fix it. It’s important to address plumbing issues within your property’s plumbing system quickly. Even the smallest plumbing issues like clogs, obstructed pipes, and pinhole leaks can grow into major problems if not dealt with. Clogs can build up pressure and grow into leaks. Small leaks can wear down from continued pressure and grow into large leaks and bursts. Water escaping your system is an emergency even if it’s a small amount, and large amounts of flooding can do catastrophic damage to your home and entire plumbing system.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Hastings?

Hasting’s building codes are more forgiving than most as far as requirements for permits and certified contractors, but not for plumbing work. Any plumbing here in Hastings will require that a certified plumber applies for a permit from the city with a detailed plan and scope of the work. We are very familiar with this system and can easily secure the permits necessary for the work to be completed, as well as helping with inspection requirements when the work is done.

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