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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Omaha?

Homeowners in Omaha, NE, face plumbing issues at some point. Most of the problems crop up during the winter season, especially in older homes built between 1939 and 1999, constituting a more significant percentage in Omaha. The most affected neighborhoods include Midtown, Downtown, Aksarben, Dundee-Happy Hollow, and Benson.

Some of the common plumbing problems you are likely to experience include:

Frozen Pipes

With temperatures dropping during winter, the water in your home’s pipes can quickly freeze. While this scenario may sometimes seem normal, it can lead to pipes bursting. Water expands in size as it changes from liquid to solid ice and piles pressure on the pipe. It gets worse when the ice prevents normal water flow. The more the pressure, the higher the chances of a pipe bursting leading to water pouring into your property and causing property damage.

Clogged Drains

During winter, most people in Omaha spend a considerable amount of time at home. As a result, there is a possibility of having clogged drains due to increased food particles, grease dumped in the sink, and fats. The decrease in temperatures and the pile-up of wastes can quickly clog the drain. Your garbage disposal can be helpful, but you are bound to have a clogged drain with time.

Water Heater Issues

During winter, water heaters may be overburdened as most people prefer hot baths in the chilly months. It’s prevalent in appliances that are nearing the end of their lifespan. Generally, a water heater lasts about ten to 12 years, but you can maximize its lifespan through routine maintenance. If a professional hasn’t serviced your water heater for over a year, we recommend you call our maintenance experts to avoid surprise failure. Still, if you have a leaking water heater, it’s a significant sign that you need a replacement.

Gutter Garbage

During fall, it’s common for debris such as leaves to accumulate in your gutters or gather near outdoor drains. Once the winter season kicks in, the accumulation of junk coupled with ice and snow leads to clogs. As a result, the gutter may not function properly, which is a danger to your roof and home. To avoid incurring costly damages, make sure you clean those gutters. We still encounter a few plumbing problems from homeowners in Omaha in areas around Elkhorn constructed in 2004 and beyond. 

Dripping Faucets

If you turn off the water, but the tap continues to drip, the faucet has a problem. If not taken care of immediately, the little drips can lead to more water bills. Research shows that house leaks can waste up to one trillion gallons of water annually. Also, not all faucets are the same, but with the assistance of our professionals, they can evaluate the situation and come up with a solution. 

Weak Water Pressure

Low water pressure is also common, and it’s an annoying experience since you can no longer enjoy a relaxing shower. If your faucet heads and aerators are clean, it could also be a problem with the municipal water supply. Other times, it may be an issue with your bathroom plumbing system, which we can look at.

How Does the Water in Omaha Affect Your Plumbing?

Omaha has an overabundance of water from the supplies stored in underground aquifers. However, the primary concern is that it’s considered hard water with an average hardness of about 188 PPM.

The water causes scale build-up inside the pipes, which causes a reduction of water flow which causes low pressure. In the long run, it piles up more pressure on the pipe that leads to leaks or damaging bursts. It also reduces your water heater’s lifespan and leads to damages to appliances such as the boiler. Heating appliances are highly affected because heating leads to more calcium carbonate formation. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Omaha?

The cost of plumbing is a significant concern to most Omaha residents, especially when there is an emergency. However, there isn’t a specific figure for every service since the extent of the repairs may differ. 

From the many Omaha homeowners whom we have encountered, they have paid an average of $391. Depending on the task, you can pay a range of about $95 to around $688. While choosing a plumber, you also need to ensure that they are fully licensed. Luckily, all of our plumbers are adequately licensed and ready to help!

Differences in plumbing costs are due to:

Cost Factor: Labor

The cost may vary depending on the amount of labor required in making the repairs. For instance, you will pay about $120 to $170 for a broken pipe. Prices vary depending on the accessibility of the pipe, type of damage, location of the pipe, and more. An exposed pipe in your kitchen will cost less than one in your yard that needs digging. Also, repairing a water heater would cost you about $674, unclogging a drain is $192, and toilet repair is about $145.

Cost Factor: Location

If you need our plumbers to do the repairs on your business premises, you may have to pay a higher rate than residential areas. The average commercial hourly rate is about $84, and the average residential hourly rate is $65.

Cost Factor: Materials and Supplies

Every plumbing task requires materials while making repairs or replacements. If our master plumber determines that they need to make a replacement, it will cost more than just making some repairs. Some severe cases may require replacing an entire system, which is even more costly.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Omaha?

You may ignore a tiny leak or a simple dripping faucet, but it can result in devastating and costly results within a short time. You can avoid such issues through better plumbing techniques which will save you a considerable amount in the long run. 

Here is how better plumbing can make a difference for homeowners in Omaha:

Upgrades and Replacements

If you are in an older home, making upgrades or replacements within your plumbing system can go a long way in preventing damages and repair costs. Before winter begins, call our experienced plumbers in Omaha to work on any worn-out parts. Whether you want to make replacements on your fixtures or faucets or need a new water heating system, have our experts evaluate and make the necessary changes.

Even if the procedure may seem somewhat simple, a DIY solution may not work and can lead to more damages. When you have our professionals do the work, they will also ensure compatibility with the current plumbing system. This way, you are assured of better performance and longevity, which means more cost savings.

Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance

Most of the plumbing issues in your system are hidden under floors and behind walls. Consequently, it’s difficult for a homeowner to spot the signs of a plumbing problem until a significant problem occurs. Ensure that you contact our professional plumbers in Omaha, who have the expertise to evaluate your system’s essential parts. Since they have all the tools and experience, they can quickly spot potential issues even without directly accessing your drains or pipes. 

With regular maintenance and inspection, homeowners in Omaha have fewer plumbing problems, such as pipe breaks during winter. It also helps to identify issues early enough to avoid spending a lot of money on massive repairs. Even when your plumbing system seems fine, regular maintenance with our pros ensures that everything works well, and you won’t have emergency repairs in the middle of the night.

Drain and Pipe Care 

In most Omaha homes, drains and pipes contribute the most plumbing problems. Our plumbers can make a complete drain and pipe assessment that will quickly identify any issue. Even better, they will offer the best long-term solution that will lead to more cost savings since you won’t have to make constant repairs. In the older homes, a repiping and replacement takes care of the wear and tear that the drains and pipes have sustained over time.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Omaha vs. Hire a Plumber?

Our professional plumbers can solve the majority of the plumbing issues in Omaha. However, if you spot a problem within the public spaces, it’s the responsibility of the water utility company. For instance, the authorities in the city should repair a sewer leak on the streets. Still, if you have water supply issues in your home, you can first call us to evaluate your system. If everything is in order, call the utility company to determine the problem.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Omaha?

If your plumbing system requires minor repairs such as repairing a faucet or removing a clog, you don’t need a permit. However, if your system requires a significant amount of work, such as replacing plumbing systems, you must have a permit from the City of Omaha. Our plumbers will also have all the details about the paperwork needed. 

Note that if you start making the repairs before obtaining the necessary permits, Omaha City authorities have the right to order all work to stop. You will also have to pay an extra amount for the issuance of permits after repairs have started, which is $100 or four times the standard permit cost.

What to Expect From Mr Blue Plumbing During Service Calls?

Whenever you call us for a plumbing issue, our customer service team greets you in a friendly and caring way. We will always help you quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we get to your property within the shortest time possible to minimize potential water damage.

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