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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Cherry Hill?

Most of the plumbing issues in Cherry Hill are ones typically found in other areas, including leaks, water heater problems, etc. The climate of Cherry Hill is considered temperate with significant rainfall. However, it is common for temperatures to dip below freezing in January, potentially resulting in frozen pipes. It is a good idea to run a dribble of water through your pipes on extremely cold days so as to reduce the risk of a pipe freezing and bursting.

One common problem in Cherry Hill is tree root infiltration. Large, native shade and garden trees may grow into water or sewer lines, causing damage. This often results in a soggy patch on the lawn or an indentation in your lawn or flower beds. In addition to fixing the pipes, you may also need to create a barrier by using slow-release growth inhibitors or metal or wood barriers vertically next to the line. Regularly cutting roots is also an option, but the proper installation of a root barrier will offer a longer-term solution that will not have to worry you or the next owner. A damaged sewer line can cause very real health problems, so it should be dealt with as quickly as possible and steps taken to keep it from happening again.

Some homes in more rural parts of the town may have septic tanks that were installed decades ago and are now prone to leaking. It’s vital to keep your septic tank properly maintained so as to avoid potentially dangerous leakage. Septic tank issues can result in an odor of sewage, exceptionally lush grass in your drain field, or gurgling sounds in your pipes. Maintaining and regularly emptying your septic tank is vital. Septic tanks are becoming rarer as the area urbanizes further, but they do still exist.

Elevated lead has been found in water in some parts of Cherry Hill. You should get your water tested for lead, especially if you have children and/or are living in a house built before 1986. Flushing your pipes by running the water until the temperature drops can go a long way towards reducing lead exposure. If you have high lead, consider a reverse osmosis filter to reduce lead levels and protect your health. There have been issues in the past with lead contamination in drinking water in schools, indicating that lead may be present in some main lines. Again, your best option is to get your water tested. Homes built after 1986 and in newer suburbs should not have a lead problem.

How Does the Water in Cherry Hill Affect Your Plumbing?

As with most of New Jersey, Cherry Hill has hard water. This can cause calcium build-up in pipes, eventually resulting in clogs. It can also cause “limescale” build-up on fixtures and in toilets, sinks, and tubs, sometimes resulting in stains. Hard water does not cause health problems when drinking, but can definitely affect your plumbing. It can also cause build up on your laundry, resulting in faded clothes, and is overall somewhat bad for your hair and skin. One sign that your water is hard is a film that forms on your hands after you wash them.

A water softener may be one answer, but the salts used in water softeners can cause their own problems. You should watch out for reduced water flow and potentially clogs. In Cherry Hill, you should assume your water is hard without needing to test it and take appropriate precautions. Talk to us about the best way to protect your pipes, fixtures, and appliances from hard water.

Other than that, the water in Cherry Hill, NJ, is fairly typical and does not cause specific problems. Because it is a wet area, droughts are relatively rare, although they do occur. This does not, however, mean that you should not take steps to conserve water if only to keep your bill low.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Cherry Hill?

Plumbing costs in Cherry Hill, NJ are fairly typical. A typical relocation or repair project costs between $456 and $511, showing a relatively small range. There are, of course, a number of factors which will affect your costs for plumbing in Cherry Hill.


The biggest factor affecting cost is the scope of the project. This is affected both by the materials needed and the length of time the work is likely to take.  A simple faucet replacement is going to be a lot cheaper than if we have to start going into walls and replacing pipes.

Sometimes the scope of the project may prove to be wider than originally thought, resulting in a higher cost than the original estimate. Although we try not to do this to our customers, it may be unavoidable. In general, we will do our best to give an accurate estimate based on the scope of the project.


If you need emergency repairs quickly, then this is likely to cost you more. Unscheduled work, especially on evenings, weekends, or holidays is generally more expensive.

Emergencies tend not to happen during normal business hours, so we do offer service 24/7 as needed, but you can expect to pay more. We will, however, try to get to your emergency repair as quickly as possible.


The cost of materials and supplies can vary over time and sometimes this might affect the price of your repairs. We might also need to think about compatibility with existing materials. The cheapest material is not always the best bargain, as it may be less durable or more vulnerable to issues such as bursting or clogging.

Premium materials will cost more, but depending on the nature of your job, they may be worth it. Particularly, it’s worth talking to us about flow restrictors on showerheads, which can easily pay for themselves in water savings. We will always advise you on the best materials and fixtures to use within your budget.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Cherry Hill?

Better plumbing can always save you money. For example, while it costs money to set up a barrier to protect your sewer line from tree roots, the expensive repairs this can prevent will save you in the long run.

The use of shower flow restrictors and energy-saving appliances can also save you money on your water bill. A leak in your house can potentially cause water damage and will also run up your water meter. Make sure that your toilet is not running constantly. Both fixture upgrades and basic repairs can save you a lot of money in wasted water. Many people are slow to deal with a leaky faucet or a minor run from the toilet, but doing so will cost you more in the long term, both in lost water and in the risk of the problem becoming worse before it is dealt with.

Getting your pipes inspected regularly by our experts can help find any leaks that might save you money and also issues that might create a leak (or worse, a damaging explosion of water). These can then be fixed before they become a problem, which is always cheaper. Older homes are always more vulnerable to leaks.

Replacing lead pipes if your home has them can increase the resale value of your home; lead pipes are often used by buyers as ammunition to get a better deal and some buyers may walk away immediately if they find out about lead pipes, increasing the amount of time the home stays on the market. New plumbing, in general, will also increase resale value especially in an area with hard water (which tends to reduce the effective life of your plumbing).

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Cherry Hill vs Hire a Plumber?

You are responsible for the pipes in your home up until the water meter. Cherry Hill is served by American Water, which is responsible for the mains and the lateral line to your home up to the water meter.

American Water has invested a lot of money in improving Cherry Hill’s infrastructure, which should reduce the number of leaks that fall under their responsibility. You should, however, call them if you suspect a leak that is outside your water meter. One potential sign of this is standing water in your yard or driveway. Another is a sudden drop in water pressure, especially if you are not the only one affected. This can be a sign of a water main break “upstream” from your property. They may already know there is a problem and be able to reassure you they are working on it, or they may need to investigate further.

If you experience other issues, call us first for assistance. 

When Do You Need Permits For Plumbing Service in Cherry Hill?

Permits are required for anything but basic repairs. In Cherry Hill, permits are charged per fixture or appliance, although the fees themselves are low. These permits are the standard ones used throughout New Jersey and require a fairly detailed description of work. (As a note, the same permits are also used for work on gas piping, which may cause some confusion).

If the work needs a permit, we will be able to determine this and help you get the required permits. However, you will be responsible for the cost of any permits needed. You can trust us to know when a permit is required for a specific job.

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