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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Hoboken?

The city of Hoboken is ancient, dating back to the 1600s, when settlers first began to build a town and the Lenape Indians used the area to carve out stone to make pipes. The plumbing in Hoboken is not in the greatest of conditions, and water mains break quite frequently. Plumbing issues continue in residential homes as temperatures drop in winter and waters rise with storms. Here are a few of the most common plumbing concerns in Hoboken:

  • Old, leaking plumbing
  • Floods backing up sewage during frequent or intense storms in the area
  • Clogged drains or pipes after flooding
  • Low pressure
  • Freezing temperatures in winter

The recent string of water main leaks is likely due to aging plumbing. There is a plan to replace the pipes in stages so that the issue of low pressure reduces. Connections to the city from newer plumbing are causing more issues with drainage, as the current drainage pipes are not able to withstand the amount flowing through it. Storms in the area can push water back up drainage pipes and into the city, causing extreme damage to homes and businesses. Winters can get extremely cold. Improperly cared for pipes can freeze and break, causing leaks and water damage to the property and low pressure to surrounding properties.

How Does the Water in Hoboken Affect Your Plumbing?

The water in Hoboken is considered soft, lessening the damaging effects on the plumbing. Hoboken reported that contaminates like copper and barium in the water are safe to drink and refreshing, too. Not only is the water safe for hair and skin, but the reservoirs that hold the city’s water are close to the city itself. The Jersey City Reservoir at Boonton and the Split Rock Reservoir in Rockway are the main providers of fresh, filtered water. The water moves through a 23-mile aqueduct and 300 miles of water mains under the operation of the Jersey City Water System and SUEZ.

Soft water will not affect the pipes as hard water does. Soft water does not encourage mineral deposit buildup within the pipes that lessen pressure and cause clogging. However, soft water and metal interactions can cause corrosion which weakens the pipes and leads to pinhole leaks or bursts. With older pipes like those in Hoboken, lead is closely monitored. New pipe replacements will decrease the risk of lead in the drinking water. Even the zinc coating in galvanized pipes will eventually wear off and create rusting or leaking issues.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Hoboken?

The cost of plumbing can vary by location and project. Hoboken is no different from other parts of the country in this aspect. The average plumbing cost in the area begins at around $112 and increases with labor, materials, and accessibility issues to about $900. Factors that could increase the cost are the complexity of the project, materials, and the use of emergent services.


A simple project like an annual inspection or clearing a clogged drain will cost less than a larger project, usually because of the amount of time that is involved. While a single person can come and unclog a toilet by snaking, it might take two or three of our team members to complete a bath replacement. Labor, which is the most expensive cost of our plumber’s bill, only accounts for the time they are working on the project, not the materials necessary to complete the project. Labor for a complex job like repiping the home can be anywhere from $1,000 and up, depending on how many days it takes us to complete the work and how many crew members there are.


Most materials from Hoboken will most likely be crossing the Hudson River before getting to your property, so the costs go up because of transport costs. With the price of 2-ft of copper piping around $6-$8 at local retail shops, plumbing repair costs dramatically increase. Using a PEX pipe will increase costs further, but it will also be able to withstand the harsher weather with greater flexibility. The cost of repiping a 1,500 square foot home could range from $2,000, for replacing exposed pipes, to upwards of $10,000, for the whole home including gaining access to pipes in walls and ceilings.

Emergent Services

One of the most expensive plumbing services is the emergency call-in. Not only are you going to be charged our normal plumber’s fee, but also an additional convenience fee. Materials can be difficult to find on short notice, and a temporary fix may be placed until our plumber can obtain the necessary equipment to repair or replace the leak or fixture. This can lead to more time and labor incurred as the plumber returns later to finish the job. The most common after-hour calls are for leaks. An annual inspection of pipes could have determined if the pipes were weakening and needed replacement well before significant enough damage occurred.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Hoboken?

Replacing old plumbing can save you money in emergency repairs later down the road, no matter where you live. Older toilets tend to flush gallons of water at a time. Old water heaters hold anywhere from 20-100 gallons of water inside the home, and waiting for the shower to warm wastes water and costs money in the long run. Some ways to decrease water wastage and reduce plumbing and water bills:

  • Install a dual flush toilet that reduces the amount of water used when not flushing solid wastes.
  • Install a tankless water heater for more instant access to hot water.
  • Install digital shower monitors for the perfect temperature every time.
  • Replace older appliances with newer energy and water-efficient models to decrease water usage.
  • Inspect the pipes for defects before new installation.

Always remember to schedule an annual inspection of your pipes with us. A good time to do this is before the weather begins to get cold. This way, our plumber can also be sure your exposed and insulated pipes are properly covered to prevent any freezing damages. Pipe sleeves, heat wraps, and even layers of newspaper will be necessary to prevent frozen pipes.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Hoboken Vs Hire a Plumber?

With the main lines being replaced, the pipes inside residences are constantly being turned on and off, causing pressure issues. Leaking lines can mimic this effect and create a bigger problem when low pressure is ignored. Some ways to find out where a leak is if it is not obvious:

  • Turn off the water main. Look at the water meter. If it is still turning, the leak is between the meter and your home. Call us and leave the water off.
  • If the meter is not turning, the leak is not on your property. Call the water company. You may turn the water back on, but it might have low pressure.

Obvious city water main or fire hydrant damage will necessitate an immediate call to SUEZ for damage control and water conservation. However, should you call them for a leak and it is determined that the leak is on your side of the meter, you will be charged for the callout. This will be in addition to our plumber’s fee and damages caused to the property for the delay. Remember to determine if the water leak is on your side of the meter before calling for the city’s water company, to be completely sure the leak is not your responsibility.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Hoboken?

Most cities require permits for pipework and appliance replacements because of their complex nature. Major work inside and outside the home requires an active permit and a licensed and bonded professional plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing to perform. These permits must be obtained before beginning the work. In addition, some minor repairs will require a previously obtained permit including replacement of existing plumbing and installation of fire mitigation systems, among others. 

Ordinary maintenance tasks such as replacements of tubs, sinks, or toilets and installing a tankless water heater without changing valves or pipes do not usually require a permit. All new connections to the water main will require an inspection of the work before reconnecting the water supply. These inspections ensure the quality of the work, preventing damages to the existing infrastructure and meeting pertinent codes.

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