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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Howell?

Howell, also referred to as Howell Township, is located in central New Jersey. With a population of approximately 51,000, Howell boasts the advantages of small-town living while also offering the opportunities of nearby larger metropolitan areas, such as Philadelphia and New York.

Howell Township is located along the Manasquan River. The river is the center of a large watershed area that includes the Manasquan Reservoir, which provides ample recreation opportunities for Monmouth County residents, including a five-mile perimeter trail suitable for walking, running, biking, and horseback riding. The Reservoir also serves as the main source of drinking water for Howell residents.

Of course, as is the case anywhere, residents of Howell occasionally encounter plumbing challenges. In some cases, these challenges may be related to aging infrastructure. After all, as a historic town, Howell has buildings such as the Southard Grange and others that date back to the 19th century. In addition, as will be discussed further below, aging water mains around the town have also created issues, causing American Water to begin investing in an overhaul of municipal lines.

Aging plumbing can create several problems for property owners, in part due to the possible presence of pipes made out of outdated and potentially dangerous materials. Such materials include the following:


In decades past, pipes were commonly manufactured from lead. Unfortunately, lead is toxic, and it can leach into drinking water when the water passes through lead pipes into your kitchen. Lead ingestion can lead to learning difficulties in children and kidney problems, and high blood pressure in adults. Lead pipes were not completely outlawed in the United States until 1986, so it is important to determine whether you have lead pipes if you live in an older home. To do so, you can follow this handy guide from NPR.

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized pipes may be present in homes over 60 years old, which applies to many homes in Howell. These pipes are coated with a layer of zinc. As the zinc corrodes over time, the pipes can become very brittle and subject to breakage. As this occurs, the pipe must be replaced with more modern material.


Polybutylene is a more modern material developed in the 1970s and gained popularity throughout the following decade. Unfortunately, despite being more modern, polybutylene did not prove to be a durable product and had to be retired from the market due to its tendency to brittle and crack. Any polybutylene pipes remaining in your home should be replaced.

Hard Water

Finally, hard water is prevalent in Howell and will negatively affect your plumbing. The moderately hard water in Howell may have no immediate effect on your plumbing. But over time, you may begin to notice its effects. The more of these deposits that are in your water, the harder it is on your pipes due to the amount of mineral buildup that can end up deposited in your plumbing system. As mentioned previously, the mineral buildup can also contribute to low water pressure in your Howell home and can make it more difficult for your plumbing to drain correctly. It also reduces the lifespan of appliances, fixtures, and other equipment, including your water heater. If you’re noticing such issues in your home’s pipes, it may be time to reach out to us at Mr. Blue Plumbing.

How Does the Water in Howell Affect Your Plumbing?

American Water is the utility that provides drinking water for Howell Township. American Water conducts a yearly quality analysis of its water supply and shares the results with the public via its water quality report. The utility company does take care to note that its report focuses on water as tested at its source. The report does not consider any materials that may leak into the water due to the outdated piping mentioned above. To do what it can to improve plumbing infrastructure in Howell, the utility company has recently undertaken a large project to install new water mains across the city by replacing 7,500 feet of aging piping.

One factor to consider when discussing Howell’s water’s impact on plumbing is the water’s hardness. The hardness of a city’s water is calculated by the proportion of calcium and magnesium that it contains. American Water’s report for the Howell region states that water hardness in the area is in the range of 60 to 140 ppm, which qualifies it as moderately hard, edging toward hard.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Howell?

The average cost of a plumbing project in Howell is $385 but could range from $108 to $779 or more. Of course, several factors go into determining how much you ultimately pay for your plumbing service. These factors may include:

Cost Factor: Type of Service

Some plumbing jobs are quick and simple. Unclogging a drain or a toilet may not need to take long at all. But other projects are more involved. If our plumber needs to investigate the issue or dig up underground pipes, this time and effort will result in a bigger hit to the pocketbook.

Cost Factor: Emergency Services

If you have to make an after-hours or holiday call to our plumbers, there’s a good chance that the services will end up costing you more. If you’re in this situation, it may be a good idea to think about whether your current need is worth the expense. This also serves as a reminder that preventative maintenance can end up saving you money in the long run if you do what you can to avoid the need for an emergency call to our plumbers.

Cost Factor: Cost of Materials and Supplies

Costs of materials are becoming harder and harder to predict these days, thanks to fluctuations in price resulting from supply chain challenges. This is true as much in plumbing as in any other industry. Thus, you will need to be prepared that any research you do on pricing for your project today may no longer apply should you decide to wait another few months or even weeks before asking our plumbers to undertake the work.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Howell?

As a company, American Water does a great deal to promote water conservation. Their blog contains numerous ideas for how you can keep your water bill low while also positively impacting the environment. Read on for some suggestions for how you and our plumbers can work together to reduce your water consumption.

Fix Leaks

Here’s a statistic that may surprise you: American households can waste up to 10,000 gallons per year due to water leaks. Just imagine what else you could do with the extra money you’re spending on your water bills. Even the most minor leaks should be repaired because they can create water damage to flooring, ceilings, and other fixtures over time. 

Update Fixtures

To save on water costs, you will want to make sure that your fixtures are updated. This will involve replacing older faucets and toilets with newer, low-flow models, among other necessary tasks. Low-flow fixtures aren’t expensive, and they often more than pay for themselves over their lifetime. For maximum water efficiency, the Department of Energy recommends that you select a shower head with a flow rate of less than 2.5 gpm.

Winterize Pipes

Residents of Howell are well aware of how cold our winters can be. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that your pipes are prepared. As mentioned above, frozen pipes can lead to pipe bursts, which can, in turn, lead to other problems. Some steps that you can take to help make sure your pipes make it through the winter include the following:

  • Close the garage door
  • Let your faucet drip
  • Keep the heat on in the house
  • Insulate your pipes as much as possible

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Howell vs Hire a Plumber?

Most minor plumbing problems are appropriate for our professional plumbers. Fixture installations, minor leaks, and problems of that nature don’t require the big guns. However, there are times when it is likely a better idea to reach out to a utility company such as American Water. Read on for some examples of situations where it is better to choose one or the other.

Water Leaks Outside the Home

Suppose you see a suddenly soggy patch of ground in your yard, or your driveway is beginning to crumble mysteriously, or your water bill is shooting up for no apparent reason. In that case, you may begin to suspect that you have a water line break somewhere outside your home. But if this is the case, who do you call? The answer depends largely on whether the leak is in a water line on your property or in a line owned by the utility company. If the leak is in a line owned by the company, you’re in luck: American Water will need to perform the repair at their own cost.

If it is in a line between the shutoff valve and your home, however, you may be in for a significant plumbing bill. If you’re unsure where the leak might be occurring, you will likely want to call our knowledgeable plumbers who can locate the problem point before proceeding further.

Water Supply Issues

If your water pressure drops suddenly, or you have no water at all coming into your home, it’s time for some investigation. Start by checking with your neighbors: are they experiencing similar issues? If so, your best bet will be to contact American Water. They can send a service professional to inspect the line and identify any issues.

If yours is the only household on the block experiencing a lack of water, however, you’re probably going to want to call our experienced plumbers. You most likely have a leak somewhere on your property. Before calling us, make sure to check whether you have any partially closed valves that could explain the problem. If not, our plumbers would be your best choice for identifying the problem and rectifying it. The problem may stem from clogged or corroded pipes, clogged aerators, or even something like tree roots invading your pipes. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Howell?

New Jersey has limited permit requirements when it comes to repair services, so you’ll likely only need one for larger repairs, like repiping or replacing a water heater. Clearing clogs and replacing fixtures won’t require a permit. Various potential fees are outlined in this application. If you’re unsure if your project requires a permit, contact us, and we’ll help figure it out!

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