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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Newark?

Several plumbing problems affect Newark residents. These problems, when left unresolved, can cause structural damage, financial losses, and negatively affect your health. Here are the top three of the most prevalent plumbing issues in Newark.

Frozen Pipes

Newark winters are frigid, with average daily temperatures falling below 49℉. On the coldest days, these temperatures drop below 20℉, causing water to freeze inside pipes, especially in areas like the garage, basement, kitchen cabinets, and attic, which are unheated and the pipes remain uninsulated and exposed. Outdoor pipes such as sprinkler and swimming pool supply lines are also at an increased risk of freezing. When the water inside these pipes and lines freezes, it expands and builds up water pressure to dangerous levels. As a result, even the strongest pipes burst. The best ways to prevent this phenomenon are by insulating or heating the exposed pipes, draining outdoor pipes, and leaving faucets slightly open to allow water flow and to avoid freezing.

Sewer Line Clogging

Sewer line problems are expected during the summer months in Newark. That’s because there is more rainfall during these months and speedy tree root growth. The roots penetrate the pipes through joints and crevices and block sewer lines, causing clogging. Older homes, especially ones where sewer lines are made of clay, are at a higher risk. 

Summer storms and increased use of facilities, like the dishwasher, garbage disposal, and the toilet at home during the summer months also increase the likelihood of your sewer line clogging. The best way to prevent sewer line blocking in the summer months is conducting a proactive sewer line inspection by our certified plumbers in Newark to ensure everything is clear and things are flowing as they should.

Water Hammer 

Water hammer describes the banging or hammering sound produced by pipes. You notice it when you turn off a faucet as it occurs due to sudden surges in the flow rate or pressure of fluids. The sudden shutting off of taps or valves sends a shockwave to the water, which causes pipes to vibrate and produce a banging sound. 

Water hammer is common when your pipes and fittings are inadequately installed or worn out or when some valves are faulty. It’s also more common in Newark because the water pressure is higher than average in most homes. It may also be due to trapped air. When a water hammer is caused by trapped air, the banging starts when a tap is turned on, and some bubbling accompanies it. The shockwaves produced by a water hammer can cause pipes to burst. Surge arrestors placed strategically within your system could minimize the effects of the phenomenon by absorbing the shockwaves.

How Does the Water in Newark Affect Your Plumbing?

Service lines installed in Newark before 1986 all contained lead. However, most of the previously installed lines were not changed, even though it was cited that lead is harmful to children. These same lines supply drinking water to homes and schools in the city. Even worse, some of the older homes in the city built before 1953 have lead pipes connecting them to the primary water supply sources. 

Lead affects the safety of drinking water and alters the natural chemical composition of water, which may corrode and damage your home plumbing. The city offers free lead testing to residents in any part of the city. Besides, they are working diligently to replace all lead service lines through the Lead Service Line Replacement Program, helping homeowners replace lead service lines at no cost.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Newark?

The average cost of residential plumbing services in New Jersey is around $415, including materials and parts. Most jobs fall between $100 and $900. These costs vary widely based on the nature and scope of the job, the complexity, location, and the type of materials you need to repair, replace, or install. It is important to note that we typically don’t include the cost of permits in your quote. Here are the major plumbing cost factors.

Type of Material

Our quotes include the cost of materials. Hence, you need to know the average costs of different materials. For example, when your Newark home needs repiping, it is easy to go for copper, brass, and galvanized steel pipes which are more durable. However, this will cost you more upfront plus installation costs because they are rigid and take longer to install. This is as opposed to installing plastic-based pipes that are cheaper, relatively durable, and easy to install. The latter will save you significant amounts in terms of material purchasing and labor costs.


Experience always determines the quality of services you will get. It also determines how much you will pay for services. The Newark plumbing industry requires our master plumbers to complete a four-year apprenticeship program that the U.S. Department of Labor approves. Opting for a less experienced plumber can result in a lower price, but you may have to pay more to have repairs done in the future due to their inexperience. Working with a master plumber like those at Mr. Blue Plumbing may cost you more now, but it saves you time and money and guarantees you quality and safety in the long run.

Type of Task

The task at hand determines how much you will pay for our plumbing services in Newark. Simple repairs, such as fixing leaks, and unclogging sinks, cost much less than major repairs and new installations. That’s because minor repairs are easy to fix, requiring minimal equipment, material, and time to complete. Due to these disparities, most of us opt to charge on an hourly rate or flat fee basis.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Newark?

Regular inspections are the first pillar of better plumbing that will save you more than you think. It keeps you ahead of significant issues and ensures you pay less for repairs, as you only pay a fraction of what you would when you call in our plumbers to fix an emergency. Proactive plumbing also has you replacing outdated fixtures, such as your faucet, with eco-friendly updates that reduce water usage by about 30%. 

Upgrading your water heater can also save you quite a bit. High-efficiency water heaters have more insulation and heat traps to decrease heat loss, saving you a pretty penny on your utility bills. Moreover, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program collaborates with multiple suppliers to provide its residents with numerous rebates and promotions.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Newark Vs Hire a Plumber?

It is not always clear who is responsible for some plumbing issues. As such, many Newark residents find themselves wondering whether to call the utility company or our plumbers. Below is a breakdown of specific situations that raise the dilemma.

Sewer Issues

Liability for sewer problems depends on the fixtures and part of the building affected. For instance, when only one fixture located above the lowest level of your building is blocked, you are on your own. You can call in our professionals to help. But when the problem is at the lowest part of your building and recurs even when nobody uses the facilities, you should contact Newark Water and Sewer.

Leaking Pipes

Typically, homeowners are responsible for taking care of the pipes within their property including the line connecting Newark Water and Sewer water main and their property line. This means if there is a leak in any of these lines and pipes, the homeowner is responsible for the repair, and so they should call our plumbers. However, when the leak is from the water main, the Newark Water and Sewer will take care of the repair.

Low Water Pressure

Clogged or corroded pipes, closed valves, increased water demand, and faulty Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) are some causes of low water pressure. These will often affect specific areas of your home and fall under the responsibility of the homeowner, which means you need to call us. But when the low-pressure flow affects your entire property or the neighborhood, call the Newark Water and Sewer emergency center.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Newark?

The state of New Jersey requires the application of permits for any major plumbing projects carried out inside or outside your house. The permits for these major projects that alter the structure of the building must be obtained before beginning the work. 

However, you can obtain permits for minor work during the project’s duration, with or without prior approval. Examples include installing drinking fountains and condensate drains in existing structures, replacing existing plumbing piping with new material of equal capacity, and replacing existing water heaters, boilers, and other HVAC equipment with new versions of the same capacity. Under the minor work clause, you can also install new fixtures in an existing building that does not require an increased water service, water distribution system, or house drain. 

Ordinary maintenance works do not require a permit in New Jersey. These include:

  • Installation of any type of insulation except foam plastic insulation
  • Trap replacement
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures such as faucets and valves and their working parts and anti-siphon ballcocks
  • Replacement of piping to repair leaks
  • Appliance replacement, like domestic washing machines and dishwashers
  • Cleaning drains

Additionally, the City of Newark Department of Water and Sewer Utilities requires everyone to have any construction work that may affect the public water or sewer systems approved by them before starting.

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