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Plumbing Testimonial

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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Las Cruces?

Despite its top-notch infrastructural development, there are some common plumbing issues we usually encounter in Las Cruces. Since our water is considered hard, according to the USGS, that means that we are more prone to certain problems, such as:

Low Water Pressure

It’s advisable to check your faucets and showers regularly for uneven water pressure. Low pressure means little to no water, which could mean an inadequate supply of water in your home. This is either caused by mineral buildup inside your pipes because of Las Cruces’ hard water.

Failing Appliances

Unreliable appliances are a headache and inconvenience, especially when you need them and find out that they don’t work. Appliances like water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers often become less reliable and efficient over time when used with hard water, which Las Cruces has. Hard water leaves mineral deposits or sediment inside your appliances and causes problems. This can easily be remediated with the installation of a water softening device.

Slow-Draining Toilets and Sinks

Slow-draining toilets and sinks can mess with your home’s entire plumbing system. If the clogging issue is severe, it can lead to wastewater overflow, which is a health hazard. Drains clog when there’s mineral buildup and/or obstruction in the drains, slowing down the flow of water.

How Does the Water in Las Cruces Affect Your Plumbing?

Water in Las Cruces has a hardness of 140 parts per million or ppm, which means that it is hard. Harde water has an abundance of minerals. Our water contains manganese and iron, which are naturally occurring minerals. These minerals give Las Cruces’ water a reddish and dirty appearance. The red water issue is a common problem here, and it alters the taste of water.

According to a report by Las Cruces Utilities, other effects of manganese and iron in water are water odor, staining of laundry and plumbing, and formation of black residue in water pipes.

The city is committed to providing safe water to its residents. Therefore, the utility company employs several strategies including the use of chlorine to disinfect the water. However, chlorine reacts with iron and manganese to form the red precipitate. The city adds phosphate to water to neutralize the effect of the red residue. However, when this water goes through a water heater, the heat weakens phosphate material. When this happens, you’re left with the reddish-brown water. 

Aside from this, excess minerals in water usually lead to buildup inside pipes, which causes less water flow and may also affect the efficiency of appliances that use water. The issue can only be regulated but not eradicated. Eventually, it affects your plumbing. For example, it may also cause water heater failure or corrosion of water pipes. Unfortunately, pipe corrosion may lead to leaks and bursts, which can be costly to repair or reinstall.

If you want to help reduce the water hardness in your home, you can install a water softener or particle filter. These systems help with removing the dissolved manganese and iron found in Las Cruces water. As much as this is a good move, it can be costly to set up the system.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Las Cruces?

We charge anywhere between $88 and $635, with the average coming to $361. We may sometimes charge a fixed or hourly, depending on the job. On average, we charge anywhere between $45 and $165 per hour.

Most importantly, we charge differently because of factors like the nature of the project, plumbing materials, and location. All these contribute to the overall cost of plumbing in Las Cruces.

Labor Cost and Nature of Work

Minor plumbing works, like fixing leaks, cost less than major works like installation or unclogging sewage drains. The cost usually ranges between $88 and $635.

Plumbing Materials

Plumbing materials have different price tags depending on their purpose. For example, expect faucet washers to cost way less than water heaters.


Easy-to-access sites cost less than hard-to-access ones. Because of the complexity of the job and its accessibility, we may choose to include this in our quote, meaning you’re likely to pay more if your home isn’t easy to access.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Las Cruces?

Nothing helps to save money in Las Cruces more than better plumbing. After looking at the common plumbing problems in this city, it is clear there’s a lot that can paralyze your home’s plumbing system. 

You should only use high-quality, reliable, and durable plumbing materials. For example, if you have steel, PVC, or copper pipes that need replacement, we suggest investing in PEX plastic pipes, which are less prone to mineral buildup. This means consistent water pressure throughout your home.

Investing in a water-softening system may be costly at first, but in the long run, this will be worth it. It will protect your appliances from mineral buildup, too, and will maximize their efficiency. 

Get things right at the onset. Contact our experienced plumbers that have great track records. Remember not to equate quality with the fees.

By following these simple suggestions, you’ll save yourself tons of money and time needed to redo your plumbing in the future. The last thing you want is to spend twice on a project that you could have only spent on once.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Las Cruces Vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing problems often come as a surprise, and if you don’t know who to contact, it can get messy. The water utility company of Las Cruces is responsible for the maintenance of plumbing systems in the city. However, there’s only so much they can do.

You should only call the utility company when the plumbing issue is on their side of the service lines. On the other hand, you should hire us to fix the problem if it’s coming from your private service lines.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Las Cruces? 

You need permits for plumbing services in Las Cruces when launching a construction project. According to the information on the website, you need to get a permit for any work that involves altering, constructing, demolishing, enlarging, erecting, installing, and repairing plumbing systems.

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