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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Santa Fe?

Some plumbing problems, like a leaking faucet, aren’t that critical, while others can signal major issues that need to be taken care of ASAP. These urgent problems include:

Sewer System Backup

A sewer backup can result in the flow of waste and harmful substances into your Santa Fe home. Not only does it have harmful health effects, but it also requires extensive cleanup. A sewer backup is most often caused by clogged drains. If you notice the water is not draining properly in the toilets, fix it soon, or it may cause drastic problems later. You can also report a sewage backup or overflow to the city of Santa Fe at (505) 955-4650.

Broken Water Lines

Another big problem homeowners in Santa Fe face is a broken water pipeline. If it is not taken care of as soon as possible, it can cause serious damage to your house’s structure. Broken water pipes cause moisture in the walls. Not to mention, gushing water causes big-time damage quickly.

Burst pipelines

Pipes burst during cold weather when the water in the pipes froze. To combat this problem, special attention is given to your plumbing architecture during winter. If you observe a sudden decrease in the water pressure, it could mean burst pipes caused by anomalous water expansion. If this happens, you’re in big trouble and should call for the services of a professional plumber like us.

Some issues do not require urgent attention. Issues that you can often take care of yourself or that takes our quick visit include:

Clogged Toilets

If you observe that the toilet is not draining, or if the water drains very slowly, it’s a good indication that the line is clogged. This is a recurring issue in every house’s plumbing in Santa Fe, NM. You can fix the issue by using a plunger in most cases. If not, you might need to call us.

Leaky Faucets

Surprisingly, leaky faucets are overlooked by homeowners, even though they can seriously jolt your water bill. A lot of water gets wasted from leaky faucets. The longer you wait to repair a leaky faucet, the more it’s going to cost you. You can also report a water leak, water main break, or frozen meter to the city of Santa Fe at (505) 955-4333.

No Hot Water

Not having hot water is one of the most frustrating issues that homeowners face. It means you can’t take a shower, wash dishes or clothes, or even wipe down the kitchen counters. It’s caused by a fault in the water heating system. These types of issues require our attention and should not be dealt with by a layperson.

Low Water Pressure

When it’s really hot outside, the lawn sprinklers work overtime. This is usually the summer’s first cause of low water pressure. The first place you notice it is in the sinks. Check to see if both hot and cold faucets are affected. If so, it’s usually an aerator problem. Mineral deposits from hard water build-up and obstruct pressure. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. Just remove the aerator, clean out any debris, and replace it.

Another common problem in Santa Fe is corroded water pipes. This is a much more costly plumbing issue, especially in older homes like in the Canyon Road, Acequia Madre, Camino del Monte Sol, and Palace Avenue historic districts.

How Does the Water in Santa Fe Affect Your Plumbing?

Santa Fe has hard water. Hard water is terrible for plumbing, unfortunately, it’s the kind of water you’ll find in most of New Mexico. 

New Mexico has some of the hardest water in the country. It contains very high levels of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. When water contains over 7 grains per gallon (GPG) of dissolved minerals, it’s considered hard water. Water with over 10.5 GPG is very hard water. Santa Fe water is 9 GPG.

Roughly 85% of the United States has hard water. Only 15% of the U.S. has soft water naturally. 

Hard water isn’t a health risk, but it is a nuisance. Hard water mineral buildup causes clogs and reduces water flow. Appliances also run far less efficiently, especially after years of buildup. Water heater elements fail, and the life of the water heater is diminished as well.

Flushing your water heater out every six to 12 months is usually advised, but in Santa Fe you’ll need to do this more often, approximately once every three months works best. Without proper flushing, you can find yourself without any hot water, most likely in the shower covered in soap foam.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Santa Fe?

In 2021, homeowners paid an average of $446 for plumbing service in Santa Fe. The average cost of a visit from us is $45 to $200 per hour. A lot depends on where in Santa Fe you’re located and extraneous factors surrounding your problem.


Emergency services are always higher than services rendered during business hours, for obvious reasons. You know the value of these services if you’ve ever had a plumbing emergency on a holiday or in the middle of the night. The cost of paying an on-call employee is added to a regular service call.


Another major factor in the price of plumbing services in the Santa Fe area is the cost of labor. The cost of labor depends on the company and the services they provide. Companies that use only premium products and provide us in-depth training, for instance, can have a higher cost of labor.

Size of Home

The size of the property is another big factor in the price of plumbing services in Santa Fe. Homes of more than one story can also ramp the price up. The more plumbing there is, the more it will cost.

Equipment and Materials

Some plumbing jobs don’t need a lot of equipment or machinery, like replacing a leaking faucet. Other situations are complicated and need heavy equipment and large machinery, like backhoes.

Everything on the ground must be removed, including trees, swing sets, and tool sheds when you dig up old plumbing systems. Tree roots must be cut out of the ground as well. Equipment is used to dig up the earth and go under the plumbing lines. A lot of us rent our equipment, and those costs are passed on to you. Simple issues, like threading a leaky faucet, require parts that are always on hand.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Santa Fe?

Plumbing is not the area of your home that you want to try to save money with. Buying the highest quality supplies and services available saves an immeasurable amount of money in the long run.

Replacing outdated hardware, like faucets, is a quick, easy, and relatively cheap plumbing job that can save a substantial amount of money at the end of the year. Upgrade your toilet and water heater for maximum savings.

Another way better plumbing can save you money is by insulating the water heater. Using water heater blankets saves energy as well as money. Wrap them around the water heater and secure in place. They add warmth to the water and save work for the heater.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Santa Fe vs Hire a Plumber?

All sorts of plumbing problems occur in Santa Fe. Not all of them require us. In some instances, you’re better off calling Santa Fe Water District.

If you suspect a leak and the water meter is not spinning furiously, you’ll need to call the water company. They are only responsible for leaks in their lines, not the lines in the home.

If the water meter is spinning fast, the leak is in your lines somewhere. Call us.

Keep in mind, Santa Fe Water District can charge you a service fee if the leak turns out to be your responsibility.

If you’ve just gotten an unusually high water bill that alerted you to a leak you are responsible for, there is no cause for alarm. Santa Fe Water District allows for a one-time bill adjustment when you have to repair a leak. So, it’s important to get it fixed quickly and correctly.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Santa Fe?

There are some plumbing projects that require a permit in Santa Fe. Installing a new water heater, for instance. Santa Fe Water Heater Code states that a permit is required anytime a project will need to be inspected.

A water heater must be properly installed, or it could explode or catch fire. Water heaters work using intense heat and pressure, making them incredibly dangerous. Incorrect installation can lead to myriad problems such as Legionella bacteria, fuel leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and mold. According to the Centers for Disease Control, improperly installed and defective water heaters cause hundreds of injuries, thousands of fires, and dozens of fatalities in a single year.

Water heater permits cost $288 as of 2021. They can be obtained by visiting Santa Fe County Construction Services online. 

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