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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Syracuse?

As a plumbing company in the Syracuse area, we’ve seen a little of everything from the unusual children’s toy stuck in a toilet pipe to the mundane replacement of a sink. Here are a few of the more common plumbing jobs we see in homes such as yours in the Syracuse area:

  • Toilets running or in need of replacement.
  • Clogged pipes.
  • Leaky faucets and pipes. 
  • Installation of replacement water heaters, faucets, and garbage disposals.
  • Running a water line for an ice maker or pot filler faucet over a stove. 
  • Burst pipes.

Our team is ready to tackle all of these plumbing issues. There are a few plumbing issues that are unique to Syracuse, and these include:

Replacement of Lead Pipes in Homes Built Before 1978

Before 1978, it was common practice in the Syracuse area to build homes with lead pipes. Now, we know that lead causes a serious health risk if particulars are inhaled or drunk in the water. The city of Syracuse puts orthophosphate in the water supply to help coat the pipes and minimize the risk of lead in your water.

However, as these lead pipes age and begin to break down, they can represent a serious health issue for you and your family, especially if you have younger children or elderly family members living in your Syracuse home.

While replacing pipes in your home is a big job, you can select a piping material, such as PVC, that lasts a long time and offers amazing durability. Our team can help you review the choices and make an informed decision for your budget and needs. 

Frozen Pipes or Burst Pipes Due to Freezing

While you enjoy your white Christmas in Syracuse, your pipes aren’t always happy with the hard freeze that can leave them at risk for the water freezing in the pipe. This frozen water can create leaks in your pipes or even cause them to burst in your Syracuse home or yard.

When you turn on the water after a cold night, the water might not begin flowing from the faucet. This is usually an indication that water has frozen in the pipe, and while the system is attempting to bring water to your faucet, it’s building up behind the frozen section. 

As the water builds up behind the frozen section, it creates a lot of extra pressure on the pipe, which can cause it to burst. Your best course of action when this happens is to immediately turn off the water at the faucet. Once it’s off, you need to call in our professionals to thaw your pipes and evaluate any potential leaks or bursts in your pipes in your Syracuse home. 

How Does the Water in Syracuse Affect Your Plumbing?

The water in your Syracuse home comes from Skaneateles Lake, which is one of the Finger Lakes. Your home’s water is considered moderately hard water, which means that there’s a lot of minerals, calcium and magnesium, in it.

When the hard water moves through your pipes, it leaves behind tiny particles of the minerals. Over time, these tiny particles build up. You may experience lower water pressure in your Syracuse home or clogs due to the minerals.

Also, hard water can discolor the sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs in your Syracuse home, making them appear dirty when they aren’t. Consistent cleaning can minimize the hard water stain’s appearance, but eventually, the stains take hold of the surfaces. These stains may make you consider replacing them sooner than you might have otherwise. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Syracuse?

We hear this question more often than the others. Our team can provide you with a range of costs and an average, but not a final cost until we evaluate your situation. The cost of repairing plumbing in Syracuse ranges between $150 and $850 with an average of $455.

Your job could be right around the average or higher than the high end of the range. Until a team evaluates your home, we can’t provide you with an actual cost. 

One thing to note in Syracuse, there are some cases where you can get the city to pay for replacing those lead feeder pipes. However, you need to pay off the costs of the replacements by paying more on your yearly property taxes until the replacement bill is covered. 

There are a variety of factors that go into the cost of repairing the plumbing in your Syracuse home, including:

Cost Factor: Size and Location

It shouldn’t be surprising that it costs more to replace the pipes in a 2,500 square foot Syracuse home than a 1,000 square foot condo. The size of your home or Syracuse yard plays a large factor in costs when replacing the pipes.

If it’s a smaller job, such as fixing a leak, the other factor is the location of the pipe. You may need a section of wall or flooring removed in your Syracuse home for us to reach the plumbing issues, and this can increase the cost of your repairs.

Cost Factor: Materials and Appliances

When you need a plumbing fixture replaced, such as a faucet or showerhead, you can opt to have it replaced with a name-brand or upscale fixture, which can increase the total price. Also, opting for a high-energy-efficient water heater can increase your costs. 

Another factor in pricing is the material used. When we replace the pipes in a Syracuse home, there are several kinds of materials we can use. You can opt for something more budget-friendly, such as PVC that offers durability, or a more expensive material. Our team can help you review the options and make an informed decision that correlates with your budget and goals. 

Cost Factor: Permits and Plumbing Building Codes

In Syracuse, some plumbing jobs around your home and yard require a permit before we can start work. These permits help to ensure a minimum standard for the repairs or installation of water pipes in your home. 

These permits help to keep the plumbing in line with the strict building codes. In some cases, especially in older Syracuse homes, the New York building codes changed between the time of the plumbing repair and the time the house was built. You may need additional electrical or plumbing work done to ensure your home is compliant with the building codes. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Syracuse?

Yes, better plumbing service and materials can always save you money in Syracuse. You want to work with a professional company that provides you with outstanding work, like Mr. Blue Plumbing. The state of New York licenses plumbers to ensure that they meet minimum qualifications for competency and training. There are certain levels that plumbers can obtain, and you want a master plumber like ours overseeing your project. 

Also, you want to opt for the best materials within your budget. Better materials last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often as lower-quality materials. For instance, a stainless steel faucet will last longer than one made of a cheaper material. If you have questions about the quality of an appliance or material you’re considering, our team can answer your question, so you can make an informed choice. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Syracuse vs Hire a Plumber?

In most cases, it’s the responsibility of the Syracuse homeowner to call our plumbers and cover the repair expenses. However, if there’s a main water line break or leak, you would need to call the water company for repairs.

The mainline is a water pipe that brings water down your residential street and feeder pipes lead off of it to connect with your home’s water pipes. This usually happens near your water meter. If you notice a leak or break above your water meter, it’s always a good idea to call the water company to see if it’s their responsibility to handle the repairs. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Syracuse?

You may need a permit from the city of Syracuse to get major plumbing work done on your home. For small jobs, such as removing a clog from a sink or replacing a showerhead, you won’t need a permit, but larger jobs require one.

While these are referred to as building permits and require inspections, they’re designed to ensure that the work is done up to the strict building codes of New York. These permits ensure that a properly licensed plumber like Mr. Blue Plumbing is working on your Syracuse home, while the inspection determines if the job is done properly.

These are done to ensure the quality of the plumbing work and the value of your home. Our team can secure the needed permits before we begin plumbing work in your Syracuse home. 

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