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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Canton?

Once in a while, homeowners in Canton experience a few plumbing issues, whose severity ranges from mild to severe. The main issues are drain clogs and water leaks, often caused by the effects of floods in Canton. The heavy rainfall obstructs the sewer line connections and can sometimes dislocate or damage the water supply pipes. In case of flooding, we advise the Canton residents to call us immediately to repair the damaged lines and schedule a drains inspection service.

It’s worth noting that people living in the older homes at markets heights and Ridgewood may experience the most plumbing issues. If you live in an old house, we advise you to start making upgrades because the old appliances and systems are more vulnerable to damages. In addition, you can install earthquake straps to keep your plumbing systems intact in case of earthquakes.

Canton experiences hard water, which leaves mineral deposits on the insides of pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment. Over time, these deposits can restrict water flow, lead to low pressure, and deteriorate your plumbing more quickly. As a result, we often get called in for leaks, water heater service, and fixture replacement.

How Does the Water in Canton Affect Your Plumbing?

Canton residents get their water from the Canton Water Department (CWD). CWD obtains 100% water from the underground wells, which provide nearly 24 million gallons every day.

Though the water supply is generally safe for human consumption, it contains a few contaminants, which may cause a few adverse effects on your appliances or plumbing systems if you don’t have an excellent filtration system. 

So, what exactly does the underground water contain? When the water lands into the ground as rain, it mixes with multiple minerals in the ground, including iron, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals make the water hard and that’s why you may have noticed a salty taste in your tap water in Canton.

As mentioned in this guide, some homeowners in Canton often notice red, brown, yellow, or orange-colored tap water. The color change happens because of too much iron concentration in the water or rusty pipes. 

To solve the issues, the Canton Water Department offers annual flushing programs to remove the iron concentrate and reduce the effects of hard water on the resident’s plumbing systems.

Besides the color changes, hard water in Canton can bring forth the following effects on plumbing:

  • Reduced water pressure when the minerals buildup on the walls of the water supply pipes
  • Slow drainage when the scum sticks on the sewer pipes
  • Possible reduced efficiency of the water heaters due to corrosion

Don’t panic if you have noted any of the above signs of hard water on your plumbing systems. We can help you clean the drains, the pipes, and install water filtrations systems to filter the minerals.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Canton?

Cost is a significant concern to everyone looking forward to repairing or installing new plumbing systems. Unfortunately, there’s no exact price estimate because every client pays according to their unique needs. Most jobs in the area fall between $125 and $900. Here are the main factors which influence the total plumbing costs in Canton:

Cost Factor: The Labor Cost 

Labor is the most significant determinant for plumbing costs. The complex plumbing tasks, such as changing the sewer pipes, have more labor needs, hence higher prices. In some cases, you might need a large team of our plumbers, especially if you need the work done within a short period.

Cost Factor: The Scope of the Services

There are many types of plumbing services in Canton, including drain cleaning, sewage line installation, water supply repiping, water heater installation, and much more. These services demand different skills, tools, and materials as well. 

The overall costs for sewage cleaning can be higher than that of faucet repair or any other simple task. Before you start budgeting for the process, you should first determine the average costs for your scope of service in Canton. Before starting the work, we usually examine the work to be done and offer the best cost estimate. 

Cost Factor: The Emergency Services

How soon do you need the service? The overall plumbing costs can be significantly high if you need an emergency service. For instance, assuming that you call our plumbers at night, the transport costs will be high during that time, hence increasing pricing. 

Besides, our plumbers normally have a fixed working schedule, which limits them from working at night, on holidays, or on weekends. Services offered during such days may be considered an emergency, and the prices could be high. 

Nevertheless, the benefits of emergency plumbing repair can outweigh costs; hence, you don’t have to fear seeking the emergency service. 

Cost Factor: Canton Code Requirements and Development Timelines

The city code requirements and timelines can have a significant impact on the costs. Canton requires all residents doing any home improvement project, including plumbing, to have a permit. After applying for the permit, the city officers often visit the workplace and provide a time duration for finishing the task. 

So, the permit comes with some requirements, including the duration, and they may affect the overall costs. That process of getting the permits can have an impact on the total plumbing costs that you incur.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Canton?

Water is life. It is a vital human resource that should not be wasted. According to the Canton code of ordinances, Canton residents should take care of the water sources and avoid wastage. One great way of achieving this is repairing any leaks and installing new plumbing systems where possible. 

But can better plumbing save you money? Yes, it can. Here are great reasons to support this:

Regular Water Supply

The Canton Water Department supplies enough water to every homeowner in Canton. Unfortunately, not every resident gets the pleasure to enjoy the water because of plumbing issues that hinder the supply. For instance, corroded pipes often reduce the pressure and restrict the normal flow of the water. 

Better plumbing ensures that there are no obstacles that could hinder water flow to your house, thus, guarantees enough water supplies to your home.

Updated Water Fixtures

Our plumbing services can be beneficial to you if you still use the old plumbing fixtures. Like any other home product, the plumbing fixtures tend to wear out with time and become less effective. The older fixtures can be vulnerable to cracks and possible leakages, which can make you lose much water through the leaks.

When you upgrade the old fixtures, you gain access to more efficient appliances, reducing the need for regular plumbing repairs. 

Regular Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance

It’s advisable to inspect your plumbing systems regularly to identify any issues and solve them while still early. However, many of us have busy working schedules and never get the time to schedule the inspection. 

The truth is, plumbing inspections are quite inexpensive but the benefits are all worth it. When you observe regular inspections and maintenance, you avoid many plumbing issues, translating to more money savings.

Update on Plumbing Codes

In Canton, all repairs or installations should adhere to the city’s plumbing codes. Since these codes change periodically, you need to stay up to date with them to ensure that your plumbing practices do not violate the law. Our plumbers keep Canton residents updated with the plumbing codes all through. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Canton vs Hire a Plumber?

The decision to call our plumbers or the Canton Utility Company entirely depends on the situation. Here are few ideas for guidance:

If your energy bills have been surging for some time and you suspect a water leak, we can help you. You should only contact the Water Utility Company when the issue is on your main meter, on their side. Our plumbers should take care of all drainage issues in your house, including the main water supply connected to your house/apartment.

If there’s a large puddle of water on the streets, the source could be the house or the water supply. In that case, you should first switch off the main water valve for the homes. If the leak continues, you should inform the Canton water utility firm because the chances could be that the fault is on their side.

If you have an issue with the water meter, you should first inform our plumbers. But if the problem persists, then the Canton water utility firm could be the viable option.

Always confirm whether your neighbor has a similar water issue to yours when you notice a water supply problem in your house. If the problem is common, you can contact the water utility firm.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Canton?

Building permits are essential to the safety of the contractor, the homeowners, and the public. That’s why you may need a plumbing permit whenever you need to adjust your existing plumbing systems or installing newer ones. Here are some of the plumbing jobs in Canton which require a permit

  • Installing new water supply pipes or gas lines
  • Installing new shower of a bathtub
  • Repairing or installing a new water heater- mainly of you will be installing an earthquake strap too
  • Installing a new sewerage system
  • Replacing a garbage disposal

All plumbing tasks which require significant changes require a permit. This is because you may interfere with other people’s property during the process or interfere with the main water supply in your estate. 

The permit gives you the go-ahead and keeps you safe from any disputes that may arise during the process. If you are unsure whether you need a plumbing permit or not, contact us for more information.

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