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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Cleveland?

Some of the most common problems in Cleveland are the same as almost everywhere else – low pressure, pipe leaks, and clogged drains. Clogged drains may be caused by too much use of toilet paper. Reducing that amount and unclogging the toilet may partially solve the problem. Low pressure could be the result of water leaks or pipe residue build-up. A visual inspection with a specialized camera could find the problem easily. Cleveland’s weather presents a few new problems to the mixture including:

  • Sewage backups
  • Frozen pipes
  • Older pipes
  • Lack of hot water

Some of these issues can be more than a residential problem, causing city-wide issues. Freezing weather freezes pipes that are not properly insulated and causes burst or warped piping. The City of Cleveland has a few winter tips.

Because Cleveland is an older city, the pipes in historical homes may need to be replaced, and not doing so causes many types of problems. These problems include rust, corrosion, lead exposure, and weakened pipes. Additionally, the hard water in the area contributes to clogs and pipe breaks, as it leaves mineral build-up on the insides of your pipes.

Sewage backups can be caused by torrential rain or melting snow common in the area and become a huge problem for the entire neighborhood. Drainage pipes that are broken, clogged, or blocked can make the sewer flooding worse.

Lack of hot water from either the broken water heater — a problem exacerbated by Cleveland’s hard water — or improperly insulated pipes is uncomfortable. Installing a tankless water heater can reduce the time it takes for heated water to be available and reduces the tanked water inside the home. Proper insulation and annual inspections can reduce the chances of pipes bursting.

How Does the Water in Cleveland Affect Your Plumbing?

Cleveland has a moderately hard water score which still poses a few problems for pipes. Contaminants like calcium and copper can leave residue in seams and bends of pipes, causing a hard scale to form which can lead to clogging and weakness. Other contaminants like benzene and haloacetic acids 5 can harm teeth if levels become out of range. Reducing the water hardness and using a carbon filter can reduce contaminants found in Cleveland’s public water system.

A whole-home water filter and softener will assist with removing the majority of harmful contaminants from the water before it has a chance to damage pipes or the people in the home. Softer water is more delicious and aids in beautiful hair and skin after showers. After spending a fantastic day on the water or hiking the trails, a soft water shower is more comforting and soothing to the skin.

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Cleveland?

As with other areas, the price of repairs and replacements varies based on the job. The average cost of a simple call-out for Cleveland residents is around $75. Costs increase with more labor and time for projects, with most jobs falling between $150 and $900. Some factors that influence the cost of plumbing repairs or replacements include the weather, complexity of the project, time, and materials.


The average cost of repairs does not include parts or materials necessary to repair or replace piping. The material cost is extra and can vary depending on the type of pipe or fixture installed. Pipe cost per square foot ranges between $1 and $5. New fixtures like a tankless water heater, sump pump, and bath or shower depend on the brand and availability of the materials requested. Each call-out is different and our plumbers use different techniques and materials to complete their work. If given the chance to purchase the fixtures and other materials necessary to complete the project, do your homework and find the most durable and best fitting materials for the job. Supplying the materials may also reduce the final cost of our plumbing services, provided the materials are of excellent quality.


Larger projects are time-consuming and cost more in labor than parts and materials. Re-piping a 1,500 square foot home with PEX runs around $4,700 to $5,300. Replacing a toilet runs $150 and up without our plumber purchasing the toilet. Smaller projects that do not require permits are typically the least expensive. Snaking a drain or visualizing a blockage will cost less than projects that require cutting of pipes and re-fitting. Larger projects may incur permit fees, inspector fees, and water reconnection fees. Besides the fees, larger projects may require a crew of our plumbers to complete the job safely and that will increase the cost of the project.

Weather/Emergent Repair

After-hours or emergent repair services usually cost more than office hour times, usually because we must pay our plumbers an on-call fee, and the difference is usually charged to the customer for convenience. Materials may not be readily available to fully repair plumbing issues and may incur charges from a second visit. Weather plays a large part in the repairs as it is one of the largest reasons for call-outs. Different equipment is necessary to thaw pipes or excavate to the leak for repairs. Preparing pipes for winter should include an annual inspection of all the piping and water-using appliances. Doing so can help you save on emergent repairs and re-piping down the road.

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Cleveland?

One of the largest problems in Cleveland is older pipes and under-insulated piping. These can cause buckling, cracking, bursting, and leaking from joints. If the water is rust-colored or there is an odor, call our certified plumbers to inspect the piping and get quotes on repairs or replacements. Other ways to save money are by upgrading fixtures or appliances.

  • Dual flush toilets reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet when no solid wastes are being flushed.
  • Tankless water heaters reduce heating time and sediment that sits at the bottom of tanks eating away at the metals causing leaks.
  • Digital shower controllers save water without sacrificing the quality of showers by controlling the flow and temperature, so you can get in faster.
  • Upgrading old appliances to energy and water efficient brands can cut down on water usage and prevent leaks from old units breaking down.
  • Pressure reducing valve reduces the amount of water is pushed through fixtures to waste less water because of higher water pressures.

Small but simple solutions can also reduce water wasting, like turning off the water while brushing teeth and using a timer to water lawns. Annual inspections of pipes can prevent some emergency damage repair by catching the problem early. Frequent inspection of connections inside and outside the home for leaks can reduce water bills.

Cleveland’s harsh winters is one of the best reasons to upgrade to save money by enhancing the insulation on the plumbing. The American Red Cross recommends draining swimming pools and water hoses prior to winter rather than during the season. Inspect home insulation to determine if it needs replacement before the season begins. Install specific products for exposed pipes including pipe sleeves, heat tape, heat cable, or similar. In extreme cases, moving exposed piping to a better location to maintain heating and preventing freezing may be the best option.

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company In Cleveland vs Hire a Plumber?

Plumbing is not a DIY job, as small problems for the homeowner can turn into larger problems for the city if proper repairs are not completed. It can be difficult to know when a problem needs our plumbers or a call to the utility company. No matter which result, once a leak is found, the best thing to do is turn off the water, preferably the main. These steps help determine if our plumbers are needed or the utility company:

  • Once the main is off, look at the meter. If it is still spinning, the leak is on your side of the meter. Call our plumber to locate and fix the leak.
  • If the meter stops, call the utility company to report the leak. They may want information like where the leak is, how long it has been there, and if the water was turned off.
  • Obvious city water leaks like broken fire hydrants and damaged underground pipes necessitate a call to the utility company as soon as possible as a large leak can reduce the water pressure for the whole area.

No matter how big or small, leaks and damages need to be repaired as soon as possible to reduce the risk of a larger problem later. If the utility company is called out and the leak is determined to be on your property, a service run fee may be incurred on top of our plumber’s fee to fix the damages. Follow the above steps to better prepare for calling the utility company. The Cleveland Water Department can even offer adjustments because of leaks or hardships.

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Cleveland?

Permits are necessary for most cities when pipes are involved, and Cleveland’s policies are not much different. Permits are required for pipework on gas and water systems, installation of fixtures, replacement of valves, and new or replacement water heaters. Our master plumbersknow the current plumbing codes and requirements and are able to place applications for those permits in a timely manner fo ryou. Emergent services that require a permit require the application to be placed within one business day of the service. 

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