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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Lima?

Plumbing is a critical aspect of our day-to-day lives, both at home and in our professional lives. As with most things you use on a daily basis, you don’t really notice your plumbing until something is wrong. When plumbing issues do occur, they can escalate quickly, so it’s important to know what to watch for. Some of the most common plumbing issues in Lima include: 


Clogs are a common issue in Lima and can be relatively simple to fix if you catch them early. Most clogs are either caused by too much tissue or a buildup of grease and oil which collects hair, food, and other matter that should pass naturally through the drains. If you notice your water is draining more slowly from a bathtub, sink, or other drains, be sure to have it checked out sooner rather than later. Clogs in Lima may also be caused by mineral buildup due to our city’s water quality, which is hard to very hard. If not remediated, mild clogs can become severe, necessitating more extensive and expensive repairs.

Burst Pipes

Winters in Ohio are freezing, with an average daily high temperature below 43ºF. The coldest day of the year usually reaches an average low of 20ºF and high of 33ºF. Because of this, burst pipes are a common problem. Those running along your exterior walls are most at risk. Contact us if you notice any leaks in your pipes or if you experience a loss in water pressure. We can also insulate your pipes to prevent this from even happening.

Loss of Hot Water

If you experience a loss of hot water, there’s a good chance that your water heater needs repairs or replacement. This can be due to low water pressure or leaks which are caused by burst pipes, age, or mineral buildup because of hard water. Either way, you should contact us as soon as possible. Any plumbing issues left unchecked can result in complications and more costly repairs.


Leaks encompass a wide range of plumbing problems in Lima and entail everything from leaky faucets to water mains. Signs of a leaky fixture will be dripping or flowing water, which can be caused, again, by the harsh winter weather. A leaky toilet will continuously run, causing the water to turn on in order to fill the tank, even when it’s not flushed. More severe leaks in water pipes and mains can create damp areas in walls and basements, or can even create puddles in your yard. If you suspect a water leak, contact our team as soon as possible. If left unchecked, water leaks can cost a great deal in wasted water. What’s more, leaking water can cause mold, rot, and other types of damage to your home’s interior, foundation, and landscaping.

How Does the Water in Lima Affect Your Plumbing?

The City of Lima’s Water Treatment Plant conducts thorough filtration and water treatment in order to soften the water and remove any contaminants. The majority of the water in Lima comes from reservoirs fed by the Ottawa and Auglaize Rivers. The water quality in Lima is hard to very hard, with high levels of calcium and magnesium that can build up around plumbing pipes and fixtures. The resultant scaling can block faucets, valves, drains, and other plumbing components with a hard, white accumulation of minerals. For residents who obtain water from private wells, the Ohio Department of Health has issued safety guidelines to ensure safe water quality. It is important to note that unless you have a water softener in your filtration system, your well water may be harder than city water and more prone to plumbing blockages. 

How Much Does Plumbing Usually Cost in Lima?

The costs of plumbing in Lima vary widely depending on the complexity of the work, parts that need to be replaced, and the damage caused by the plumbing issue. On average, you can expect to pay between $50 and $200 per hour for a plumber in Lima. Plumbing repair costs in Lima average at $425. This figure includes the average labor costs, material and equipment costs, all project costs, and cleanup fees.

Project Complexity

The complexity of your plumbing repair will play a significant role in the overall cost of service. We generally charge less per hour for standard issues like fixing a toilet gasket or repairing a faucet leak. Problems like collapsed pipes, broken water mains, and major clogs take much more time, equipment, and skill, and are therefore charged at a higher rate. Save yourself money in the long run by contacting us as soon as you notice a problem before it becomes more complicated.

Replacement Parts

While we may typically charge an hourly rate for services provided, you will be expected to pay for any equipment that needs to be replaced. Whether you need a simple seal or a full pipe array, you will pay for these supplies in addition to the hourly charge for service. You may be able to save yourself some money by obtaining the part you need in advance, rather than having us supply it. Be sure to consult with us before you purchase anything to ensure that you’re getting the part you need. 

Damage to Surrounding Area

When you experience a plumbing leak or drainage backup, excess water can build up around your pipes and fixtures. If you don’t notice a leak right away, moisture can build up in your walls and ceilings, under your foundation, and in other inconvenient areas. With constant moisture comes the risk of microbial growth, rot, and structural damage. All of these problems can be extremely expensive to remediate and will add significantly to the cost of your repairs. If your home needs moisture remediation from a leak, you will have to contact us to help remove and replace damaged materials such as drywall, wood supports, and foundation components. To avoid expensive repairs, have your plumbing checked regularly for leaks or damage, and be sure to complete repairs as quickly as possible. 

Can Better Plumbing Save You Money in Lima?

When you have higher-quality plumbing, you enjoy more efficient water usage. Safeguarding your plumbing system before problems occur, like insulating pipes that may be exposed to freezing temperatures, may save you from the added future cost of burst pipes and leaks. Better control of water flow means that your water costs will be far less than they are with a poor plumbing system. In addition, you save significantly in potential repair and replacement costs. Better quality plumbing pipes and components last longer and are less likely to fail and cause damaging leaks. You don’t have to conduct maintenance and repairs as frequently, saving you both time and money. 

When Should You Call the Water Utility Company in Lima Vs Hire a Plumber?

When you find a water leak or backup in your plumbing, it is important to know when to contact us for repairs and when to reach out to the city or county authorities. The City of Lima’s Utilities Department handles water and sewer systems within city limits, while Allen County’s Sanitary Engineering Department handles the sewer systems in the surrounding townships, including American, Auglaize, Bath, Jackson, Monroe, Perry, Richland, and Shawnee. For sewer backups in Lima, contact the City of Lima’s Customer Services Division. If you are outside the city limits, contact Allen County’s Sanitary Engineer’s office at (419) 996-4670, or you can reach them for after-hours emergencies at (888) 229-9645.

Water leaks can be a little more difficult to locate. If you are experiencing higher than normal water bills, you may have a hidden leak. Follow these steps to determine whether the leak is your responsibility or that of the Utilities Department.

Check Your Meter

Start your check by viewing your meter levels. Wait an hour or two without running any water in your house or yard. Return and check your meter. If the meter level has increased, you have a leak on your property.

Determine if the Leak Is Inside or Outside

Locate the leak by shutting off the water main to your house. If the meter continues running, the leak is outside the house and you will need to determine if it is a private or public line. If the meter stops running when you turn off the water to your home, the leak is inside the house.

Outdoor Leaks

If the leak is from a public line, contact Lima’s Water Utility Department to repair it. It is best to have someone from our team verify that the leak is not your responsibility, in order to avoid service charges from the Water Utility Department. If you conduct repairs for a leak that is the City’s responsibility, you can request an adjustment to your bill.

Indoor Leaks

You can determine the location of the leak in your home by turning the water off to your equipment and appliances one by one and checking your meter each time. If the meter keeps moving, you haven’t found the source yet and should continue to check each appliance. When the water stops after you turn off the water to a particular equipment, you will then know the source of the leak and you need to call us to conduct repairs. 

When Do You Need Permits for Plumbing Service in Lima?

When conducting plumbing repairs in Lima, it is important to ensure that your installation and repairs are in compliance with Ohio Plumbing Codes, the Residential Code of Ohio, and Allen County Health Department plumbing standards. Some basic plumbing repairs may not require a permit, but you should check with our team to be sure.

Complex repairs such as pipe and fixture replacements may require certain permits, inspections, and fees. You will also likely need a permit if you are conducting any repairs, replacements, or installations that will affect sanitary sewer operation or require the installation of backflow prevention equipment. If necessary, you can obtain permits from the Allen County Health Department before starting work. Simply complete the Plumbing Permit application and pay the fee as indicated. 

If you are installing new plumbing equipment and have any questions about the permitting process or requirements, contact the Allen County Health Department at 419-228-4457. They will be able to provide detailed information about whether or not your project will require a permit and help you to obtain the right permits before you start work.

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